In Noxus, Reckoners warriors face one another in an arena where strength is tested, and blood is spilled. But, no one has ever been good as Draven. He is a former soldier who believes that the crowds appreciate him for his dramatic, unparalleled skills when using his spinning axes in League of Legends. Draven becomes addicted to the spectacle of his own perfection and is sworn to win over those who will fight against him. He will make sure that his name becomes popular throughout the empire during his lifetime.

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Who is DRAVEN?

Unlike his brother Darius, winning a battle is not enough for Draven. He craved more for glory and recognition. His ability for a dramatic flair went seriously underappreciated. Being thirsty for attention and finding the means to recognize his name, he made a spectacle of executing prisoners. From then, he attained the popularity he desired by turning the unexciting events of executions into a bloody spectacle.

Onlookers got shocked during his first execution when he executed one unfortunate prisoner who ran for his life. Just before the man tried to escape from his sight, Draven brought him down using his flawless axe. Soon after, all executions under Draven’s command became a trial in which Noxian prisoners are forced to outrun Draven if they want to survive.

Rejecting the courtly black uniforms of Noxian executioners, Draven put on bright clothes and improved flashy signature acts to distinguish himself. Crowds mobbed to see Draven in action, and all the stories about his performances spread swiftly. His ego grew with his increasing popularity. He became the center of attention, and in the long run, the scope of his ambitions surpassed the adulation of the Noxus populace. He claimed that his glorious acts must be placed on display for the entire world to see.

DRAVEN's Skills and abilities

League of Draven: Draven gains attention and adoration from his fans when he catches a Spinning Axe. It is Draven’s ability to kill a monster, minion, or tower. Killing opponent champions gives Draven the gold bonus depending on how much adoration he’s got.

Spinning Axe: Draven’s next attack does an increased amount of physical damage. His Spinning Axe bounces off the enemy up high into the air. If Draven catches it, he will be able to throw another Spinning Axe attack. Draven can hold two Spinning Axes at once.

Blood Rush: Draven can maximize his attack and movement speed. The movement speed bonus lessens quickly over its period. Catching a Spinning Axe will refresh the cooldown of Blood Rush.

Stand Aside: Draven throws his axes in a straight line, dealing physical damage and knocking aside all enemies hit.

Whirling Death: Draven throws two large axes that deal physical damage to enemies in its path. If Whirling Death hits an enemy it will slow down and start going in reverse back to Draven, dealing damage once again on the way back. Draven can also activate this ability to reverse the axes earlier. The damage falls off with every enemy hit.

playing as Draven

Draven is considered to be an aggressive hyper-marksman with brawler fighting style that excels mostly during smaller fights. Draven’s power and skills are centered around the juggling of his Spinning Axes. A steep learning curve impedes his potential. However, when he begins to snowball, he starts getting dominant and challenging to carry.

Draven relies on aggression, but don’t overdo it – being too aggressive will make you more vulnerable to enemy ganks and roams. It is what separates the good Draven from the newer champions today.


  • Despite Draven’s power, teamwork is necessary to secure his skills and abilities. Do not engage without getting any support from your team.
  • It is essential not to lose Draven’s axes, or else he cannot fight at his best.
  • Prevent tunnel vision when juggling or striking with Spinning Axe. Make sure to give a glance at the map once in a while. 
  • Before playing as Draven, check first if he has the Spinning Axe. He won’t be able to perform well without his best weapon.

Overall, Draven is an ‘attack damage’ champion. This is the reason why his strength revolves around maximizing attack damage stats throughout the play. All of Draven’s skills and abilities have AD scaling, which means the more AD items you purchase, the more damage your abilities will have.


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