Maokai, once a peaceful spirit, is now a rageful treant who fights the horrors of the Shadow Isles, subduing foes by holding them down with nature’s nearly limitless power.

Maokai carries the heavy position as the first-ever nature spirit of the Blessed Isles. However, after humans invaded his territory and destroyed his home, Maokai now twisted into a force of vengeance.

Surviving death thanks to the Waters of Life infused in his heartwood, Maokai now dedicates himself to banish the scourge of unlife and bring his home back to life.


Who is Maokai?

Maokai, a nature spirit, takes the form of a towering treant, boasting a tall body covered in bark and long limbs that resembles tree branches.

After years of roaming all over, Maoki discovered a hilly isle filled with boundless energy radiating from the earth itself.

He made the grassy area his home, plunging roots downward until reaching a spring of magical and life-giving water—bringing his saplings to life.

However, as humans began to discover his home, it eventually fell into ruin, where Maokai only survived by carrying the heart of the islands within him.

The once peaceful spirit grew furious and dedicated himself to fight for the soul of his old home, bringing back the Shadow Isles to its once joyous state.

Maokai's Skills and abilities

Maokai is a strong tank in the game, making him a favorite among those who main on “tanky” champion, thanks to his very strong itemization.

He can offer point-and-click CC and robust team fighting capabilities, being nearly unkillable later on in the game.

Here’s a closer look at Maokai’s unique skills and abilities:

  • Sap Magic

This passive skill lets Maokai’s next basic attack gain a non-cancelable windup while healing him for 5 to 65 units after a 0.25-second delay.

Every time Maokai casts any of his abilities or gets struck by an enemy champion’s attack, Sap Magic’s cooldown will be reduced by 4 seconds. However, this skill won’t activate if Maokai has over 95% of his health.

  • Bramble Smash

When activated, Maokai will release an arcane shockwave travelling in a line, inflicting magic damage to all enemy units it goes through—slowing them down by 99% for 0.25 seconds.

Additionally, foes near Maokai will be stunned for 0.5 seconds and knocked back up to 300 units, depending on their proximity to him.

  • Twisted Advance

Maokai will dash to a target direction while being non-targetable, inflicting magic damage while rooting them for a few seconds upon arrival.

  • Sapling Toss

When casting Sapling Toss, Maokai will fling a sapling to a target location, granting sight of the area. When landing, the sapling will remain stationary for half a minute or until they come in contact with the first visible enemy unit.

The sapling will chase the enemy unit for 2.5 seconds. It will then explode when colliding with an enemy unit or when the time runs out, inflicting magic damage to nearby enemy units upon detonation.

The damage made by Sapling Toss is capped at 300 against enemy minions and monsters, slowing them down by 35% for 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, if you place saplings in a brush, it’ll deal double its initial damage to enemy units hit over three instances and revealing them for 3 seconds.

The first instance of Sapling Toss’s damage is inflicted immediately, while the subsequent ones happen 0.75 seconds after.

  • Nature’s Grasp

When activated, Maokai will summon a massive wall of thorny brambles that’ll gradually advance in the target direction, speeding up over time. Each one will stop when they collide with an enemy champion.

Each bramble will inflict magic damage to the target enemy unit caught and rooted for 0.8 to 2.6 seconds depending on the bramble’s travel distance.


Maokai is an excellent support champion offering excellent crowd control, preventing the enemy units from continuing by locking them down. He’s a champion that can soak up all the damage while staying sustained.

If you like aggressive gameplay, Maokai is a perfect champion for you.

Here are tips and tricks that can help you master Maokai’s playstyle with the help of his Voidlings:

  • Maokai’s passive skill helps him become durable from focus fire spells, so as long as you can still use his “basic attacks,” push forward. 
  • Try searching for flanking opportunities where you can use Maokai’s Nature’s Grasp to ensure a direct hit. 
  • Whenever enemy units spam their skills, it reduces Sap Magic’s cooldown, so try to go near enemies to speed it up.  
  • It’s best to use Bramble Smash after entering a fight with Twisted Advance, pushing enemies toward your allies. 
  • Bramble Smash has a perfect synergy with Protobelt as it can launch Maokai forward. 
  • You can use Maokai’s Twisted Advance to catch enemy units running off. 
  • Twisted Advance travels slowly, so plan for it beforehand. 
  • Keep in mind that Brambles from Nature’s Grasp travel slow, making them extremely easy to avoid. So, only use this when you’re sure you can hit the target enemy. 
  • Sapling Toss releases small saplings that get empowered when thrown into a brush, making it easy to clear Jungle and camps. 
  • Using Sapling Toss on bushes grants vision of that bush, making them extremely helpful when Jungling. 
  • Brambles typically halt on the first enemy champion it hits, so make sure to position correctly to root as many enemies as possible. 
  • If your team consists of magic damage champions, building an Abyssal Mask for Maokai is ideal since it’ll provide you with the stats to stay durable and pave the way for your team. 
  • Rod of Ages is a good item for Maokai since it grants him additional health and mana. 
  • Mercury’s Treads build up Maokai’s resistance while reducing crowd control effects. 
  • Using Dead Man’s Plate allows Maokai to chase enemy units down while slowing them down with his passive. 
  • Hextech Protobelt-01 is an excellent item for Maokai as it lets him close the gap on enemy units hit by his Bramble Smash’s knockback. 
  • Font of Life is a great rune for Maokai since it can heal allies whenever your abilities land on enemy units and your teammates attack them. 
  • Conditioning is another rune that’s great for Maokai, increasing his resistance permanently after 10 minutes. 
  • Revitalize is one of the best runes for Maokai since it increases the healing effect of his passive skill.

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