Rammus is idolized by many, but some dismiss him. Mystifying to all, Rammus is described as a curious enigma. Wherever he goes, he inspires disparate opinions on his origins, whether he is  a demigod, sacred oracle, or a beast transformed by magic. 

Whatever the reality is, Rammus keeps to his counsel, and no one can stop him as he roams to the Shuriman desert.

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Who is RAMMUS?

There are beliefs that Rammus is an ascended warrior. He is an ancient god who came from Shurima as an armored guardian in times of need. Some superstitions say Rammus is a harbinger of change, appearing when a specific place is on the verge of massive change in power. Others believe that he is the end of the dying beings that roamed in a particular location before the Rune Wars sundered the desert part of the land with wild magic. 


With all these rumors about Rammus’ magic, mystery, and power surrounding him, he compels some Shurimans to look at his wisdom. Priests, soothsayers, and lunatic beings claim to understand where Rammus lives, but the Armordillo has proven it elusive. But, despite these beliefs, proof of his presence predicts his living memory, with crumbling arts describing his image on the oldest walls of Shuriman ruins. Colossal stone monuments created in Ascension’s ancient days show his image, which led to some rumors that Rammus is no less than an immortal god. In a more straightforward explanation, some say he is one of many such creatures. 


It is said that Rammus appears to worthy pilgrims in need of his presence, and those blessed by his persona experience a significant change in their lives as well. After the Armordillo saved the heir from a terrible fire incident, the man renounced his riches to become a goat farmer. Rammus inspired an older mason to build a great marketplace that became the bustling heart of Nashramae. 


By Rammus guidance paving an enlightened way, believers conducted rituals to attract the deity’s favor. Disciples devoted to Rammus show their faith with a ceremony by copying his famous roll and somersaulting.


Knowing Rammus’s leadership can cover an enlightened path, faithful believers celebrate elaborate rituals intended to attract their idol. Disciples of the cult dedicated to Rammus describe their steadfast faith in a yearly ceremony by following his famous roll and somersaulting through the city. Every year, thousands of Shurimans journey through the most challenging and remote corners of the desert, searching to find Rammus. Many teachings say he will answer a single question from those deserving of finding him. Recognizing his passion for dessert sweets, travelers arm themselves with offerings thought to attract his blessing, carrying their mules with containers of sweet goat’s milk, chests packed with colonies of ants sealed in wax, and jars of honeycombs. Many never return from the desert, and some return with tales of the demigod. Some explorers describe rising in the morning to find their packs mysteriously drained of all reasonable provisions.

RAMMUS's Skills and Abilities


Rammus’ primary attacks deal bonus magic damage, scaling with his Armor.



Rammus rolls like a ball towards his opponents, dealing damage and knocking back targets he hits.



Rammus goes into a protective formation, vastly boosting his Armor and Magic Resistance, increasing Spiked Shells’ damage, and reflecting damage to enemies that hit him.


Rammus taunts an enemy champion or large monster into a wild assault against him. Additionally, he gets increased Attack Speed for a bit.



Rammus jumps into the air and throws down at the target area, dealing magic damage and slowing opponents. If cast while Rammus is in Powerball, Rammus knocks up enemies near the center.

Playing as RAMMUS

  • Rammus is recognized for his high-speed Powerball, enabling him to cross the map and hustle lanes instantly. His first game-stealing power is related to Hecarim, with the capacity to open streets too promptly for enemies to react. 
  • With his taunt and deflective techniques, Rammus is excellent for setting up single-target kills for your team.
  • Effortless to pick up and perform, Rammus has a different playstyle in the jungle; whereas other heroes need kite jungle monsters, Rammus desires them to hit him. The entire idea of Rammus is to try and get an opponent in range, monsters and champions alike, to kill you and kill themselves with their attacks.
  • With his Spiked Shell, Rammus can move to any forest camp alone. The new buffs to his tools make him more viable in the modern game state, with attack speed buffs connected with his mockery and an ultimate that refers to stack delays.
  • So the next time you’re choosing a champion, give the armordillo a try and learn that everything is going to be OK.

Tips and Tricks

  • Spiked Shell is one thing that executes Rammus as a great armor scaler: getting tank items is remarkably good as Rammus auto attacks deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Powerball is Rammus’ versatility ability. It is often maxed secondary or last for tank Rammus but can be maxed primarily for AP Rammus. It gives an excellent movement speed boost, developed at the end of the spell, deals magic damage with a 100% AP ratio.
  • Defensive Ball Curl is Rammus’ defending ability. It is usually maxed first. It gives enhanced Armor and magic defense for 6 seconds and a THORN effect: while in that position, primary attacks against Rammus deal magic cost to attackers, compared with a 10% Rammus’ armor.
  • Frenzying Taunt is Rammus’ Hard-CC energy. It is typically maxed second. It provides Rammus to tease one enemy, pushing the target to hit Rammus for the span. It also enhances Rammus’ Attack activity for the corresponding duration, stimulated while Rammus has other active abilities.
  • Rammus is an intense jungle with outstanding swindles. Powerball lets him begin suddenly, and Frenzying Taunt is a powerful CC experience with a reasonably long duration.

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In the jungle role in Season 11, Rammus had a win rate of 53.2% (good), pick rate of 2.52% (high), and a ban rate of 0.66% (low).

Playing as Rammus is all about initiating – either by item itemizing for high attack speed, building armor and magic resist to take down high damage targets, or waiting for an opportunity to use Defensive Ball Curl on an enemy carry. His Puncturing Taunt will do the trick.

Smash + Pulverize, Puncturing Taunt + Defensive BallCurl, Defensive Ball Curl + Puncturing Taunt.

Don’t engage on him unless you know for sure that you’ll come out on top or when his abilities are down. Also avoid standing near terrain if possible; if he uses Tremors, it will do a ton of damage to you.

He’s also a huge, transformed armadillo, so there’s that. Until one day, he just happened to become conscious all of a sudden. He traveled the world as an animal until one day he miraculously became aware.

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