Katarina is a famous Noxian assassin of the highest standing, boasting a cunning personality while being lethal in combat. She’s the eldest daughter of the legendary General Du Couteau.

Katarina made her talent known throughout the world with swift kills against unsuspecting enemy units.

Her fiery ambition has motivated her to pursue heavily-guarded target locations, even if it means risking her teammates.

After all, no matter the mission, Katarina will never hesitate to kill her duty among a whirlwind of serrated daggers. Check out League Of Legends Buff!


Who is Katarina?

Driven and motivated by an intense killer instinct, the Sinister Blade, Katarina, uses her skills and talents as an assassin, serving the glorious Noxus. Plus, for the continued elevation of her family name.

Since she was young, Katarina has always displayed a natural gift for combat. Being a daughter of a Noxian general gave her many paths. However, she rejected them all to be with her blades.

Katarina was rigorously trained by the best assassins in Noxus, with her father being the best among them. Her first assignment was where all went wrong—but awakened a hidden power within her.

After successfully assassinating a low-ranking Demacian officer and losing tons of casualties—Katarina returned to Noxus as a changed woman.

Now, the scar she earned that night serves as a reminder to never let passion interfere with her duty.

Katarina's Skills and abilities

Katarina is a highly mobile assassin, meaning she can quickly move around fights and deal devastating damage within seconds.

By dictating this mobility, Katarina can path her damage while staying elusive to her foes. Plus, she gets to keep fighting with every successful kill she lands.

Let’s take a closer look at Katarina’s skills and abilities:


Passive: This innate ability reduces Katarina’s abilities’ current cooldowns by 15 seconds whenever an enemy dies within 3 seconds of being damaged by Katarina.

Passive (Sinister Feel): Whenever Katarina brings back a dagger, she uses it to slash around herself—inflicting 68 to 240 magic damage to surrounding enemy units. It can also apply on-hit effects with 100% effectiveness against enemy champions.

Finally, innate Sinister Feel lets you reduce Shunpo’s current cooldown up by 78% to 96%. Daggers usually take a second to land and disappear after being on the ground for four seconds.

Bouncing Blade: This active skill lets Katarina throw a dagger toward target enemy units upon arrival and bounce up to two nearby enemies, inflicting magic damage to all targets.

The dagger will then land on the ground, around 350 units opposite from where the Bouncing Blade struck the target. Plus, regardless if you have sight of the enemy unit or not, Bouncing Blade goes to the correct targets.

Shunpo: When you cast Shunpo, Katarina will blink to the target location around the enemy units or dagger, inflicting magic damage to the closest enemies in range. Shunpo also applies on-hit effects with 100% effectiveness.

When blinking, Katarina remains unstable for 0.15 seconds. Additionally, Shunpo can reset Katarina’s “basic” attack timer.

Death Lotus: When activated, Katarina will channel up to 2.5 seconds, rapidly spinning in her place while throwing daggers every 0.166 seconds to up to three of the closest enemy champions.

Each dagger thrown can deal physical damage and magic damage to all enemy units. It also applies on-hit and on-attack effects, inflicting around 60% Grievous Wounds on enemy units for 3 seconds.

However, to activate Death Lotus, a nearby enemy champion needs to be within Katarina’s range, and targets don’t need to be visible to be thrown with Katarina’s daggers.


Katarina is a melee assassin champion famous for her swift and unpredictable gameplay that often requires practice and skills. She’s commonly played in the mid-lane.

Since Katarina’s best for mid-lane gameplay, you can roam around the map, gain early kills, swiftly join team fights, and be versatile with your strategies.

However, playing as Katarina isn’t precisely easy, and it can be tricky to use her the first time you pick her up.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pave your way to victory with Katarina in any fight:

  • Using Katarina’s Bouncing Blade isn’t the only way to inflict damage. If you can get near enough enemy units to proc Preparation, follow the enemy using Bouncing Blade.  
  • To safely pull off Katarina’s Death Lotus, stay aware of the enemy team’s focus on your teammates and whether they have disables to stop you. 
  • Remember to keep Shunpo’s maximum range in mind to help you stay out of danger before you blink in enemy lines. 
  • While laning, poke enemy units by using Bouncing Blade through bouncing from enemy minions instead of targeting enemy champions.
  • It’s best to use Preparation on top of an enemy unit to guarantee a hit. 
  • You can use Preparation before using Death Lotus to inflict an extra burst of damage. 
  • It’s wise to take advantage of Preparation to reset Shunpo—fast. 
  • You can cast Shunpo on any interactive unit, such as Dark Passage and Jungle Plants. 
  • Katarina is all about swift skills, and using the Domination Tree is ideal as it possesses the best lineup to synergize with her playstyle. 
  • Sudden Impact gets triggered from the frequent usage of Shunpo than alternative runes, making it a reliable choice. 
  • To inflict maximum damage, trigger Electrocute by landing Shunpo, Bouncing Blade, and Sinister Steel directly to enemy units. 
  • Using Triumph can give Katarina a decent heal, helping her escape or survive 1v1 situations. 
  • Hextech Gunblade is the perfect hybrid item that offers Katarina much-needed sustain, fitting well into her damage scalings. 
  • Items such as Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff are essential items contributing to Katarina’s heavy damage. 
  • Katarina will often need items like Zhonya’s Hourglass to boost her defenses thanks to her risky playstyle and lack of durability. 
  • Since Katarina has limited chances to inflict her spells, Sorcerer’s Shoes or Ionian Boots of Lucidity can help you out. 
  • A decent all-around item you can use for Katarina is Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, as it can apply the slow effect to several enemies using her daggers and Death Lotus. 
  • Morellonomicon is one of the best health items for Katarina if you need health and magic penetration when going against “tank” champions like Garen.

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