Jax, known as the Grandmaster at Arms, is a mysterious warrior and mercenary renowned for his outworldly combat skills and biting sarcasm.

Before joining the League, this lone warrior was one of the best soldiers-for-hire. He’s the last known weapon master of Icathia.

After Jax’s homeland was laid low by its hubris by unleashing the Void, he vowed to protect what little remained of Kohari.

As magic now rises in the world, the Void poses huge trouble once more, and Jax roams Valoran to recruit worthy and robust allies to fight alongside him.


Who is JAX?

Jax is Runeterra’s best weapons master and is the only survivor of the Kohari. They are champions sworn to defend Icathia. However, the Void found its way to Jax’s hometown, leaving him without a home or purpose.

Jax gathered the “last light of Icathia,” symbolizing his hope to one day defeat what destroyed everything he held dear. Despite being stripped of his original weapon, Jax fought on undeterred, using a brass lamp post from the ground as his weapon of choice.

Now Jax travels the world, searching for warriors capable enough to face the coming darkness by his side.

However, as magic rises in all of Runeterra, he wields the last light of Icathia, testing all warriors to see if they’re strong enough to stand and face the coming darkness by his side.

JAX's Skills and abilities

Unmatched in skills with unique armament, Jax’s the last known weapons master of Icathia. He’s one of the strongest champions in the game and often a fan favorite.

Let’s take a closer look at Runeterra’s best weapon master skills and abilities:

Relentless Assault: Jax’s passive skill, Relentless Assault, allows him to get a stack for this skill, stacking up to 8 times, with the duration refreshing on subsequent attacks.

Every stack Jax earns grants him anywhere between 3.5% and 11% bonus attack speeds. Stacks get deducted one at a time every 0.25 seconds.

Leap Strike: When Jax activates Leap Strike, he’ll dash to the selected target location. If the target’s an enemy champion, monster, or minion, and they’re in range upon arrival, Jax will deal bonus physical damage. 

Empower: When activated, Jax’s subsequent attacks to Leap Strike used on enemies within 10 seconds will inflict bonus magic damage. However, if you use Empower on a basic attack, you’ll gain a 50 bonus range.

Plus, Empower can reset Jax’s “basic” attack timer.

Counter-Strike: When you activate Counter-Strike, Jax will enter Evasion. It’s a defensive stance that causes a non-turret basic attack against him to miss for 2 seconds.

Jax can take 25% reduced damage from area of effect abilities inflicted by enemy champions. You can recast this skill after one second or wait for the whole duration of the spell for it to recast.

When you recast Counter-Strike, Jax will inflict physical damage to all surrounding enemies and stun them. The damage increases by 20% for every attack dodged, up to 100%.

Grandmaster’s Might – Passive: Jax’s basic attacks can grant a stack for 2.5 seconds whenever successfully hitting an enemy. You can stack up to 2 times and refresh the duration of your next attack.

When you reach two stacks, Jax’s subsequent basic attacks on-hit will consume the stacks, dealing bonus magic damage. 

Active: When activated, Grandmaster’s Might allows Jax to gain bonus armor and magic resistance for 8 seconds.


Jax is one of the best duelists in League of Legends because of his powerful kit. He’s a fighter champion who usually occupies Top Lane. He’s an excellent choice among the melee champions, especially when fighting against other champions relying on auto-attacking.

Here are tips and tricks to help you master Jax’s playstyle in no time:

  • You can use Jax’s Leap Strike to ally units, including wards, which you can use to plan your escape. 
  • Since he’s a fighter, Jax significantly benefits from items with Ability Power and Attack Damage, including Hextech Gunblade. 
  • Combine Leap Strike and Empower to secure last hits or for fast hit-and-run bursts. 
  • If you see mobile enemy units, make sure to max out Leap Strike first. However, for every other situation, it’s best to max out Empower. 
  • It’s best to max out Empower first since its damage increases while the cooldown decreases, making Jax stronger in extended 1v1 fights. 
  • Although Empower can’t affect structures, you can activate it for Jax’s auto-attack reset, and Sheen proc if you have the item. 
  • It’s wise to max Counter-Strike last since it’s a utility spell and possesses low base damage. 
  • Counter-Strike can block minion attacks, allowing the champion to walk up to his opponent and hit them with a fully-charged Counter-Strike. 
  • Only activate Counter-Strike if enemy units are near enough, and you’re sure they won’t escape. 
  • If you practice well enough, you can use Jax to stun most of the enemy team using Counter-Strike alongside Leap Strike. 
  • Jax’s Counter-Strike skill can help reduce damage from enemy champions with AoE abilities, including Requiem. You can save this during team fights or skirmishes. 
  • Use the Grandmaster’s Might active effect to protect Jax from bursts of damage. 
  • Land two basic attacks on enemy minions, and use the Empower on your third hit of Grandmaster’s Might to gain a massive burst of damage. 
  • Make sure to wait before using Grandmaster’s Might active effect if you’ll receive invulnerability or AD/AP buffs to get the most out of it. 
  • Before fighting with an enemy unit, gather some stacks from Jax’s passive to get bonus attack speed. 
  • Empower grants 50 range. It also resets basic attack timer. 
  • Counter-Strike allows you to dodge abilities triggering on-hit effects, including Gangplank’s and Ezreal’s Q. 
  • Because of Grandmaster’s Might passive, every third auto-attack Jax makes will deal bonus magic damage to enemy units.

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