The assassin class in leagueoflegends has the role of infiltrating the enemy backline and taking down vulnerable targets quickly without being detected. Ekko, one of the most agile champions with an ability to manipulate time, is perfect for this role.

Ekko is an incredible prodigy from the streets of Zaun. He can manipulate time and destroy his enemies. He uses his ultimate invention—his weapon, the “Zero Drive.” He tries looking for possibilities within reality to create the perfect timing.

The Genius boy who shattered time has brought threat and danger to his friends. However, regardless of the circumstances, he still defends, protects, and saves them.

Ekko turns impossible into possible with the distortion of time.


Who is EKKO?

Ekko is an assassin that controls time using his Zero Drive. He can directly damage his opponents and create tactical strategies to do magic damage and immobilize enemies. He can also manipulate his surroundings to monitor enemies and prepare for an assault.

Ekko is a tactical champion as he first assesses the situation before launching an attack. Although a victim of oppression, he tried to look for a different perspective to grow and improve his talents. He innovates from scraps and looks for strong allies. With his talent and abilities, respected scientists like Viktor became interested in him. However, Ekko values independence and refuses to be part of any people’s plans.

Ekko was portrayed as a god due to his ability to manipulate time. His Zero Drive, a time-warping machine, helped him keep his allies safe. The only thing that limits him from controlling time is his body—and to deal with this, he trained well to minimize his level of exhaustion.

Ekko is an assassin who is part of the jungle. He hides in the wilderness and ambushes the champion that reaches their traps. His range type is Melee, where he launches basic attacks. His ability to control time makes it handy and careful in dealing with damages.

EKKO's Skills and abilities

Ekko is a champion with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He can use time to his advantage to adjust his attack or defend himself. He can also create an afterimage that can disrupt movement of his enemies.

The most exciting part about Ekko’s abilities is that he can chase and slow time. Ekko can also heal himself, where he can cast a spell that can control time repeatedly to protect himself.

Let’s take a closer look at his unique traits and abilities:

Z Drive Resonance. It’s one of the basic attacks of Ekko, and it can deal a lot of damage. Once you apply Resonance, you can apply the basic attacks to create impactful damage. If Ekko is up with a champion, he can use his innate ability, steal time to increase his speed and maximize the bonus movement

Timewinder. Ekko can throw temporal grenades to his target location that slows and deals magic damage to enemies hit. Once the grenade reaches a champion, it slows down to spread and create a temporal sickness field. It will then return to Ekko at high speed and damage enemies again the way back.

Phase Drive. Ekko’s ability to infiltrate the enemy’s backline is possible with Phase Drive. It also gives him the chance to launch basic attacks and acquire a bonus range. With this ability, he can dash and use any of his powers at the same time. 

Parallel Convergence. Ekko can completely manipulate time, and it can destroy the enemies’ tactics. Passively, it increases the damage Ekko causes to his enemies, especially monsters and minions. The active of Parallel Convergence creates an afterimage that goes directly to its target location. The after image slows all enemies hit and grants Ekko the vision of the area hit by the after image. If Ekko walks into the afterimage he gains a huge shield and all enemies inside the afterimage are stunned.

Chronobreak. Ekko can reveal the time-delayed afterimages of the future attacks and prepare for them. WIth Chronobreak, Ekko gains the ability to travel in the past. However, he will be unable to completely control his attacks and become immune to any displacements as he cast time. In return, he can dash and completely heal himself. After this, the target area will explode and deal damage to enemies nearby.


Ekko is a time manipulator that can do damage either in both long or close range fights. He can easily cast time shadows to make things in his favor. If you are playing Ekko, it will be exciting and fun once you grasp the abilities and understand the attacks you are using.

  1. Combine your abilities. You can start with Parallel Convergence, followed by a Phase Dive to manipulate a stun. Remember, creating combinations is essential to increase the damage. If you are attacking a group, to dismantle them, you can start throwing Timewinder to slow them down and prevent them from escaping.
  2. Using Phase Dive with Convergence can also help you make a shield that protects you from enemy attacks. It also warms you up before launching basic attacks.
  3. Chronobreak can help you teleport. It allows you to return to a specific position, even your base. It is also beneficial, especially if you want to provide support to your team.
  4. If you want to harass other champions, you can use the time winder. It damages and manipulates the enemy champions. Once you set the target location, minions or other champions can never block it. 
  5. Use Phase Dive together with Timewinder to launch a faster offense directly. It gives you a bonus speed movement that allows you to appear behind them and begin the slaughter.
  6. If you are having a hard time, you can use Parallel Convergence to escape. It also gives you a shield that protects you during the escape. Once you are running out of health, you can rely on it for protection to get additional health to escape.
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