Master Yi

Master Yi is the perfect combination between a swift assassin and a cunning fighter in League of Legends. He has tempered his body and conditioned his mind to take down his enemies swiftly.

Although Master Yi chooses to enter into violence as a last resort, his blade’s grace and speed ensure resolution is always swift and deadly.

He’s one of the very last living practitioners of Wuju. Master Yi dedicated his life to continuing the legacy of this ancient Ionian martial art.

Now, along with Kong, a monkey-like Vastaya, travels the First Lands, seeking to honor the legacy of his lost home, helping him embody the “master” in his name.


Who is Master Yi?

Master Yi was a prodigy in swordsmanship, but he never resorted to complete violence unless, but all of these changed when Noxian warbands invaded his home.

When the Noxian commanders deemed Master Yi’s practice of Wuju as a threat, they destroyed his home village alongside its people and culture.

After coming home from war, Master Yi, slain in body, became the attack’s final casualty. With no other Wuju practitioners alive, Master Yi realized that the title of “master” was his to bear alone.

Years after the war, Master Yi met a monkey-like Vastaya named Kong, where the two eventually got along, and for the first time in years, Master Yi felt the spirit of Wuju once more.

After finding his purpose again, Master Yi aims to share the ways of Wuju. Now, alongside Kong, they travel the First Lands to honor Master Yi’s home’s legacy, sharing the wonders of Wuju once again to the world.

Master Yi's Skills and Abilities

Master Yi is an assassin and fighter that can dominate solo and jungle lane, boasting heavy-hitting nukes, retained DPS, and reflex-driven defenses. All these make him the ultimate aggressive and robust champion.

Master Yi excels at fast and brutal ganks while diving into team fights, assassinating targets.

Let’s take a closer look at Master Yi’s skills and abilities:

  • Double Strike

This passive skill lets Master Yi’s “basic attacks” on-hit grant stacks of Double Strike for four seconds, stacking up to three times with the duration refreshing on the following attacks. 


When reaching three stacks, Master Yi’s next basic attack on-hit will consume the stacks to strike twice, with the second one inflicting 50% AD physical damage.


The second strike will apply on-hit and on-attack, boasting a 100% effectiveness. Plus, it can be affected by critical strike modifiers.


Finally, if your primary target gets killed before the second strike, Master Yi will attack another enemy unit within 300 range.


  • Alpha Strike

When casting Alpha Strike, Master Yi will vanish, and after 0.231 seconds, he’ll mark the target enemy and move the mark to the nearest unmarked foe, repeating the action three times. 


When finishing the marking and there are no longer targetable enemy units, Master Yi will reappear in front of the target units and inflict physical damage to all marked enemies. 


The damage of Alpha Strike is increased against monsters. Meanwhile, if the target enemy dies or manages to run away during the delay, Master Yi will reappear at the cast location. 

If Master Yi isn’t in range of un-market enemy units, he’ll strike the same foe from the previous attack, inflicting 25% damage immediately.

  • Meditate

When casting Meditate, Master Yi will channel for 4 seconds. While in effect, Master Yi heals himself.

While channeling, Master Yi will receive damage reduction. The damage reduction effect against turrets is halved. Master Yi gains a stack of Double Strike for every second of channeling Meditate and channeling Meditate puts Wuju Style and Highlander effects on pause.

After channeling, Master Yi can lessen incoming damage he’ll receive for an extra 0.35 seconds.

  • Wuju Style

When activated, Master Yi will empower his sword, enhancing his basic attacks to inflict “true” damage on-hit for 5 seconds.

  • Highlander

Passive: When Master Yi takes down enemy champions, it’ll reduce the current cooldown of his abilities by 70%. 

Active: Master Yi will cleanse himself from all adverse effects, including slows and cripples—while gaining increased attack and movement speed and ghosting for 7 seconds.

While Highlander’s in effect, every time you take down an enemy champion, it’ll extend Master Yi’s Highlander duration by 7 seconds.


Master Yi’s the deadly combination of an assassin and fighter champion in League of Legends, serving as a melee driver with high attack speed and damage, mobility, and ultimate.

Here are tips and tricks to help you learn Master Yi’s unique and lethal playstyle:

  • When facing ranged champions, level up “Meditate” to stay in lane longer and gain levels quicker. 
  • Remember that when using Double Strike, the second strike can’t be interrupted, allowing you to use another skill while it’s in effect. 
  • It’s best to use Alpha Strike on enemy units upfront against champions to place you at a safe distance at the end of the ability. 
  • Wuju Style is best for last hitting enemy minions or when under your turret. 
  • While Jungling, you can use Alpha Strike after your first basic attack to dodge attacks from the jungle camp, avoiding knockback. 
  • Never use Master Yi’s Alpha Strike immediately if you don’t need to. Save it when enemies try to escape or dodge. 
  • When tower diving, make sure you have ally minions on your side to use Alpha Strike to lose the turret’s aggro. 
  • After making a basic attack and attacking an enemy unit, tapping meditate immediately resets Master Yi’s “basic attack timer.” 
  • When clearing Jungle early game, don’t activate Wuju Style hastily since it has a lengthy cooldown. Use it during altercations.
  • If you can’t kill an enemy target within the active period, activate Wuju Style before your Double Strike comes to max damage. 
  • It’s best to use Wuju Style when the camp is around 70%. 
  • Remember that Highlander’s passive part cuts the cooldown by 70%. This fact can save you from risky engagements by using Meditate, Alpha Strike, or re-enabling your Wuju Style. 
  • Keep an eye out for your mana pool since Master Yi’s Highlander consumes a lot of it, so check the mana first when engaging.

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