Once a strange girl of flesh and blood, Orianna has become a technological wonder composed solely of precision technology. After a profound event in the districts of Zaun, she grew gravely sick, and her ageing body had to be repaired with mechanical parts, piece by piece. Followed by the excellent workmanship of her hextech armoury, Orianna is now available to explore the surprises of Piltover and beyond.

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Who is Orianna?

Huddled among the various storefronts of Piltover lay the works of the famous artificer Corin Reveck. Renowned for his powerful craft in unnatural arms, Corin’s challenging brass ideas made prosthetics both breathtakingly gorgeous and often preferred to the originals. His child, Orianna, served as his novice-friendly and curious friend. She was a genetic fit to run the shop and bloomed into a competent artisan in her own right.

Orianna had a courageous spirit, but her father, worrying for her security, never let her roam beyond their neighbourhood. Instead, he brought her to the theatre, where dancers, through leaps and pirouettes, told tales of faraway lands. Orianna imagined encouraging these unusual and spectacular places and would hurry home to create precision dancers of her own.

News of trouble in the undercity of Zaun got its way at their workshop. An outburst had broken a chemical line, releasing clouds of toxic gas. Orianna requested they help the sufferers, but Corin denied it. Zaun was far too risky.

So, with as much supply as she could carry, Orianna stole away in the evening and took the hydraulic descender into the bottoms.

The destruction was devastating. Debris packed the streets, and Zaunites drove through the deadly haze, faces covered with little more than oiled rags. Night after night, Orianna fixed respirators and placed esophilters. She even provided her mask to a kid who could barely breathe.

Her father was enraged, but soon after her arrival, Orianna fell gravely unwell. Her lungs were damaged past all possibility of healing. Declining to receive this, Corin flung himself into his most challenging project yet: a fully working set of artificial lungs.

After weeks of restless nights, he developed his impossible task and brought out the operation himself. To stop her from ever trying too far again, the lungs were protected with a unique key Corin kept in his safe.

Orianna yielded to work, and yet the infection proceeded to spread throughout her body. Father and daughter went feverishly to produce new implants and prosthetics, substituting each of her organs they lost. Piece by piece, Orianna’s body was modified from human to automated until only her wholesome heart rested. This lengthy and valuable process cost Corin his estate, making him relocate their business to Zaun, but he was able to protect his daughter’s life.

Constantly, Orianna started to feel detached from who she had been earlier. Old thoughts felt like fantasies. Even her creativity started to leave, and her favourite clockwork dancers grew more like masterfully tuned devices than products of art.

But, still, as the moment appeared to stand still for Orianna, it moved forward for her father.

Long, hard years took its toll on Corin, causing chest spasms that forced him to stop sustained work, and Orianna was obligated to give them to him. She’d grow profoundly skilled at crafting her statuettes, even if she knew only further pleasure in remembering what once caused their creation. The little dancers brought in ample coin and barter but never reasonably provided the one thing she assumed could save her father. For that, she returned to a chem-baron.

Orianna never questioned how the man came by a hextech crystal. She only paid what he claimed. Even so, before she could manage it, the chem-baron returned, asking for a second payment and then a third. When the cash ran out, Orianna understood that his subsequent visit would end in violence. She realized the thing to do with the crystal, still unfinished, too unpolished and robust for a mortal body. She had the relevant solution—she didn’t need her mortal heart anymore, and Corin wanted a heart no one could ever give him.

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ORIANNA's Skills and Abilities


Orianna’s Attacks dispense extra magic damage. This damage improves the more Orianna Attacks the same target.


Orianna sets her Ball to fire near a target area, dealing magic damage to targets along the route (deals lesser damage to succeeding targets). Her Ball stops at the end location after.


Orianna sets her Ball to deliver a vibration of power, dealing magic damage around it. It leaves a mark that boosts movement speed for allies while reducing movement speed for enemies that walk past the mark.


Orianna sets her Ball to add to an allied champion, shielding them and dispensing magic harm to any opponents it moves through on the way. Additionally, the Ball gives new Armor and Magic Resist to the champion it is attached to.


Orianna sets her Ball to unleash a shockwave, dealing magic damage and thrusting nearby foes towards the Ball after a short delay.

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Playing as ORIANNA

Use auto attacks to break away at the foe’s health bar, but be informed that you’re an obvious target for enemies, so don’t come too close.

Play for team aggression. Stay in the backline and save your ball so you can E on the most suitable champion to join and set your R up.

Prioritize staying safe and well thought out, coordinated actions. Orianna doesn’t have the leisure or survivability of other mid laners, so clever plays are essential.

Tips and Tricks

  • Orianna’s passive damage bonus scales with continuous auto attack, so lingering in a game will keep your damage scaling.
  • When you have levels in E, putting the ball on Orianna provides her additional Armor and Magic Resistance, allowing her to sustain more damage.
  • Orianna can call R while the ball is on her and look into the enemy to take the opponents off-guard.
  • Make sure to have self-cast E on a quick cast (such as alt+E) to bring the ball more quickly and protect you.
  • Shockwave draws people a set range, so apply that information to place your strokes after correctly.
  • Shockwave draws people a set range, so apply that information to place your strokes after correctly.Activating your shield (W) and then immediately applying the ball will make it harder for opponents to find a good time to engage.
  • Combining her ball and shield allows Orianna to nuke down a single opponent with a lot of burst damage.


Orianna is an extremely advanced artificial girl who fights alongside her creator, CorinReveck, as a preeminent weapon of justice.

Orianna was designed by the creative team at Riot Games, who always need to invent new champions. They’re inspired by history, literature, film/TV and pop culture when designing the champion’s story and lore.

Orianna is named after a character in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, though she shares few similarities with that formidable enchanter queen. She does have an affinity for protecting others, however – hence both her hextech clockwork engineering skills and her accompanying ball-creature companion.

She also proved very popular in terms of not only gameplay but personality too when she was introduced so has gone on to be used in number of promotional items featuring League of Legends IP.

I like how versatile she is as a champion and that her spells are useful for both offense and defense.I chose to play as orianna because her character design looked really cool and I liked the way she moves.

One of my favorite kills was a time when I had a qss and a lich bane that I built into an abyssal scepter and a nashor’s tooth, with those items and my ult I was able to pull of an insta-kill on both the enemy carry and support.

I personally think that they are both equally good champs but they play differently so it really depends on which is more fun for you.

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My favorite thing about orianna is how versatile she can be as a champion depending on what runes/masteries/items you choose to build. She works well as either an ap caster or adc depending on how you build her. When played as an ap caser with blue buff the ball movement speed actually becomesstronger than Janna’s Howling Gale and hits extremely hard.

My favorite orianna skin is the chrysalis because it looks like she has a cocoon around her that she can break out of when she wants to play in battles.

I recommend having Morgana as a support because she can shield you and protect you while also preventing any counterattacks they may make by binding the enemy champion. This allows for easy combos and punishes when playing against other players and bots in games or practice mode!

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 8 and Windows 10 (Windows Vista and XP are no longer supported)
  • 50MB on your hard drive.
  • In-game support: DirectX8, DirectX9, DirectX11 and OpenGL
  • Microsoft .Net 4.5.
  • CPU – If your computer runs your game, it will run Buff with it.
  • RAM – At least 4GB of RAM (Recommended: 8GB)

Our goal is for Buff to run efficiently on your CPU and video card. If your PC runs a game perfectly, it should easily support Buff. Still, if you encounter performance issues please write to us at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.

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