dr. mundo

Completely insane, horrifying purple, and unrepentantly homicidal, Dr. Mundo is the champion that keeps a lot of Zaun’s people indoors, especially on dark nights in LOL. This concise monstrosity seems to need nothing more than agony, both the giving and receiving of it. 

Flourishing his enormous meat cleaver as if it has no weight, Dr. Mundo is unpopular for torturing and capturing numbers of Zaun’s people for his wicked ‘operations,’ which seem to have no total point or overall goal. He is a brutal warrior and unpredictable. He goes wherever he pleases. And, technically, he is not a doctor.

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Who is DR. MUNDO​?

Dr. Mundo’s birth is said to have no sort of conscience. In other words, he had an unappeasable desire to inflict pain and sorrow through simple experimentation. At five, some of the pets of Zaun’s neighborhood, where Dr. Mundo grew up, went missing. In his teenage years, both his parents were nowhere to be found. When he was of legal age, he had the chance to get his license to study and practice medicine. But things became rough to him as he had acquitted several charges separately, like the murder of Zaun’s authorities. The lack of evidence and proof let him walk away free.

Dr. Mundo became two equal parts, like a mad scientist and serial killer. He made immense strides in mapping out the pain response in the human body and brain and how to suppress it, especially in the most agonizing circumstances. Dr. Mundo also studied the primary parts of the human brain through chemistry, learning how to improve adrenaline and aggression and dulling survival instinct and conscience. Dr. Mundo has spent his entire life forming the perfect enhanced-science killer. When Noxus noticed him, they were impressed by his ambition and recruited him for his talents that might help initiate a good relationship between nations.

DR. MUNDO​'s Skills and abilities

Adrenaline Rush:

Dr. Mundo can regenerate 0.3 percent of his maximum health every second.

Infected Cleaver:

Dr. Mundo can throw his ax, dealing damage equal to the percentage of his target’s maximum health, slowing them down for a short time. His delight at the suffering of others makes him return a part of the health cost when he successfully lands an ax, if he lands a killing blow he recovers the full health cost

Burning Agony:

Dr. Mundo unloads his health to lessen the length of disabilities and create continual damage to the enemies closer to him.


Dr. Mundo can regain his bonus damage attack based on the missing health. The next primary attack headbutts his foe for additional damage. It passively adds magic resistance every time Dr. Mundo pays off the health cost or magic damage.


Dr. Mundo can sacrifice a part of his health for increase in movement speed and to quickly increase the regeneration of his health.

playing as dr. mundo

The most famous role to play as Dr. Mundo is in the Jungle or Top Lane. It is because this champion is known for being a fighter with combined damage. 

Levelup Infected Clever at level 1, and continue to maximize it until it reaches max level. After that, you can begin leveling up other Dr. Mundo’s abilities like Masochism, followed by Burning Agony.


  • Get closer as much as you can to the enemy when ganking to make sure that you land your Q. The farther you are, the easier it will be before the opponent escapes and dodge it.
  • Dr. Mundo can do efficient objectives very easily. So, make sure that you have priorities in mind to use in your lane as well before starting the game so the enemies cannot contest.
  • Remember that Sadism is your greatest trading tool. Do not fear to fight the enemy even if you are alone and you find them on the map.
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