Fighters have access to heavy and continual damage or DPS, taking enemies down up-close. One of the newest fighter class and melee-ranged battle mage in League of Legends is Lillia.

Lillia is a shy fae fawn wandering around Ionia’s lush forests. She hides out of sight of mortals, whose mysterious nature has always captivated yet scared her.

Lillia wishes to discover why the mortals’ dreams no longer reach Ionia’s ancient Dreaming Tree. 

Now, with a mission in mind, Lillia travels across Ionia with a magical branch in hand to find people’s unrealized dreams—to help herself bloom and untangle others of their fears!


Who is Lillia?

In the magical place of Ionia, you’ll find magic throughout the land, and there’s one particular forest that stands out, which is also the home of the Dreaming Tree that gathers humanity’s dreams in its blooms. Lillia was born from this tree.

Lillia is a shy and skittish fae fawn that wanders Ionia’s forests. She helped tend the buds and learned about the realm of the mortals through them.

Enchanted by the people and places she saw through the Dreaming Tree, she made it her mission to protect these dreams and restore them to those who lost them. With a magical branch on hand, Lillia left the Dreaming tree and ventured to the world of humans.

She now helps people’s dreams be born by encouraging them to realize their deepest wishes. Although darkness may be creeping upon Ionia once more, beneath it lies the familiar light of hope.

Braving the world and braving herself, Lillia moves forward to untangle its bursts—and help people dream peacefully once again.

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Kai'Sa's Skills and abilities

Lillia is one of the newest champions in League of Legends and boasts a unique kit that makes her one of the handful of melee-ranged mages in the game.

She excels at burst and consistent DPS at a close range, thriving in mobility as well—making her a perfect Jungler champion.

As Lillia engages in and out of fights, she’ll only get stronger, making her the ultimate battlemage.

Here’s a closer look at Lillia’s unique skills and abilities:

Dream-Laden Bough: This passive ability lets Lillia’s abilities apply Dream Dust to enemy units, dealing magic damage over 3 seconds. The damage is capped around 40 to 100 against enemy monsters.

Blooming Blows:

Passive: Lillia will gain a Prance stack for 5 seconds whenever you hit one enemy unit using her abilities, stacking up to 5 times. Its duration refreshes from subsequent ability hits.

However, you’ll lose one stack every second when the period ends. Additionally, each tack gives Lillia bonus movement speed.

Active: This skill will let Lillia swing her censer around her, inflicting magic damage to nearby enemy units. Enemies within the outer edge of Blooming Blows take bonus damage.

Watch Out! Eep! This active skill lets Lillia dash up to 150 units in front of a target location over 0.7 seconds, dealing magic damage in the same area. It’ll inflict enemy units hit within the center with 200% increased damage.

However, Lillia can’t go through terrains with Watch Out! Eep!

Swirlseed: When activated, Lilli will lob a seed at a target location that rolls forward indefinitely. The “seed” will then detonate when it collides with an enemy unit or terrain, inflicting magic damage to enemies in a cone.

Swirlseed can also slow enemy units up to 3 seconds and reveal them for 2 seconds. Lillia can cast at a max range if cast beyond that.

Lilting Lullaby: Lillia’s ultimate lets her cast a magical lullaby over nearby enemy champions affected by Dream Dust, arriving after 0.3 seconds and rendering them drowsy for 1.5 seconds.

Lilting Lullaby slows enemy units affected by 25%, increasing up to 50% over the duration. After 1.5 seconds, the enemy units will fall “asleep” for a couple of seconds.


Lillia is one of the newest champions from League of Legends, and she’s one of the first few battle mages since a couple of seasons ago. She’s excellent in the Jungle and baron lane.

Whichever lane you go for, Lillia will require different styles of gameplay. That’s because Lillia in Jungle is all about power farming until hitting level 6, and you get Runic Echoes.

When you reach that level, Lillia’s ganks with her ultimate are some of the strongest in the game.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master Lillia’s unique playstyle:

  • Keep in mind that Lillia is squishy early in the game, so while you can win trades and fights, be wary. 
  • Since Lillia is a fragile early game, avoid engaging with other enemy champions, especially against aggressive “Junglers.” 
  • When you take a red buff, hit the nearest enemy camp and keep hitting it with Lillia’s Blooming Blows attack. 
  • Whenever possible, gain speed stacks from Lillia’s passive and hold them at max. 
  • Lillia can gather speed from enemy minions, but hitting them with the inner circle of Blooming Blows will deal less damage to them. 
  • You can keep Lillia’s speed stacks by throwing Swirlseed at distant targets, such as enemy minions far away, refreshing your passive. 
  • If you find yourself in a tight spot, don’t hesitate to use Lillia’s Lilting Lullaby and run away. 
  • During team fights, sometimes you’ll want to hold onto Lillia’s ultimate until you’ve hit as many targets as possible. 
  • Hitting many targets with Lillia is challenging, but it’s usually more effective and reliable. So, avoid rushing. 
  • Never use Lillia’s Watch Out! Eep! Skill at the start of team fights since it has a long windup animation, leaving her vulnerable. 
  • When starting red, run up and use Blooming Blows on the raptors while doing red for extra healing. 
  • Make sure to use Lillia’s movement speed passive skill whenever possible. You can do this by using Blooming Blows on nearby enemy units for a slight boost and catch up to them. 
  • If there’s too much CC to use Blooming Blows on the enemy for her ultimate, use Swirlseed instead to use her ultimate safely. 
  • It’s best to keep refreshing Lillia’s movement speed passive as you go through lanes or the Jungle. Use her Blooming Blows when running by minion waves or scuttles instead of letting it decay.

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