A long time ago, Ivern Bramblefoot was known as Ivern the Cruel, making the lives of those who encounter him miserable. However, when Ivern came across the God Willow, he turned a new leaf.

Ivern now roams the forests of Runeterra, cultivating life along the way. As he strides, wildflowers bloom in his steps, laughing alongside the trees and playing tricks on rocks.

In essence, where Ivern or the “Green Father” traipses into enemy lanes, he promises to bring all secrets of the forest along with him in Download League of Legends.


Who is IVERN?

Ivern, famously known as Bramblefoot, the Green Father or the Old Woodsman, is a hybrid between a man and tree—roaming the wild terrains of Runeterra.

Ivern can cultivate late everywhere he goes. However, he wasn’t always a righteous champion. In fact, he was considered a renowned fierce warrior, earning him the nickname “Ivern the Cruel.”

Ivern wandered far from his travels, across Ionia and beyond—where the strange magic of Omikayalan that he found while in battle followed in his wake.

After obtaining new powers, Ivern developed close kinships with creatures great and small, observing their defects while delighting in their little habits and offering a helping hand.

Ivern knows the secrets of the natural world, holding deep friendships to those living, dedicating himself to cultivate humanity—enriching forests and offering strange wisdom to mortals.

As he bore God-Willow’s legacy and powers, he decided to help mortals watch, listen, and grow.

IVERN's Skills and abilities

Ivern is mainly used as a support “Jungler,” aiming to help his allies and protecting them with his unique set of abilities. 

Let’s take a look at Ivern’s skills and abilities—and what makes him such a terrific supporting role:

Friend of the Forest: Ivern can’t attack or damage non-epic monsters. Instead, he can target non-epic monster jungle camps to initiate a channel placing these monsters within a grove.

However, putting a grove can cost Ivern a portion of his health and mana, and when successfully placed, the grove matures over time. When fully grown, Ivern can interact with the jungle camps to free monsters.

Smiting an epic or giant monster within the grove will free the camp’s monsters no matter their maturity levels.

Rootcaller: Ivern throws a projectile at a target location, inflicting magic damage to the first enemy hit by the attack, rooting them for a short period. When right-clicking a target rooted to the ground by Rootcaller, Ivern or his allies will dash near them, stopping at their max attack range.

Brushmaker – Passive: When Ivern’s in a brush, his auto-attacks can deal bonus magic damage that persists for a few seconds after leaving the brush. This champion will gradually stock a charge, up to 3 max.

Active: When Brushmaker is activated, Ivern will grow a patch of brush at a target direction for half a minute, revealing the area within and near it for 3 seconds.

Plus, Bruhsmaker will spawn more brushes. However, brushes won’t drop vision on targets if placed near enemy turrets.

Triggerseed: This skill allows Ivern to shield a target for 2 seconds. After the duration, the shield will burst and cause magic damage to nearby enemy units and slow them down for 2 seconds.

Daisy!: When activated, Ivan will summon his sentinel friend and pet golem, Daisy, by his side. Daisy usually remains on the map for a minute as a controllable entity.

When recasting Daisy, you can command her to a target direction or follow Ivern.


Ivern’s an excellent choice for beginners since when you use him, players don’t need to learn how to clear camps efficiently. You can share your buffs for free, making him a significant supporting role in team fights.

Plus, since Ivern mainly plays a supporting role, it allows you to focus more on lane pressure.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master Ivern and become the best support for your team—bringing victory in no time:

  • Remember to activate Brushmaker to set up ambush spots early on.
  • Use Daisy to block enemy champion skill shots and slow them down. Additionally, use Ivern’s pet golem to peel for your allies.
  • Ivern’s Friend of the FOrest lets him set groves across non-epic monster camps to set them free instead of fighting them. 
  • Casting Friend of the Forest gives Ivern a pseudo safety net against getting executed. 
  • It’s best to max out Rootcaller secondly as it’s relatively robust even in lower levels. 
  • Rootcaller can vastly help immobile champions, especially Juggernauts. 
  • Ivern’s Rootcaller can hit non-epic monster camps. 
  • You can reactivate Rootcaller to dash enemies instead of right-clicking them. 
  • Brushmaker passively increases Ivern’s auto-attack range. 
  • When affected by Brushmaker, Ivern makes an excellent ranged champion, primarily when used with runes like Runaan’s Hurricane. 
  • Use Brushmaker alongside Crest of Cinders when ganking to get the buff’s slow effect easier. 
  • You can use Ivern’s Brushmaker to deny the vision of epic monsters trying to steal ally sources and turrets. 
  • True Sight from turrets reveals bushes. 
  • Make sure to max out Triggerseed first as it consists of Ivern’s bulk damage, utility, and survivability. 
  • It’s best to use Triggerseed when ganking to slow enemies down. Rootcaller can also help. 
  • The explosion from Triggerseed will continue even if Ivern’s shield is broken. 
  • The damage on Triggerseed is significant. Plus, over time, it’ll become the primary source of attack damage of Ivern, aside from Daisy. 
  • When summoning Daisy, Ivern’s pet golem, her third attack will knock back enemies, like how it does with Glacial Fissure. 
  • You can cast Triggerseed on Daisy to toughen her up and dash to enemies afflicted by Ivern’s Rootcaller. 
  • Daisy works excellent as a meat shield, reducing the damage the champion receives. Just pay attention to abilities like Smite, Feast, or Consume since they can dispatch Daisy quickly. 
  • The cooldown on Daisy starts as soon as you summon her, and with 45% CDR, she’ll have a downtime of six seconds. 
  • You can use Daisy to attack alongside Brushmaker, helping you take objectives quicker. 
  • Even if Ivern’s Brushmaker can be great at building up attack speed, it can be risky to use it since Ability Power works better on him. 
  • Remember that Ivern’s a melee mage. So, it’s best to get him items granting both durability and Ability Power.
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