Buff LOL – There is no mightier symbol of Noxian than Darius, the nation’s battle-hardened and most feared leader. Arising from a humble origin to become ‘Hand of Noxus,’ Darius plows through the empire’s foes. Several of them are Noxians themselves. Darius never doubts his cause and never dither once his axe is used. To those who fight against him, a Trifarian Legion leader can expect no mercy.


Who is darius?

Darius is orphaned at a very young age. He needed to fight to keep not only himself alive but also his younger brother. When he became a military member, he improved his skills and disciplined himself to be a veteran soldier. Darius’s initial test was resolved after a critical battle against Demacia, where the Noxian forces were outnumbered and exhausted.

The captain of Darius called for a retreat, but he refused to accept the decision because it shows cowardice. He breaks the rules by striding towards their captain and decolling him with one strike of his giant axe. Everyone is terrified but inspired by Darius’s act at the same time. The soldiers chose to join Darius in the battle and fought using their incredible enthusiasm and strength. After a grueling and prolonged war, Darius and the other soldiers emerge victoriously.

Getting all the momentum from this victory, Darius decided to lead his royal troops against a devastating campaign of Demacia. He already proved his power while on the battlefield and gazed himself homeward.

Looking for a possible way to restore the greatness of his country, Darius took the chance to reshape the leadership under him. He searched for weak figureheads and removed them from their power and positions. Several people in Noxus saw how Darius attempted to take the throne, but he had different plans for the regime. He started making allies with Master Tactician, hoping to unite the nation under a true Noxian strength.

darius's Skills and abilities

Hemorrhage. Darius’ damaging abilities and attacks can cause the opponents to bleed for physical damages in just five seconds, storing up to five times. Upon reaching five stacks Darius gains bonus AD and instantly applies 5 Hemorrhage stacks through his usual means.

Decimate. Darius swings and winds up his axe in a complete wide circle. Foes struck by the axe blade and will take more damage than those struck by the handle. Darius heals according to how many enemies he hit with the blade and according to his missing health. 

Crippling Strike. The next attack of Darius strikes an opponent’s crucial artery. As they continue to bleed out, their speed and movement speed are reduced.

Apprehend. Darius sharpens his axe, passively causing his attacks to ignore a part of his enemy’s armor. When activated, Darius strikes up his opponents with his blading ax and pulls them closer to him.

Noxian Guillotine. Darius has the ability to leap to a foe champion and strikes them using a lethal blow. It deals true damage to the enemy, which can be increased for every stack of Hemorrhage on the target. Since this Noxian Guillotine is a killing blow, killing an enemy with it will refresh its cooldown.

playing as darius

Darius will never take TP because he needs the lane pressure of either Ignite or Ghost. You can only counter Darius by trying to force him into the lousy back timings where he can possibly miss out on the farm and XP.

Darius can also be countered by using anti-heal. The Bramble Vest and an early Executioner’s Calling is helpful in the lane, and it’s a must in a final late game. But it’s not a guarantee to get Darius’ ability and tankiness to stay and join in fights. It’s challenging to make Darius fall off unless you have a ranged champion to counter him.


  • Take note that your ability to pull in enemies can be utilized through walls. So, better use it to smash unaware enemies for a swift kill, such as in the jungle against the early or mid jungler.
  • Decimate as a powerful ability of Darius can strike an opponent from a high range and for most significant effect.
  • Noxian Guillotine can do more damage the more stacks of Hemorrhage the enemy has. Utilize that to deal more damage to your enemies.
  • Darius can benefit from improved survivability. So the longer you can stall a fight, the more powerful he will become.

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