Support is one of the important positions in LOL site. It serves as an opening for offensive attacks while protecting the team. Braum is a support position under the class of Warden.

Braum, the heart of the Freljord, is the beloved natural-born hero of the Freljord. Braum is known for his legendary strength. 

The Protector has been the subject of many myths and legends. One myth is that he cut down the whole forest of oaks in one night, and took down the whole mountain. Despite his fearless appearance, he is kind and makes sure to help every vulnerable person. He diligently worked to make sure to create a peaceful Freljord.


Who is BRAUM?

Braum plays as a support in the League of Legends. He has the ability to endure, and inspire his subjects with kindness and generosity.

Braum is an admirable warden class that can attack simultaneously and damage the opponents badly. With his shield, he can protect and attack champions at the same time. He can blow up ice directly to the enemy’s base and slow them down.

Braum was blessed with an incredible, and wonderful heart. He used his strength to protect and serve the people in Freljord. He could be the best wall that you can use during the fight. One of his abilities is unbreakable, it minimizes the damages that he takes from his enemies. His passive ability can set the champions into chaos. It directly hits the fighters and tanks, and immobilizes the backline.

BRAUM's Skills and abilities

Braum is a champion with immeasurable strength and abilities to directly hit every opponent. He can minimize the damage that he receives from his opponents, take down enemies and immobilize them, and protect his teammates. He is the first, and natural tank support that can take attacks for his team. His sole existence is basically to attack and protect his team!

The most unique part about Braum’s abilities is that they have two functions: one offensive, the other defensive. For example, he can use his skill to slow down the enemies, and disrupt their tactical moves. He also uses a protective barrier where he protects his teammates in the battle.

Let’s take a closer look at Braum abilities and unique traits:

Braum is a great support tanker. The sole existence of Braum lies in protecting his teammates and achieving the goal of the game – which is to win. He forms bonds with the whole team ensuring their safety, and improving their tactical abilities. He forms a wall where his teammates can prepare effectively in the battle, and look out for potential threats. As a support tanker, he takes all the possible attacks from the enemies to protect his co-champions.

Concussive Blows. Braum’s innate ability is to initiate winter bite that follow through concussive blows. Braum’s attacks and Winter’s Bite each apply a Concussive Blows stack to their target for 4 seconds, stacking up to 4 times, refreshing with each application . Once the enemy takes the first attack, Braum’s teammates can provide additional support attack. League of Legends is a teamplay. And one thing that makes Braum the best is the bond it can create throughout the game.

Winter Bite. Braum can use his shield to generate ice in his target location. If the champion suffers from a hit – they take tremendous magic damage and are heavily slowed.

Stand Behind Me: Braum’s best way to infiltrate and destroy the enemy’s base is get closer to it. Stand behind me ability allows Braum to jump in front of an ally and grant resistances for both himself and said ally.

Unbreakable: This ability allows Braum to set his shield in front of him. It creates a barrier that obstructs all possible attacks and missiles. It also reduces the damage that Braum takes while increasing Braum’s movement speed.

Glacial Fissure: Braum’s deadly ability. Braum jumps off into the air and bangs his shield in the ground. It creates a fissure that directly travels towards the enemy’s location. A tremendous magic damage can happen during this attack. The targets hit by this ability are knocked up for a few seconds. Braum also creates a path of ice that lasts for four seconds. It slows down enemies, and delays their casting of abilities.


Braum is a champion that unifies his team. If you’re playing as Braum, there are lots of combos that you can do to ensure your team’s victory.

  1. Teamwork works best if you have Braum. You can initiate concussive blows, and let your allies have a follow-up attack. It will generate high kills, and destroy your enemies formation.
  2. He can leap through the enemy lines and create a barrier to protect his team, and immobilize the opponents. He can increase his speed, and power up his shield to destroy the enemies. 
  3. If you want to create a powerful immobilization for your opponents, Braum can use his Glacial Fissure ability. It slows down any champion, and splits up their formation. As they lose some seconds, use this to destroy them, and kill them all!
  4. Initiate combo using concussive blows,and winter bite. Once you use this ability, you gain the power to slow down the enemy, and establish crowd control.
  5. Staying behind is a single dash skill. So use it properly by getting closer to the enemy champion. You can also use this ability to protect and save your teammates. 
  6. Using Unbreakable raises the shield, and minimizes potential damages from the enemies. If things are not going to what is planned, you can also use the unbreakable to help your teammates escape. 

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