The tiny Yordle warrior known as Kled is fearless as he is ornery, embodying the furious bravado of Noxus.

Kled is an icon loved by the empire’s soldiers but loathed by both officers and nobility.

Many tales surround Kled, with most claiming that he fought in all campaigns the legions have waged and has gotten every military title possible.

True or not, Kled is always ready to charge with his un-trusty mount, Skaarl.


Who is Kled?

Kled is a famous Yordle warrior residing in Noxus and is the combination of courageous, cranky—and 100% crazy.

Many legends say that Kled has fought in every campaign the Noxus empire has fought, receiving all military titles possible.

Although one would doubt Kled’s legends, there are some things for sure, Kled has never backed down from a fight—and is always ready to charge for battle!

Kled's Skills and abilities

Kled’s an aggressive champion, boasting two phases of fighting, mounted and dismounted. His spells change between the two forms, and Kled can recover his mount by dealing enough damage to enemy champions.

Here are Kled’s unique skills and abilities:

Skaarl, The Cowardly Lizard: Passively, Kled rides his mount, Skaarl. While mounted on Skaarl, all damage inflicted to both is taken by Skaarl, who has around 400 to 1200 base health.

Percent-health effects activated by enemy champions consider Kled and Skaarl’s combined max health.

When Skaarl reaches 0 health, Kled will cleanse himself of all crowd control and become non-targetable, immune to crowd control for 0.5 seconds, reducing incoming damage received by 100%.

Bear Trap On a Rope: When casting Bear Trap on a Rope, Kled will hurl a bear trap tied to a piece of rope in a target direction, inflicting physical damage to all enemy units it hits. It’s increased by 50% against enemy minions and monsters.

If the tether doesn’t get broken by the end of its period, Kled will pull the target 100-units toward him—dealing physical damage for 5 seconds.

Violent Tendencies: This passive skill lets Kled gradually enter a frenzy, granting him 150% bonus attack speed on his subsequent four basic attacks within 4 seconds after the initial one. The final attack then deals bonus physical damage, capped against enemy monsters.

Jousting: Jousting lets Kled and Skaarl dash in a target direction, inflicting physical damage to all enemies within their path. However, this skill can’t cross terrains.

When hitting an enemy champion or epic monsters, the duo will dash a fixed 200-units through them, marking and revealing them for 3 seconds. After the dash ends, the duo will gain a 50% bonus movement speed for one second.

Chaaaaaaaarge!!! When activated, Kled and Skaarl will charge toward a target location, automatically navigating terrain along the process, where they’ll be “ghosted” and immune to crowd control.

However, if the “charge” doesn’t complete within 15 seconds, it’ll end earlier. The charge can be instantly interrupted if Kled dismounts during the duration.

When charging, the duo will gain bonus movement speed and a shield for every 0.25 seconds of traveling, granting them over 950 total movement speed over 3 seconds. Plus, around 10% to 100% of the max shield amount.

The shield from this skill can last up to 2 seconds, and the duo will trail a direction draft in their wake that usually lasts up to 9 seconds—activating Mr. Kled’s Wild Ride.

Mr. Kled’s Wild Ride: This is where Skaarl and Kled’s trail grant allied champions 650 movement speeds.


Kled is a close-ranged champion, excelling at dueling and assisting initiation. He can also Jungle as long as he stays mounted on Skaarl.

Kled’s playstyle and ability usually revolve around aggressive engagement, encouraging him to fight instead of running away—even when dismounted.

Here are tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Kled: (Read more about Buff LOL)

  • Kled can generate Courage by killing minions but usually gets more when going against champions or turrets. 
  • The last attack of Violent Tendencies inflicts more damage than the first three, so make sure it hits an enemy. 
  • You can cast Chaaaaaaaarge!!! At a great range, just predict where the enemy team will be when you reach them. 
  • Kled is an excellent champion when it comes to turning the tides since he’ll be given a burst of health when remounting Skaarl. 
  • You can use Bear Trap on a Rope to harass the enemy early on or begin a full combo if you land both parts of it. 
  • Since Bear Trap on a Rope can deal 50% bonus damage to minions, you can use it to clear waves. 
  • Although Pocket Pistol is mainly used to regain Courage and escape over walls, it also inflicts decent damage to enemy units out of auto-attack range. 
  • Violent Tendencies provides Kled a massive attack speed boost for four auto-attacks, but its cooldown is relatively long. So, manage the cooldown carefully. 
  • Putting a point in Violent Tendencies can help you immensely early on the game. 
  • You can only use Jousting when Kled’s mounted on Skaarl, making Skaarl dash a fixed distance in a target direction, making it perfect for escaping, engaging, and disengaging. 
  • Keep in mind that after activating Chaaaaaaaarge!!!, you can’t cancel it anymore, so use it when you’re sure.
  • You can use Chaaaaaaaarge!!! To flee from enemies since it lets Kled move fast, making him unstoppable during the charge. 
  • The fastest way to regain Courage if both of Kled’s abilities are active is by running up to your opponent, attacking them with Violent Tendencies, and finishing with Pocket Pistol. 
  • You can ensure a safe retreat every time by combining Kled’s bonus range and Pocket Pistol. 
  • Cooldowns are the only thing limiting Kled’s abilities, so managing resources with him shouldn’t be an issue. Use this advantage to bully heavy mana champions. 
  • Skaarl and Kled have individual health bars. Monitor Kled’s HP if dismounted a second time as health regen and life steal applies to Skaarl’s bonus HP before restoring Kled’s. 
  • When Jousting, you can still let Kled cast Bear Trap on a Rope and Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
  • Combining the knockback from Pocket Pistol and dashes from Jousting and Chaaaaaaaarge!!! Can help Kled cross terrains. 
  • You can gain Courage from killing enemy minions, monsters, champions, and structures. 
  • When engaging against enemy units, start with Bear Trap on a Rope or Violent Tendencies since they’re excellent for early trades. 
  • When using Bear Trap on a Rope, follow the enemy unit since the rope’s length will become shorter—and shorter.

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