Malphite is a colossal living stone creature, helping impose blessed order on a chaotic world.

He was born as a servitor-shard to a magical obelisk known as the Monolith. He used his elemental strength in protecting his progenitor but failed.

Now, as the only survivor of the destruction that occurred, Malphite tries to get along with Runeterra’s soft folk, struggling to find a new role worthy of honoring the last of his kind.


Who is Malphite?

Malphite is a massive creature of living stone born from the heart of the Ixtal construct or obelisk known as the Monolith.

Buried deep under the surface, forgotten even by those who dwelt in the abyss, Malphite slowly gathered strength, living until he was awakened after uncounted centuries—realizing he was alone.

One millennia after the other, Malphite has studied the elemental balance of Runeterra, where he decided to use his strength to maintain order in the chaotic world where he currently resides.

Now, often roused from his sleep, Malphite puts up with the volatile temperaments of mortals, looking for a cause worthy of fighting for and honoring the last of his kind.

Malphite's Skills and abilities

Malphite is a tank champion boasting massive amounts of armor thanks to his Granite Shield passive, making him an excellent choice in the laning phase.

He also scales well into AD team compositions and champions that rely on auto-attacks a lot. Additionally, a great thing about Malphite is that you can use him as a Jungle and support, and not as a tank every game.

Let’s take a closer look at Malphite’s skills and abilities:

  • Granite Shield

Innate: Granite Shield lets Malphite shield himself for 10% of his max health. This shield will last until it’s broken, refreshing if he’s not taken damage in the last couple of seconds.

  • Seismic Charge

When activated, Malphite will send a rock rolling to a target enemy unit, inflicting magic damage and slowing them down for 3 seconds upon collision.

Additionally, Seismic Charge lets Malphite gain bonus movement speed equal to the raw amount of the target lost from the slow effect for the duration.

  • Thunderclap

Passive: Thunderclap’s passive effect lets Malphite gradually gain bonus armor and is usually tripled when Granite Shield is in effect.

Active: When casting Thunderclap, Malphite’s next basic attack within 6 seconds will be empowered, allowing him to gain 50 bonus range and deal additional physical damage on-hit.

Moreover, Malphite’s primary attacks on hit will let him trigger a cone in a target direction for 5 seconds. Thunderclap will then deal physical damage to enemy units hit.

  • Ground Slam

When casting Ground Slam, Malphite will slam the ground under him, inflicting magic damage to nearby enemy units and crippling them for 3 seconds, reducing their attack speed.

  • Unstoppable Force

When activated, Malphite will dash with displacement toward a target location, and upon collision, he’ll inflict magic damage to surrounding enemies—knocking them up for 1.5 seconds. Malphite cannot be stopped while he’s dashing.


Malphite’s one of the champions in League of Legends that’s a generally excellent all-around tank. He’s a living shard from the Monolith that can deal decent damage and hold himself. 

Malphite has become relatively popular thanks to his ability to withstand heavy blows and synergy with any team. He can be a great Jungler and support champion as well.

Plus, you can build Malphite as an AP mage instead of a tank when you want to go Jungle, support or mid.

Here are tips and tricks to master Malphite gameplay and carry your team to victory every time:

  • Armor reduces the attacks through Malphite’s Granite Shield, so use Brutal Strikes to strengthen the shield against physical damage. 
  • Although Malphite’s abilities scale off of armor, some fights require him to get bonus magic resistance. You can achieve that through using Aegis of the Legion or Mercury’s Treads. 
  • Malphite is a champion that’s highly durable and boasts stellar team-fighting potential. It’s best to use him in the top lane, as support or Jungle. 
  • Using Granite Shield can make Malphite more “tanky,” helping him absorb as much damage as possible, and it’s a great skill that helps him cope with enemy poke. 
  • In addition to Granite Shield, Malphite’s passive gradually provides him with a shield, depending on his max health. 
  • Malphite’s Granite Shield can make recalling safer since enemy units have to break it to stop his channeling. 
  • If you’re going against ranged champions or mages, max out Seismic Shard first. 
  • Use Malphite’s Seismic Shard for running away or disengaging. You can also use it to run up to opponents to start your combo. 
  • You can use Brutal Strike to clear minion waves and Jungle camps when fighting extended trades. 
  • It’s best to max out Ground Slam first if the enemy units you’re going against are melee and rely on their auto-attacks. 
  • Malphite’s Ground Slam’s attack speed slow effect is an excellent ability to use against AD champions to minimize their damage output. 
  • Ground Slam can damage armor, so you’ll be able to inflict a lot of damage even when going against tanks like Garen. 
  • To eliminate minion waves and monsters, use Ground Slam with Brutal Strikes. 
  • It’s cheaper to cast Ground Slam than Seismic Shard, meaning you can use it more often. 
  • Malphite’s Unstoppable Force is best used offensively in starting fights or protecting your team’s carry. 
  • You can use Unstoppable Force to escape since he’s non-targetable during the dash. 
  • Malphite’s Unstoppable Force deals decent damage without AP, making it the perfect ability to burst down enemy units. 
  • Arcane Comet is an excellent keystone to use for Malphite since it allows you to inflict extra damage using Seismic Shard poke. 
  • Since Malphite builds usually include cooldown reduction items, Unstoppable Force’s cooldown is shortened more than the base cooldown. 
  • When looking to perform extended trades with Malphite, Grasp of the Undying is a great keystone to use.
  • Use Arcane Comet alongside Scorch to inflict significant damage early on.

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