Nidalee was raised and came in the deepest jungle, who is considered a master tracker that can shapeshift into a fearsome cougar at will. Neither a beast nor wholly woman, she brutally defends her empire from all trespassers by placing deft spear throws and traps. She hurts her enemies by jumping on them in catlike form. The ones who survived tell a tale of this wild woman with sharp instincts and finer claws. 


Who is Nidalee?

Nobody knows how Nidalee became alone in the heart of the forest. She’s dressed in rags, sitting alone in the leafy and dirty soil, crying between trees.

Undoubtedly, that brought the cougars.

A mother, walking with her cubs, addressed the abandoned girl, catching the smell of something bold or something worth saving. The cougar took Nidalee without any hesitation, half dragging and leading her back to the den.

The girl lived then in the company of animals, playing alongside her new siblings. She existed without the connection to the human society of her kind. The woman raised Nidalee as a being of the jungle, and as the years passed, Nidalee grew into a skillful huntress. Still, since her guardians favoured claws and teeth, she understood how to take advantage of her environment. She struggled consuming honeyfruits from glowing flowers to deal with the night. She utilized explosive seeds to send the territorial murk wolves.

There were times that Nidalee started to lose control of her body. Without any warning, her feet and hands began to flicker between bestial forms and humans. Occasionally, she would fall from the den and become delirious with fever. She follows the dark silhouettes of two strangers, whispering after a chaotic but sweet voice. They carried Nidalee a sense of warmth and comfort, even though the cougars already taught her to be careful of the outsiders.

And with immeasurable cause.

It was summer rain when Nidalee first met the Kiilash. The Vastayan hunters wandered into the jungle each season, searching for trophies to show their power and prestigious kills. The adopted mother of Nidalee tried to expel them away but failed, wounded by their spears and blades.

Before Kiilash could finish the adopted mother, Nidalee jumped from the undergrowth, crying with rage and grief. Something had broken. She sensed the spirit of the forest cats within her and was moulded like never before. Lashing out like a beast, Nidalee carried down the nearest hunter with her sharp and refined claws and turned around in human form again to snatch up his spear. Some Kiilash grumbled and hissed at this sight, and to Nidalee’s surprise, she understood some of their words.

Nidalee knew that they cursed her, summoning the name of the Vastayashai’rei ancestors as they withdrew from the fight, empty-handed.

Even today, the thick jungles remain as the last truly untamed wilderness in the known world and something of a puzzle even to Nidalee. Still, in rarefied, calm moments, the huntress sees herself dwelling on her roots—and her fight with the Kiilash—and whether she will discover the fact behind any of it.

Nidalee's Skills and abilities


Movement through bushes maximizes Nidalee’s moving speed by 10 percent for two seconds, maximized to 30 percent towards the visible foe champions within 1400 ranges. Hitting monsters or champions with Bushwhack or Javelin Toss triggers the Hunt, granting True Sight for four seconds. Nidalee already gains 10 percent moving speed during this time, maximized to 30 percent toward the Hunted foe. Her Pounce and Takedown are improved against them.


Nidalee can throw a strikeable javelin at a target enemy that gains damage as it flies when she is in human form. As a cougar, Nidalee’s next attack will incredibly wound her target, striking more damage.


In mortal form, Nidalee sets a trap for careless opponents that, when sprung, wounds and exposes its target. As a cougar, she leaps in a direction, dispensing damage in a distance where she lands.


In mortal form, Nidalee leads the spirit of the cougar to heal her allies and grant them Attack Speed for a brief duration. As a cougar, she cuts in a direction, administering damage to opponents in front of her.


Nidalee mutates into a cougar, obtaining new abilities.

Playing as Nidalee

The most crucial items to work in your Nidalee build include Rabadon’s Deathcap, Night Harvester, Cosmic Drive and Zhonya’s Hourglass. Furthermore, like our rune recommendations, you can also get quality, directed, Nidalee item increases farther down for the appropriate enemy team style you are playing in your prevailing match. Those who added these pieces in their builds had a much greater win rate than those who employed other Nidalee forms.

Try carefully to land Javelin Toss to start as it deals significant damage and provides you with a movement speed increase. Turn to Cougar Form to track down Hunted targets. Locate Bushwhack in choke details to secure it hard to withdraw.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use a brush to your success! Going in and out of brush can massively change your effectiveness in a fight.
  • Begin team games by attacking with your Javelin Toss, and then shift to cougar form to follow down Hunted targets.
  • When in the jungle, use hedges to expand your flight speed.
  • It may be attractive to throw your weapon from max scale in hopes of gaining greater damage, but keep in mind that you’ll usually only receive one opportunity to hit your weapon before the attacker runs under the tower. When stealing, contemplate holding your weapon until you’re closer to the end.
  • Lay these tricks in bushes for more considerable map coverage.
  • When duelling takes some hits from the enemy and then uses swell, you benefit more from the healing.
  • Use takedown before pounce so that you can auto-attack instantly.
  • Practice pounce either to reach an enemy or to jump over walls.
  • Face the opponents or monsters so that your skill will hit all the wanted targets.
  • Use cougar form to preserve mana while clearing jungle camps.

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