Buff – League of Legends, the Yordle race is a race of spirits that take the form of mammalian bipeds. They are abundant across Runeterra. One Yordle that stands out among them is Gnar.

Gnar’s a primeval Yordle whose cheeky antics can turn into outrage instantly, where he transforms into a massive beast bent on destruction. He’s a unique champion that goes from form to form to beat his enemies.

Gnar was frozen in True Ice for thousands of years, where the curious creature eventually broke free. Now, Gnar explores the world while still delighted by danger—flinging what he can at his enemies.

Gnar carries his “boomerang” wherever he goes. No matter what he came across, whether it’s a shinty lint or sweet nectar, none can match his happiness when throwing and catching his boomerang.

Now, Gnar considers himself a hunter, trailing herds of wild beasts, including mortal tribes who had once foraged together.


Who is GNAR?

Before the ice gave the Frejlord its name, a land filled with wonder once thrived. That is if one could view the world through the eyes of Gnar.

Gnar is a young Yordle filled with endless energy which once lived openly among the hardy tribes of the northlands with his kind. Although he was smaller than footprints you’d leave in the snow, his temper rivaled that of beasts ten times his size.

Gnar always liked collecting items, such as rocks and the remains of dead birds. However, Gnar’s most prized treasure was the jawbone of a drüvaskm. He went to live on like this with his kind for a while.

However, Gnar was forced into sleeping for a long time. When Gnar awoke, everyone else was gone, and the land was different too.

Now, with his boomerang by his side, Gnar explores the new world before him, with oddities to collect and places to visit!

GNAR's Skills and abilities

Gnar is a double-headed Yordle best played on the edges of team fights in his form and confronting enemies while in Mega form. Since he’s a transformation champion, he has a diverse set of skills and abilities.

Let’s take a close look at Gnar’s unique skills and abilities:

Rage Gene:

Mini Gnar: While in Mini form, Gnar will gain bonus movement speed, attack speed, range, and growth. Mini Gnar can generate 4 to 11 Rage over 2 seconds when receiving or dealing damage.

Gnar’s casting ability will transform him into Mega Gnar for 15 seconds when reaching max Rage. After the duration, Gnar returns to his Mini form, retaining his current health percentage.

Mega Gnar: In Mega form, Gnar will have different abilities. However, he’ll have Mini Gnar’s ability cooldowns. When in Mega form, Gnar will lose all of Mini Gnar’s buffs but will have increased base AD, health, armor, and magic resistance.

Boomerang Throw: When activated, Gnar will throw a boomerang toward a target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemy forces in its path. It also slows them for 2 seconds.

The boomerang returns toward you in a fixed line after reaching max range or hitting an enemy champion, inflicting 50% damage to subsequent targets.

Each enemy unit can only get hit once with Boomerang Throw. Plus, catching the boomerang while returning refunds 40% of its max cooldown.

Hyper: Gnar’s basic attacks and abilities apply a stack of Hyper to enemy units for 3.5 seconds in either form. It can stack up to 3 times, with the duration refreshing upon using the second Hyper stack.

When successfully applying three stacks to a target, Gnar will consume them to deal bonus magic damage. It will also grant Gnar bonus movement speed.

Additionally, Gnar will get additional bonus movement speed when leaving his Mega form.

Hop: When activated, Gnar will leap to the target location and gains bonus attack speed for six seconds in either form. If Gnar lands on a unit, he’ll bounce 500 units further in the same direction.

Meanwhile, if Gnar lands on an enemy, this will deal additional physical damage while slowing them down by 80% for 0.5 seconds.


Mini Gnar: In this mode, GNAR works passively. It increases Hyper’s bonus movement speed.

Mega Gnar: During Mega Gnar mode, Gnar will thrust his arms in a target location, knocking back nearby enemies up to 590 units while dealing physical damage. It can also slow enemies by 45%.

Additionally, enemies that collide with terrain using Mega Gnar receive 50% bonus damage instantly and get stunned instead of slowed.


Gnar is a flexible champion that can fit into any team composition. Gnar’s a transforming champion with damage, poke, CC, sustain, and mobility. Since he can play at a distance, he’s one of the safest picks for top-lane.

However, since Gnar’s a transforming champion, this makes him harder to learn. Plus, he has multiple passives and has no point-and-click abilities.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get used to Gnar’s tricky gameplay:

  • Managing Gnar’s Rage is crucial. Try to time out your transformations to get the most out of both forms. 
  • Always position Gnar next to wells to bait enemy units into getting stunned with his ultimate. 
  • Mini Gnar is quick and squishy with significant, sustained damage, while Mega Gnar is slow and durable with high burst. 
  • If you use Boomerang Throw against enemy champions, it’ll instantly regenerate 25% and basic attacks at 50%. 
  • The bonus Rage generation on Gnar’s basic attacks counts as an on-hit effect. It’s usually triggered by Runaan’s Hurricane or Guinsoo’s Rageblade. 
  • When fighting against enemy minions or monsters, Gnar’s basic attacks and Boomerang Throw can generate 12.5% of the Rage over time.
  • Mega Gnar’s health can’t be affected by Grievous Wounds or increased healing from items or runes. 
  • Gnar is excellent at level 1 “harass.” So, start Q against enemy champions for the best results. 
  • When it comes to trading or dueling at level 2, many champions outshine Gnar. Play it safe against champions such as Lee sin and Pantheon. 
  • Although Gnar’s split push is decent, his team fight is better. If you’re in solo Q and you’re ahead, but your team is behind, build damage to start splitting.
  • Whether engaging in a team fight or going all-in on your lane opponent, use your hop to do max damage.

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