Shen has been sworn to keep the balance between realms once he became a Kinkou. He seeks daily not to be swayed by emotions or empathy because it would only lead him astray from his duties, which happened with Shen’s brother, who was consumed and corrupted by emotion while trying to enforce justice in Ionia. As their leader is known as “The Eye of Twilight,” all decisions are made without bias and always seeking that perfect harmony among both worlds.

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Who is SHEN?

Shen can cast spells and use his shield to guard himself. If he has a lower health bar than the champion in front of him, it reduces the cooldown on Shen’s shield by 4 to 7 seconds.

Shen recalls his spirit blade to violently strike the target in an attempt to slow and damage them; their max health determines how much. If they’re a champion, he can deal extra damage with empowered attacks that will stun-lock enemies who are running away from them.

The Spirit Blade is a versatile melee weapon. By taking advantage of its empowered strikes, it will deal increased damage and gain more attack speed with each consecutive hit against an enemy champion.

Shen is a champion that relies on his team to make the most of Shen’s abilities. The Spirit Blade can allow allies to dodge incoming attacks if they stand in its radius.

Shen dashes in a direction, hitting opponents as he dashes. Shen deals physical damage to all enemy champions and monsters he hits and Taunts them for 1.5 seconds.

SHEN's Skills and abilities

Passive (Ki Barrier)


Twilight Assault

  • COST: 100 to 140

Spirit’s Refuge

  • COST: 40 
  • ENERGY COOLDOWN: 12 to 18

Shadow Dash

  • TARGET RANGE: 600 
  • COST: 150 
  • ENERGY COOLDOWN: 10 to 18

Stand United

  • TARGET RANGE: Global 
  • COOLDOWN: 200 / 180 / 160

Shen quickly teleports to an ally’s location and shields them from incoming damage.

Playing as Shen

Shen is a frontline tank that can peel enemies from allies with his W, E, and R. His base damage and AA boost from Q make him strong in the lane phase.

Stand United. Stand United is a remarkable ability to use when your allies are in trouble and need help. You can also save them some health by using this powerful skill.

Summoner Spells:

  • Flash
  • Ignite/Teleport

Mythic and Core Items:

  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Sunfire Aegis
  • Titanic Hydra

Starter Items:

  • Doran’s Shield
  • Health Potion
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate

Other Recommended Items (4th to 6th Items Options)

  • Thornmail
  • Spirit Visage

Shen is a frontline tank that can peel enemies from allies with his W, E, and R. His base damage and AA boost from Q make him strong in the lane phase.

Stand United. Stand United is a remarkable ability to use when your allies are in trouble and need help. You can also save them some health by using this powerful skill.

When playing Shen, you can use the spirit blade to slow your opponent down. It gives you plenty of time and opportunity for kiting– which will eventually give you a chance at victory in heated combat.


Warding is essential for any player, but especially the jungler. If you’re unsure of where your enemy Jungler is on the map at all times and if he’s going to be ganking top lane while your lanes are pushed out or ganking mid with his Mid-laner being absent, then go ahead and try to ward deep in their territory before they show up. Shen has excellent engagement, so he roams freely when needed as support compared to other champions who have more stringent roaming conditions, like having no disengage ability whatsoever.

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Spirit’s Refuge can be used to nullify damage from basic attacks. It makes enemy physical DPS carries ineffective while it is active on the battlefield.
Not only can Shen Shadow Dash around and set up traps, but he also has the power to debuff enemies with ease. Combine this skill with items like Teemo’s Noxious Trap or Taric’s Starlight Shower for a devastating effect.
Shen’s Ultimate, Stand United, allows him to defend his allies. It becomes really beneficial if one of Shen’s teammates is fed and needs to be peeled off from the enemy team.
Shen is a powerful tank that can deal a lot of damage. It all depends on how he uses his Twilight Assault ability, making him very flexible against any opponent and highly reliable in lane combat.
Work as a team. Focus on the nearest opponent one at a time. One by one, take down their carry until all of them are dead – stay in front for protection but be wary that they may attack you first.
Stick together with your team during the late game, and do not split up or walk away from them. Otherwise, you may get picked off by the enemy.
Shen is a strong champion for beginners because of his kit, which features bonus health scaling and an ultimate that can allow him to blink in any direction. His Spirit’s Refuge zone provides the perfect opportunity to dodge enemy damage-dealing abilities, while Shen Shadow Dash will enable him to approach enemies with ease quickly.
When Shen’s Twilight Assault is used, the following three basic attacks he makes within 8 seconds will deal bonus magic damage. If it hits an enemy champion it does even more magic damage and grants him 50% attack speed. Enemies hit are also slowed when they move away from Shen.
Shadow Dash is a devastating ability that allows Shen to unleash havoc on his opponents. The dash deals physical damage scaling with bonus health and taunts enemies for 1.5 seconds, while Twilight Assault’s passive also restores energy when Shadow Dash or Twilight Assault are used.


A: Shen is a tank champion who excels at protecting his carries by utilizing natural defensive stats. He recently was nerfed recently, but still remains one of the most recognizably powerful tanks in the game.

A: Shen is a professional League of Legends player on TSM. He currently resides in our team house for this year and has been doing extremely well in solo queue and scrims recently. This week we’ll spend some time getting to know him anded tanks in the game.

A: His favorite things to do would be playing the game and interacting with his fans. He played a lot of League when he was younger and will continue to play for many years.

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