Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a marksman-mage champion in League of Legends, acting as a range-attack damage carry (ADC) character. She boasts high burst damage and a powerful ultimate.

Miss Fortune is a pirate bilgewater captain famous for her stunning looks but feared for her brutality. Real name, Sarah Fortune, she paints a stark figure among the criminals of the shady port city.

Those who underestimate Miss Fortune will face a beguiling and unpredictable foe—and receive a bullet or two in their gut.


Who is Miss Fortune?

Sarah Fortune, famously known as Miss Fortune, has no shortage of blood on her hands, similar to those who rise to notoriety in the famous port city of Bilgewater.

Miss Fortune got her skills from her Mother, Abigale Fortune, renowned for her skills in gunsmithing.

However, Gangplank, the notorious pirate from the same city, raided Miss Fortune’s home, setting ablaze to it, aiming to wipe out the Fortune legacy from Runeterra completely.

Miss Fortune was the only survivor, where she then dedicated her life to defeating Gangplank, which she did—with the help of her small but loyal cadre of allies.

After that, she quickly earned the nickname “Miss Fortune,” given by those in bilgewater. However, nothing’s ever permanent in the port city, and now, Miss Fortune finds herself imposing her brand of order on every criminal that comes her way.

After all, the real battle for bilgewater has only started.

Miss Fortune's Skills and Abilities

Miss Fortune is an infamous pirate bilgewater captain renowned for her good looks and fierceness, showing zero mercy to her foes. Plus, she’s one of the strongest marksmen in League of Legends—when played right.

Let’s take a look at Miss Fortune’s unique set of skills and abilities:

  • Love Tap

This passive skill lets Miss Fortune’s basic attack against enemies who weren’t the target of her last attack will inflict 50% to 100% AD bonus physical damage, which is halved against enemy minions.

  • Double Up

When casting Double Up, Miss Fortune will fire a shot to a target enemy unit, dealing physical damage upon impact, which then bounces to another foe behind it.

Double Up’s shot inflicts “on-hit effects” at full effectiveness to both enemy units hit while applying “on-attack effects” to the initial enemy hit.

The bounce effect from this skill will prioritize enemy units behind your primary target. Plus, this bounce can be affected by critical strike modifiers, and if it kills your primary target, it will be a guaranteed critical strike.

Finally, the shot bounces to enemy units regardless if you have sight of them or not.

  • Strut

Innate: Strut’s passive form lets Miss Fortune gain 25 bonus movement speed if she hasn’t taken non-persistent damage from enemy units in the last 5 seconds.

The bonus amount increases after another 5 seconds of no damage taken.

Active: When casting Strut, Miss Fortune gains bonus attack speed for 4 seconds, bringing its passive effect to its max potential.

Keep in mind that marking new targets with Love Tap can reduce Strut’s cooldown by 2 seconds.

  • Make it Rain

When activated, Miss Fortune will cast hundreds of bullets raining down onto a target area for 2 seconds, providing temporary sight of the location while inflicting magic damage to all enemy units within the circle every 0.25 seconds.

Plus, Make it Rain can slow any enemy units in the casting space.

  • Bullet Time

When casting Miss Fortune’s ultimate, she’ll channel up to 3 seconds, firing multiple waves of bullets spread in several projectiles per wave in a target direction.

Each of Bullet Time’s waves deals 75% AD physical damage to any enemies hit. Plus, each one can critically strike enemy units, inflicting bonus physical damage.


Miss Fortune is a one-of-a-kind marksman in League of Legends since she’s the only one that can burst down whole enemy teams with her ultimate.

However, that scenario is rare, so instead, focus on inflicting damage using her auto-attacks and Double Up to build up to Bullet Time and finish off your enemies.

Here are tips and tricks to help you cope with Miss Fortune’s long-ranged gameplay:

  • Keep in mind that Miss Fortune’s speed increases if she hasn’t taken recent damage, so avoid getting hit to move fast. 
  • Use Love Tap while Strut’s on cooldown to maximize its availability. 
  • Love Tap makes it easier for Miss Fortune to land her attacks due to its increased damage on hit. Plus, it’s good for harassing enemies.
  • Before choosing target units for Double Up, watch the cone between the target and anything behind to secure a second hit. 
  • Any enemy unit that dies from the Double Up’s first shot increases the damage inflicted to the second target (if applicable). 
  • The passive form of Strut enhances Miss Fortune’s speed, which can help in combat as long as you haven’t received any damage. 
  • To ensure you engage and escape fights safely, use Strut to boost Miss Fortune’s passive movement to full power. 
  • Strut’s active form helps push minion waves and turrets. 
  • If you aim “Make it Rain” right, this can secure skills and getaways. Plus, use it to trap enemy units trying to escape. 
  • Make it Rain grants vision within its area of effect, which helps scout enemy units hiding in bushes or walls. 
  • It’s best to use Bullet Time right after allied champions apply heavy crowd control to guarantee max damage. 
  • Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain is a great skill to use in preventing enemy units from escaping Bullet Time’s area of effect. 
  • Leveling up Bullet Time increases the number of waves it sends out. Use it when engaging in team fights.  
  • Remember that when channeling Bullet Time, Miss Fortune becomes vulnerable, especially when facing enemy champions with heavy crowd control. So, position her carefully. 
  • Taste of Blood can grant Miss Fortune more sustain while fighting. 
  • If you’re looking to increase Miss Fortune’s damage more, Eyeball Collection is a great choice. 
  • Ultimate Hunter can help Miss Fortune use her ultimate attack more often. 
  • The rune, Presence of Mind, allows Miss Fortune to use Bullet Time on her designated lane more often without worrying about using it in team fights. 
  • Coup de Grace is an excellent rune for Miss Fortune since it increases her damage, allowing her to synergize better with her allies.

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