Elise, a beautiful yet deadly predator, resides in a palace. She was once a mistress, but she turned into a monster because of the bite of the spider god. To keep her mesmerizing appearance and eternal youth, she kills innocent women and people who can’t resist the seductions she made.

The Spider Queen is known for many stories and myths. She was once a human who used her beauty to trick others and gain power. She killed her husband and became a mistress of a powerful house.


Who is ELISE?

Elise is a powerful mage fighter that relies on using spiders and their abilities. That is the reason behind her name, the Spider Queen.

Elise is a cunning champion because she can quickly transform and use her pets to kill and destroy the enemies. She also uses the spiders’ abilities to increase her stats and launch a surprise attack on enemies.

Elise is from the House of Kythera, who uses beauty and elegance to overpower the weak-minded. She plays a significant role in politics. However, when her husband cannot take it anymore, she was poisoned. Elise survived and killed her husband. Later, she became a mistress and took power from her lover. During a gathering, a pale woman approached her and she learned the wonders of society. Elise wanted to restore and keep her beauty, and she made a deal of killing innocent women in exchange for beauty.

Elise made an encounter with the pale woman, and they entered into the contract – mutualism and reaching their own goals. From that day onwards, Elise did not need to worry about her appearance anymore and maintain her beauty.

ELISE's Skills and abilities

Elise is a champion in LOL with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She can transform into a spider, damage her opponent, and even take them down! Her passive ability allows her to regenerate health.

A unique part about Elise’s abilities is that they have two functions: one offensive, the other defensive. For example, she has a skill that helps her regenerate. She can also summon spiders and control their characteristics and abilities.

Let’s take a closer look at her unique traits and abilities:

Elise is a great mage. Elise is a lovely addition to the team because aside from her intelligence and wit, she can also carry out plans without a doubt. She can heal herself and even fire toxins towards the enemies.

Spider Queen Elise is known as the Spider Queen. It allows her to gain a dormant Spiderling that will enable her to store her human form and deal magic damage. She can also heal herself and summon her pets to attack.

Neurotoxins. It can be one of the surprise attacks of Elise. It allows her to fire toxins to the target’s base.

Volatile Spiderling. Elise can summon units that cannot be located because of their hidden aura. One of which is the venom-gorged spider. It crawls into the target location and creates navigation for tactical attacks. Once the spider encounters an enemy, it will chase them and explode, dealing magic damage.

Human Form/Spider Form. One of the passive tricks of this ability is it enhances the Spider’s Queen ability. Once Elise transforms into a spider, her movement speed increases and improves her basic deal more damage. Elise also gets an ability to unleash her spiderlings. On the other hand, once Elise transforms back to her human form, she gets an increased range of attacks and sets her spiderlings free.

Pets. It is one of Elise’s cunning abilities. She can summon and control pets that attack for her. They attack the most recent target, dealing damage. They start restoring their health once Elise switches into her human form. The pets can also do a venomous bite that will dash directly to the target enemy.

Venomous Bite. This ability allows Elise to attack the enemy with her fangs as she bites them. It is more effective the less health her target has.


Elise is a champion that can make or break your team. If you’re playing as Elise, there are many combos that you can do to ensure your team’s victory.

  1. If you are finishing off your enemies, Spider form is a practical ability to use. You can use the Human form to launch Neurotoxins to create more damage to the healthy opponents. 
  2. The spiderlings will attack the enemies with Venomous bite when Elise is in Spider form. It is an excellent way to increase the damage of the Spiderlings.
  3. If you want to conserve mana, Elise Spider form abilities do not cost any mana. You can attack and deal magic damage without losing any mana and save it up for your future attacks. 

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