Lucian is part of the Sentinel of Light, a group of individuals defending Runeterra from the beings of the Shadow Isles.

He’s a hunter of spirits from the Black Mist, relentlessly pursuing them and eradicating them using his relic pistols. After the phantom known as Thresh killed his wife, Senna, Lucian swore revenge on the rogue wraith, embarking on the path alone.

However, even with Senna’s return to life, Lucian’s rage stays burning and his desire for revenge alive.

Ruthless and single-minded, Lucian will never stop for anything to protect Runeterra from the horrors of the Black Mist.


Who is Lucian?

Ever since he was a child, Lucian wanted nothing more than to be like his father, Urias, a member of the ancient order of the Sentinels of Light, protecting Runeterra from the undying spirits of the Black Mist.

The order was initially formed on the Blessed Isles, passing down their traditions and relic weapons to people across Runeterra.

At some point in Lucian’s adulthood, he received his father’s relic pistol from Senna, a member of the order and his father’s student. Senna allowed him to accompany her to hold vigil for lost Sentinels, honoring Urias.

Lucian and Senna’s bond eventually blossomed into love—where they soon tied the knot. However, as time passed, Senna’s curse got worse, and Lucian made it his mission to find the cure.

In one of their expeditions, they came across the wraith known as Thresh, who later killed Sena. Wielding both his father’s pistol and Senna’s, Lucian hunted Thresh to avenge his fallen wife. However, when Lucian shattered Thresh’s lantern, Senna reemerged.

However, even if Senna returns, Lucian stays determined to get revenge on Thresh, as he’s confident the Chain Warden’s machinations have only started.

Lucian's Skills and Abilities

Lucian is a mobile and ranged champion, fighting his foes with ancient weapons passed down from the Sentinel of Light—unleashing a barrage of bullets to send opponents to their graves.

Lucian can overcome an enemy champion in duels and in-lane trades with the strategic use of his abilities.

Here’s a closer look at Lucian’s skills and abilities:

  • Light Slinger

When using an ability, this passive skill lets Lucian’s next “basic attack” on-attack fire a bonus shot after 0.25 seconds of the initial shot within 3.5 seconds, dealing 50% to 60% physical damage, depending on your level. 

The second shot made applies on-hit and on-attack effects and is typically affected by critical strike modifiers. Lucian automatically shoots another enemy unit nearby if your primary target enemy gets killed before firing the second shot.

  • Piercing Light

When activated, Lucian will fire a laser in the target direction of enemy units, inflicting physical damage to all enemies within the line.

  • Ardent Blaze

This active skill lets Lucian fire a shot in a target location, exploding in a cross pattern upon impact on enemy units or reaching the end of its path. It deals magic damage to enemy units hit while granting sight of the area for a second.

  • Relentless Pursuit

Passive: Each Lightslinger shot you land reduces Relentless Pursuit’s cooldown by one second. The amount is doubled to 2 seconds when it hits enemy champions.

Active: Lucian will dash in a target direction, resetting Lucian’s primary attack timer. You can cast Relentless Pursuit while The Culling and other abilities are in effect.

The Culling

When casting The Culling, Lucian will channel up to 3 seconds, rapidly firing shots in a target location. Each shot from The Culling inflicts physical damage to the first enemy unit hit.

You can recast The Culling after 0,75 seconds during the channel and automatically recasts itself when Lucian’s channel ends.

While channeling, Lucian will face in the casted direction while ghosted, firing the shots in a target direction from his current position.


Lucian is a relentless marksman in League of Legends, having a habit of firing between each ability. His primary strength is his frequent use of his passive skill, reducing the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit.

If you play Lucian’s combos correctly, you can deliver a lot of damage faster than most sharpshooters in the game.

Here are tips and tricks to help you master this spell slinger’s unique playstyle:

  • Lightslinger is great at bursting enemy camps and towers since its damage isn’t as costly. 
  • Lucian’s Piercing Light extends beyond its usual targeting range, making it an excellent way of harassing enemies while farming minions. 
  • If you’re looking to boost your movement speed during fights, mark the enemy with Ardent Blaze. This skill also allows allies to help you out. 
  • Reserve Relentless Pursuit to help yourself in situations you get stuck or attacked. 
  • The Culling sets off Lightslinger, so if an enemy catches you at a different angle, avoid retaliating. 
  • Firing at a target under the Arden Blaze mark makes it easier to keep up with each of their movements. 
  • When shooting, aim in a straight line instead of diagonally since it’ll be easier to position to hit the target. 
  • Using The Culling can be a fantastic way to scare off enemy units trying to cross a choke-point while escaping. 
  • It’s best to use Lucian’s The Culling to clear minion waves when your turret’s being sieged, allowing it to target enemy champions.
  • You can easily trigger Press the Attack using Lucian’s Lightslinger ability. 
  • Using Legend: Alacrity can help with framing while scaling down the timing of Lightslinger. 
  • If you’re looking to achieve more sustains in a fight using Lucian, use Legend: Bloodline. 
  • Domination is an excellent source of damage for champions that need to score many skills to become stronger. 
  • You won’t need Transcendence if max cooldown reduction is addressed by the items used. However, if you need rapid cooldown speed reduction, it’s best to use Transcendence. 
  • Since Lucian is an aggressive champion, you’ll need to have a “sustain” item to survive longer. 
  • Using the Black Cleaver can increase Lucian’s overall damage, CDR, and adds an edge on his stickiness. 
  • Essence Reaver is a great item that Lucian can use to sustain the supply of his mana, allowing him to inflict relentless attacks.

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