Marksmen in League of Legends online download are ranged champions whose abilities revolve around their basic attacks, landing massive continuous damage to foes. One of the most well-known marksmen in the game is Jhin.

Khada Jhin, commonly known as “Jhin The Virtuoso,” is an antagonistic champion in League of Legends. A former serial killer, Jhin has become a highly-skilled assassin working for the Ionian government to spread terror on their enemies.

Jhin’s a cunning criminal psychopath, strongly believing that murder is an art and he’s the artist. Using his gun as his paintbrush, he strives to create masterpieces of artistic brutality.

He gains a sadistic pleasure of assembling his gruesome theater, making him an excellent choice in sending the most powerful message—terror.


Who is JHIN?

Jhin is a cunning psychopath and wanted criminal who believes that murder is art. He was an Ionian prisoner but has been freed by the shadowy elements working with Ionia’s council.

Now, Jhin works as their cabal’s assassin.

He was captured by enemy forces when war broke out in Ionia but was eventually freed from Tuula after and has been put to use by a radical element vying for power of the First Lands near the conflict’s end.

Whoever Jhin’s shadowy patrons might be, they have endowed him with limitless funds and remain unconcerned by the growing scale of his sadistic “performances.”

It seems Jhin The Virtuoso considers all of Runeterra as his canvas for his atrocious art—and only he knows where his next brushstroke will fall.

JHIN's Skills and abilities

Jhin boasts high utility and damage, making home one of the most unpredictable champions in League of Legends. He’ll always have many tricks up his sleeves.

Mastering all of Jhin’s abilities can level up your gameplay—and the artistic ways in which to see his enemies’ demise.

Let’s take a closer look at Jhin’s unique skills and abilities:

Whisper: Passive: Jhin’s basic attacks will consume ammo for four rounds, where he’ll reload over 2.5 seconds instantly after using all shots or withholding the leftover shells after 10 seconds out of combat.

Jhin’s final round attack has a “non-cancelable” windup when going against an enemy champion, and it always critically strikes a target, including structures. Plus, it deals 10% to 25% bonus physical damage to the target based on their missing health.

Dancing Grenade: Jhin throws a canister at a target enemy unit, inflicting physical damage. This canister will then bounce to three additional enemies nearby, dealing the same damage.

The damage increases by 35% if the target hit by the Dancing Grenade died shortly after being struck.

Deadly Flourish

Passive: Enemy units tripping over a Lotus Trap will receive additional damage by Jhin or any of his allied champions. This skill also marks them for 4 seconds. 

Active: This active attack lets Jhin fire a shot in a target location, dealing physical damage to all enemy units in a line until colliding with an enemy champion.

Captive Audience

Passive: Jhin can gradually stock a Lotus Trap charge up to a max of two.

Active: When activated, Jhin will place a Lotus Trap at a target location which, when enemies trip over, becomes “stealthed” after arming around 1 second. The effect can last up to 180 seconds, granting sight within the radius.

These Lotus Traps can deal around 65% damage against non-champions and champions who’ve been struck by it in the last 1 second.

Curtain Call: When activated, Curtain Call lets Jhin channel up to 10 seconds, transforming his primary weapon into a powerful cannon, revealing himself while gaining the ability to recast the spell up to 4x.

When you recast Curtain Call, after 0.25 seconds, Jhin will fire a bullet in a target direction, granting him sight around its trajectory, inflicting physical damage.

The skill can also reveal enemy units for 2 seconds and slow them down to 80% for 0.5 seconds. Remember, the last shot of Curtain Call can critically strike an enemy with bonus physical damage.


Since Jhin’s release in 2016, he stood out as one of the most preferred champions inside and outside the competitive spectrum of the game, thanks to his massive explosive damage.

Here are tips and tricks to help you learn and get around using Jhin as one of your “main” champions in League of Legends:

  • Deadly Flourish boasts incredible range, so when approaching fights, look ahead for enemies you can root. 
  • Jhin’s ultimate usually deals significantly less damage to enemy units with full total health, so only use it on weakened targets. 
  • Remember that Jhin’s traps stack in damage, so planting a lot in one location and rooting an enemy in them is a great way to inflict plenty of damage. 
  • Any situation of allied damage outside of Jhin’s Dancing Grenade grants him the chance to use W in rooting a target unit. 
  • After using the last shot of your ultimate, the slow allows you to instantly throw out Jhin’s Deadly Flourish if the enemy target isn’t near the max range of his ultimate. 
  • Use Jhin’s skills during his reload after the 4th since it’ll still happen, and you wouldn’t want to stand around defenseless. 
  • Your fourth shot will give Jhin a bonus movement speed, so it’s best to keep to execute damage to reposition in fights and get auto attacks down. 
  • After achieving the 4th AA, you’ll gain a bit more movement speed, mini ghost. That’s why when it’s reloading time, back off and go back in again. 
  • Never underestimate Jhin’s traps, and also ensure to place them wisely, luring them and rooting them correctly. 
  • Jhin’s ultimate can slow down enemy units, so even if you don’t get a kill and your allies are chasing some enemies, help them by slowing these units down. 
  • If you manage to kill an enemy champion with one hit or miss completely, it’s wise to cancel it as it can refund some cooldown time for each bullet not used. 
  • Use Jhin’s ultimate when you know you’re safe or far from enemy reach. 
  • Never kite using Jhin unless it’s later in the game and you’re fighting alongside ADCs like Ezreal or Jinx and unless you’ve fed Jhin early and are sure his damage scales them.

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