Sylas of Dregbourne was raised in one of Demacia’s lesser quarters. His ability to root out hidden sorcery caught the attention of notorious mage seekers, who eventually imprisoned him for turning those same powers against them. Having now broken free, Sylas lives as a hardened revolutionary with his band of outcast mage followers that seem to grow by the day – using magic spells and abilities cast on others around him, which destroy what he once served undercover through their own country or kingdom.

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Sylas' Skills and abilities



Sylas charges up after casting a spell and then unleashes it in an explosive burst of Petricite for bonus magic damage. As long as he has this charge stored away from the fray, Sylas’s basic attacks will also deal extra damage to enemies by whirling his energized chains around him. At the same time, Sylas is gaining attack speed bonuses.


  • TARGET RANGE: 50 to 775
  • EFFECT RADIUS: 180 to 200
  • CAST TIME: 0.4
  • COST: 55 
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 6 to 10

Sylas whips his chain around, lashing out at any enemies near him. The chains will link together and stop them in their tracks before exploding with a blast of magic after it has been stored up for enough time.


  • RANGE: 400
  • COST: 60 to 100 
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 6 to 13

The mage’s lips curl into a wicked grin as he launches himself at his unsuspecting victim. With the power of magic, Sylas smashes through any defenses on their way to deal execute-based damage and heal against enemy champions.



  • COST: 65 
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 10 to 14


  • SPEED: 1600 to 1800
  • CAST TIME: 0.25

Sylas darts to another location while his chains extend out. He can recast the ability, pulling himself towards an enemy he hits with a chain and inflicting damage in the process.


  • SPEED: 2200
  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COST: 75 
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 40 to 100

Sylas steals the enemy’s ultimate ability, but he is not limited to only one target. The Hijack lasts for 90 seconds before Sylas has a set duration of time when it cannot be recast on that champion again. However, he can still cast his abilities while holding onto another hero’s Ulti- without limit.

Recast: Sylas’s ultimate ability, Hijack, can be cast at no cost and is directly proportional to the rank of his skill with it and how skilled he is.

Playing as Sylas

  • Sylas is one of the more versatile champions in the League. He can cause opponents to use their Summoner Spells and ultimates before engaging him, forcing them into mistakes. You want to make sure your teammates have engaged or distracted enemies first, so you do not waste a valuable opportunity.
  • The game starts to get real when Sylas reaches level six. Steal enemy ultimates and use them against your opponents with the Hijack spell. One of the most versatile spells in League; it can be used as a final blow or just for some fun by stealing their ultimate back from under their nose.
  • The heal and CC combo of your kit will allow you to duel single targets well. The healing in your kit allows for more freedom during team fights, at which point the AOE passive can be used much like a bomb.

Summoner Spells:

  • Flash
  • Ignite / Teleport

Recommended Items:

  • Luden’s Tempest
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Demonic Embrace
  • Cosmic Drive
  • Morellonomicon

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Tips and Tricks

  • Achieving a balance in your attack and defense can be difficult. However, it’s necessary to keep up with the constantly changing environment. Try to weave in basic attacks after every spell cast to ensure you’re dealing as much damage as possible. The additional power from Petricite Burst is often what swings close fights into your favor. So make sure that you use this on cooldown when available and try lining them up for the best effect.
  • Chain Lash is the perfect weapon for players who like to keep their enemies close. With a low cooldown and fantastic mobility hindering slow, you can flog your foes constantly until they stop running long enough to get hit with some of Petricite Burst’s powerful basic attacks.
  • The vengeful Demacian lunges towards his target, delivering a powerful final blow that damages the enemy and heals Sylas for a portion of his missing health. Try to use Kingslayer when dealing the final blow as if your opponent is in low health. You will do more damage in one strike than with any other skill.
  • With Kingslayer, Sylas can adapt and change his strategy in a fight. When he is losing or needs a moment of defense, Kingslayer can be used as an aggressive tool to heal him during combat while also dealing damage if it lands.
  • Use the Abscond skill to creep up on your target, then use a well-timed Abduct to lock the enemy down.
  • Hijack provides a massive boost in the late game, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to seize multiple enemy ultimates during various skirmishes and team fights. Enemies can still use their ultimate ability even if Sylas steals them, so you’ll need to be careful when committing to a fight.
  • Adapting to the flow of a team fight is key here, so you need to be able to steal ults from your opponents as needed. For example, if your team lacks any forms of crowd control and is constantly struggling in fights because they can’t find good picks on enemies, then stealing an enemy ultimate that allows them to lock down their opponent could shift things back into your favor.
  • As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain map awareness. Don’t forget that your Abscond / Abduct could be used aggressively in the lane.
  • The best time to steal an enemy’s Ultimate is early game, as Sylas will be dealing minor damage with his passive. Make sure you take their most impactful ultimate for late-game team fights. Play around with your Passive as much as possible around the tradeoffs of power and survivability in order to get more kills from trades.


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