Shyvana, the dragon, is a creature with powerful magic. She can be humanoid but also takes her proper form as she incinerates foes with fiery breath. Just like any other citizen of Demacia might do when they save the life of their prince, Shyvana now serves uneasily in Jarvan IV’s royal guard. She struggles to find acceptance among these suspicious people after time spent together saving his life not long ago.. This made it possible for everyone else who didn’t know what happened to come out safely alive, too, so there wouldn’t have been anything left ever again without a fight.

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Who is Shyvana?

Shyvana, the fiery dragon champion of League of Legends, is a natural-born leader that thrives on fighting other dragons. As she and her allies slay more dragons in combat, they will be rewarded with armor to help defend against these fierce foes, as well as additional magic resistance from their thick scales.

The Dragonborn Shyvana’s voice booms and echoes with intensity as she speaks in a commanding tone to her allies, “We must slay dragons. They demand our flesh.” In addition, the mighty warrior gains bonus armor and magic resistance from slaying them herself, for every enemy slain by Shyvana or an ally of hers will grant this boon.

Shyvana is quite the dragon, with a knack for fiery spells. When Shyvana activates Burnout, her voice becomes fierce and imposing, burning everyone nearby to ash in seconds! The more enemies she hits with this powerful firestorm of ability, the higher its damage output will become. Enemies are only safe from their demise when they avoid contact at all costs (not even trying to shoot them first).

Shyvana takes on a different role when Burnout is active. With her basic attacks now dealing magic damage and extending the duration of Burnout by 1 second per attack made to all nearby enemies, she has an advantage over most tanks and can penetrate through any opposing team’s defenses.

Shyvana’s fiery breath helps her turn the tide of battle. Shyvana releases a fireball damaging the target enemies. The Flame Breath also makes tracks of cinder for 5 seconds.She can then use basic attacks against these targets with increased effects, including dealing a percentage of their maximum health as additional damage per hit.

Shyvana’s dragon form swiftly takes flight and soars across the map to a targeted location. Along her path, any enemies are dealt damage and shoved towards Shyvana’s target destination, all while she passively gains Fury per second from attacking opponents in human form.

Shyvana's Skills and abilities


  • COOLDOWN:5 to 9
  • BONUS PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 20% to 80% AD (+ 15% AP)


  • EFFECT RADIUS: 162.5 to 380
  • COOLDOWN: 12
  • COST: 40 
  • ENERGY COOLDOWN: 12 to 18


  • WIDTH: 120
  • SPEED: 1600 or 1575
  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COOLDOWN: 8 to 12


  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COST: 2.5 

Playing as Shyvana


  • The most powerful of Shyvana’s abilities is Dragon Blood which gives her bonus HP every five seconds as long as she stays out of combat or stands still. This makes attack Speed items more valuable on Shyvana than other champions because they allow you to maximize your health potential when not engaged in battle while also bolstering your damage-dealing capabilities during skirmishes.
  • Flame Breath is a great skill to use against difficult lane opponents because it deals damage over time even if they leave your range.
  • Burnout can be used for jungling when you want the monsters in that area to take more damage and speed up their respawning cycle, which will improve her ganking potential.

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  • Shyvana is a fearsome opponent. She can dish out lots of damage in many different ways, and her ability to fight makes for an even battleground against any adversary. However, she lacks the abilities that would give her complete control over a skirmish – so it’s not uncommon for enemies to escape unscathed if they’re clever enough!
  • Twin Bite is a powerful ability that can help extend the duration of Dragon’s Descent. There will be enough Fury to stay in dragon form for an additional two seconds when it hits three targets!
  • Burnout is not only a useful ability for gaining the upper hand over opponents, but it also can be used as somewhat of a last resort. When activated at the start of Burnout’s duration, any movement-based abilities become increased by 10%. This includes skills such as dash and Flash to help you escape enemy fire or skill-shots better.
  • The fiery dragonflies through the air, knocking all enemies it touches off their feet. The key to using this ability is not just for defense – if you see one of your teammates being focused on by an enemy team member, use Dragon’s Descent to knock them away and give that teammate enough time and space to continue attacking.
  • If you find yourself playing as a laner (most likely top), putting points in this ability provides a good harassment tool and can be used to farm easily. It may be worth maxing if you are up against an opponent with range because Shyvana has no other ranged abilities.
  • Shyvana’s mobility and clear speed make her a formidable counter-jungler. She can roam quickly to steal camps or invade the enemy jungle with less risk of being caught by enemies, making for some devastating early game plays from an unsuspecting Shyvana player!


A: As a jungler, you should save your smite for monsters with higher health for maximum effectiveness. It’s also important to place wards around key parts of the jungle so you can maintain awareness of incoming ganks.

With this advice in mind, you should be well equipped to win games as Shyva

A: Shyvana is an aggressive jungler who excels at dueling her opponents. Her ability to out-trade other champions is one of her biggest strengths.Her weakness is her lack of crowd control and escape abilities, which makes it easy for aggressive laners to shut her down.

A: Although Titanic Hydra may seem like the optimal starting item, the most important thing is actually being able to survive the early game for Shyvana. Cinderhulk allows you to do just that by giving a massive amount of health and regeneration. In addition, you will eventually have enough damage from your runes and passive so Titanic Hydra won’t really be necessary at all.

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