Jayce is categorically a bruiser but can play the role of a marksman in Download LOL well. Jayce’s strength lies in his impressive prowess and mighty poking power.

He’s also an excellent Split Push Champion that can go to side lanes and destroy enemy structures unscathed.

Because of his versatile kit, Jayce can go anywhere on the map and play any role—all while being a substantial damage contributor. He’s always been a popular pick in professional gameplay.

Jayce started as a promising investor and only wanted one thing, progress. After slowly becoming a renowned investor, Jayce reunited with his old friend Viktor—who betrayed him.

Now, knowing that he has no one to turn to but himself, Jayce crafted the Mercury Hammer, a tool that would help him progress and get revenge.


Who is JAYCE?

Since he was young, Jayce has been a great inventor, pledging his life in defending Piltover and its pursuit in progress.

With his Mercury Hextech Hammer in hand, Jayce vows to protect his hometown. As years went by, Jayce began taking up tasks and eventually got one that would change everything.

During his journey, he met an old friend and fellow scientist, Viktor. When they found the mysterious crystal as one of their tasks, Viktor got greedy and stole it from Jayce.

After that event, Jayce had no choice but to take it back from his old friend, crafting the mighty Mercury Hammer, a tool that would help him progress—while protecting his beloved City of Progress.

JAYCE's Skills and abilities

Jayce possesses one of the most extensive kits in League of Legends, boasting seven abilities. Understanding how each ability interacts with another, to your allies, and the game itself is vital to make an impact as Jayce.

Let’s take a closer look at Jayce’s unique skills and abilities:

Hextech Capacitor: This passive skill lets Jayce gain 40 bonus movement speed and ghosting for 1.5 seconds every time Jayce switches between Hammer Stance and Cannon Stance.

To the Skies! / Shock Blast: This active skill lets Jayce leap to the target enemy’s location, smashing his Hammer on the ground on arrival, inflicting physical damage to all surrounding enemies within the area.

Plus, To the Skies can slow down nearby enemies for 2 seconds.

During Cannon Stance, the skill becomes “Shock Blast.” It’s where Jayce fires an electricity orb that detonates upon hitting enemy units, dealing physical damage to all opponents.

Lightning Field / Hypercharge 

Passive: Lightning Field’s passive effect is that it helps Jayce’s basic attacks on-hit restore mana faster.

Active: When activated, Jayce will surround himself with an electric field for 4 seconds, inflicting magic damage to surrounding enemy units over the period.

During Cannon Stance, Jayce will gain a burst of energy, increasing his attack speed to the max for three attacks.

Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate: When using Thundering Blow, Jayce swings his Mercury Hammer at target enemy units, inflicting magic damage. The damage done is typically capped against enemy monsters and minions.

While in effect, Thundering Blow will push the target 500 units away from Jayce.

During Cannon Stance, Jayce launches an Acceleration Gate that increases the movement speed of his allied champions going through it. If you deploy Shock Blast through the Acceleration Gate, it’ll increase missile speed, range, and damage.

Transform Mercury Cannon: When activated, Jayce will transform his Mercury Hammer into the “Mercury Cannon.” It allows him access to his abilities, including ranged attacks with 500 range.

Transform Mercury Cannon also reduces Jayce’s target’s armor and magic resistance between 10% to 25% for 5 seconds when he attacks. Jayce usually starts the game with Transform but can’t increase its rank.


Jayce, known as the Defender of Tomorrow, is one of League of Legends’ new champions. However, he’s one of the strongest when played right. The issue here is, he’s one of the most complicated champions to use.

That’s because Jayce uses two stances with different unique skills for each one. So, mastering this champion can take a while since you’ll need to understand a lot of his mechanical skills.

Here are tips and tricks to help you bring your Jayce gameplay to the next level and accelerate your game:

  • When using Jayce, make sure to switch stances often, as it’ll help improve your attacks and grant you quick bursts of speed movement. 
  • If you’re getting mobbed and are taking in a lot of damage, use Jayce’s Hammer Stance as it gives you additional defenses. 
  • To achieve increased attack range and damage, cast Shock Blast through Jayce’s Acceleration Gate. 
  • When poking, activate Shock Blast, then Acceleration Gate between the projectile and target to help Jayce decrease the enemies’ reaction time. 
  • If you get caught in a gank, use Thundering Blow to disengage and escape from it fast. 
  • Once you’ve damaged your target enemy unit enough, use To the Skies to inflict more damage while slowing down enemies to finish them off faster. 
  • Jayce will need damage and armor penetration to survive against tanks like Garen. You can receive these by using Youmuu’s Ghostblade.
  • The Youmuu Ghostblade can also grant Jayce extra speed to come back on his lane or catch up with enemy units. 
  • Duskblade of Draktharr can offer the same stats and liability that can increase Jayce’s burst. 
  • Launch a surprise attack by using Shock Blast and Acceleration Gate. 
  • You can isolate a target enemy unit by pushing them using Thundering Blow and To the Skies to isolate the target—eliminating them faster. 
  • Use Hypercharge to cancel the auto-attack animation. 
  • Hypercharge persists when you switch to his Hammer, meaning you can rapidly attack with his Hammer. Doing this repletes your mana back faster. 
  • To get to your lane as fast as possible, constantly switch between Jayce’s stances from the base.
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