The support role in League of Legends is about making sure everything runs smoothly for your team, facilitating vision control, and protecting the ADC. One of the best support champions in the game is Leona.

Leona, the Radiant Dawn, is a holy warrior from Solari imbued with the blazes of the sun. She defends Mount Targon using her Zenith Blade and Shield for Daybreak.

Clad in gold armor and breaking the burden of ancient knowledge, Leona will bring enlightenment to some—and death to others.


Who is Leona?

One of the Rakkor tribes dwelling in Mount Targon lives the Solari, worshippers of the sun. Children are born and raised to honor and even shed blood for it, and among them is Leona.

Leona took the Solari faith naturally, finding solace within its structure. With her impressive skills and dedication to the Solari, many believed she would become a fine Ra’Horak one day, which means holy warriors.

As years went by, Leona eventually became a holy warrior, and during one of her ventures with her good friend Diana, Leona received golden radiance from the heavens, enveloping her.

As she learned how to control her new power, Leona was forever changed and imbued by the Sun’s Aspect. Now, to honor her newly bestowed powers, Leona dedicates herself to protecting Solari in the times to come.

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Leona's Skills and abilities

Leona, the legendary Radiant Dawn of Solari, is one of the best tank and support champions in League of Legends. She boasts robust crowd control abilities, making her the best for initial engagement in team fights.

Leona is easy to use, making her an S-tier option for different team compositions. She’s a moderately complex champion to master, but once you’ve learned her playstyle, you’ll win through nearly every game.

Let’s take a closer look at Leona’s unique skills and abilities:

Sunlight: This passive skill lets Leona’s abilities mark enemy units hit with Sunlight for 1.5 seconds, and subsequent applications of Sunlight refresh its duration.

Damage inflicted to marked enemy units by allied champions will consume Sunlight, dealing 25 to 144 bonus magic damage.

Shield of Daybreak: Shield of Daybreak lets Leona illuminate her “shield,” allowing her next basic attack within 6 seconds to have a cast time of 0.25 seconds, gain 50 bonus range, stun the target for one second, and inflict additional magic damage.

Keep in mind that Shield of Daybreak can reset Leona’s primary attack timer.

Eclipse: When activated, Leaona will radiate a solar eclipse around herself for 3 seconds, receive bonus armor and magic resistance, and reduce pre-mitigation damage. All these are applicable for all instances of damage.

Leona’s Eclipse will then detonate after the set period, inflicting magic damage to all surrounding enemies, granting her damage reduction and bonus resistance for an extra 3 seconds if she hits an enemy unit.

Zenith Blade: This skill lets Leona project a solar image of her sword in a target direction, inflicting magic damage to all enemy units in the area.

If you hit one enemy champion, Leona will dash 225 units behind the last one within 3000 range, rooting them for 0.5 seconds.

Keep in mind that Leona becomes immobile while Zenith Blade is in effect.

Solar Flare: When casting Solar Flare, Leona will call down a beam of solar energy, striking upon the target location after 0.6 seconds. When in effect, it’ll grant sight of the area for 3 seconds.

Enemy units within the target location will receive bonus magic damage upon impact. Enemies struck will be slowed down by 80% for 1.5 seconds and get stunned for the same period if hit by the epicenter.


Leona is one of the best support champions in League of Legends when appropriately used. Her passive grants her a significant amount of damage, and her kit has access to plenty of crowd control.

Here are tips and tricks to help improve your Leona play:

  • Because of Solar Flare’s low cooldown, make sure to use it whenever possible, including picking off, chasing, and fighting enemy units. 
  • Lead the charge and mark enemy units with Leona’s Sunlight before your allied champions engage. 
  • To inflict a high amount of damage, combine Shield of Daybreak and Zenith Blade. 
  • Leona can absorb a considerable amount of damage using her Eclipse but remember you’ll need to stay near enemies to gain the bonus duration. 
  • Maxing Eclipse offers more durability and the most extensive burst damage possible for Leona. 
  • It’s best to max out Shield of Daybreak when you’re planning on playing being a tank since it stuns enemies often and increases your DPS. 
  • Save Leona’s Zenith Blade for after enemies use dash or blink. 
  • If possible, it’s best to wait for your enemy champions to attack an enemy you’ve damaged to get the most out of Leona’s Sunlight. 
  • When engaging in a team fight, see whether you’d want to use Solar Flare on a group of enemy units or as a backline. 
  • When you combine Zenith Blade with Shield of Daybreak, this allows you to set up guaranteed kills when ganking. 
  • Keep in mind that Solar Flare empowers Leona’s subsequent attacks, so it’s good to attack enemy units when one of your allies strikes. 
  • It’s best to activate Eclipse before getting in engagements increases the chance of inflicting damage. 
  • Titanic Hydra is the best when going against tanks as it deals a significant amount of damage when you have another item granting Leona health.
  • Aftershock is generally an excellent item for Leona as it synergizes well with her kit since she’s a great initiator. 
  • Since Leona is mainly used in the top lane, use Corrupting Potion to trade with opponents efficiently. 
  • Dead Man’s Plate is a great item that increases Leona’s ability to stick to enemy units, making it more convenient to catch up with them. 
  • When using Leona as a support, use Relic Shield as it’s ideal for melee support. 
  • Using Righteous Glory is a great way to initiate fights, enabling you to save Zenith Blade from catching escaping enemies. 
  • Leona’s Frozen Heart works best when facing enemy units, depending on their attacks. However, if you’ve reached the cooldown reduction limit, use Randuin’s Omen. 
  • If you plan on supporting your team during the fight, using Knight’s Vow is the best item option since it allows you to assist allies, heal, and decrease the damage they take.
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