Sion lost all sense of humanity and indiscriminately killed anyone who dared to cross him. His cruel act demonstrated that he no longer retained any semblance of what it felt like to be human. Even though crude armor bolts were bolted onto rotten flesh on top of an already decomposing corpse, this undead warrior continues to charge into battle without hesitation or remorse. After years of fighting as nothing more than pure rage personified, Sion struggles between swinging maddeningly at anything that moves while struggling not to shy away when flashes from memories long since dead resurface one after another.

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Who is Sion?


Sion’s death is not the end for him. His spirit will return, but in a decaying state of health and with an increased need to attack quickly or risk disappearing forever. Raw power and urgency keep Sion alive during this phase as he relentlessly chases down living beings that dare cross his path while Glory In Death is active! While the ability lasts only for 60 seconds (unless it expires before), during this time, he can regenerate himself to full strength without using any abilities other than Death Surge. It replaces all of them when activated by Rage Mode or Fury Stance.

Sion charges a decisive swing in front of himself that will send enemies flying at release. If he builds up enough power, the attack can be charged to stun and knock up his opponents for an extra second and deal additional damage after they land.

Sion has a shield that can be activated after 3 seconds and deals magic damage to enemies nearby. Sion gains maximum health when he kills an enemy, but his shields take longer than usual to recharge in the meantime.

Recast: Soul Furnace’s shield absorbs damage for 3 seconds before recasting automatically. Sion can absorb the shield to deal magic damage to minions and monsters.

Sion’s short-range shockwave deals a heavy blow to the first enemy it hits, reducing their armor and slowing them. The blast also knocks back any minions or monsters in its path – dealing damage to all enemies they pass through and reducing their armor.

Sion charges in a direction, speeding up over time. He can steer his charge slightly with the mouse cursor location and deals damage to enemy units he collides with. When Sion collides into enemies at maximum distance from them, they are knocked high into the air based on how much of that final stretch was charged by him before impact.

Sion's Skills and abilities


  • RANGE: 500 − 850
  • COST: 45 
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 6 to 10


  • COST: 65 to 85
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 11 to 15


  • RANGE: 800 / 1350
  • WIDTH: 160
  • SPEED: 1800
  • CAST TIME: 0.25
  • COST: 35 to 55 
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 8 to 12


  • COST: 100 
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 140 / 100 / 60

Playing as Sion

  • During Unstoppable Onslaught, the player does not have any turning capabilities. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly to avoid getting lost or running into obstacles.
  • The roar of the Slayer is an excellent setup to land a very powerful Decimating Smash. It can be used for surprising enemies and keeping them from getting too close.
  • When you activate Soul Furnace, a countdown timer begins to show how much shield strength remains. Use this information in tandem with your other skills and abilities to time the explosion perfectly.


Sion’s kit is complex and punishing, but a few items can augment it to make the champion even more potent. Movement speed will improve his potential for engaging in fights without using his ultimate. At the same time, slows allow him to land devastating abilities like Glory in Death with greater ease. There are many tanks or fighter options that work well on Sion because he excels at sustained damage; however, some good choices exist so long as they support this hard-to-kill aspect.


Summoner Spells:

  • Flash
  • Teleport



  • Inspiration
  • Grasp of the Undying


Recommended Build:

  • Sunfire Aegis
  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Titanic Hydra
  • Thornmail
  • Randuin’s Omen


In the top lane, there is a high degree of success for this quick pick. It can also be played as an off-laner or support. Our first skill at level one should be Decimating Smash. Then we can start maxing out with Soul Furnace followed by Roar of the Slayer.

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  • Despite being a character reliant on skill timing and placement, Sion’s kit is unreliable in terms of hitting abilities. However, with good synergy between the skills, they can result in incredible sustained damage, such as Decimating Smash. It deals bonus physical damage based on enemies’ max health if only one enemy is hit by it.
  • With his passive, Glory in Death, Sion is a very potent asset for revenge kills. Nevertheless, he’s most effective when her team needs extra DPS during team fights where the reanimated Sion is threatening enemies.
  • The best way to get the jump on your opponents is by limiting their movement before attacking. To do this, have teammates apply stuns or slows beforehand and use Roar of The Slayer or Unstoppable Onslaught first, making it easier for you to land a hit.
  • Soul Furnace’s passive and ultimate-activated shield makes Sion very durable. He can get much health from the passive while also getting an AoE max health damage to enemies. However, this may not last long in early team fights because it scales off his maximum HP rather than the current amount.
  • Unstoppable Onslaught is a high-damage, long-distance move that also provides an attack and knock-up. Canceling an Unstoppable onslaught before hitting the intended target will let you stop at your desired position – even if they get away. This way, Sion may just find himself right where he belongs: in the middle of the fight.
  • The Decimating Smash is a great way to cut off an enemy’s escape route or protect your endangered ally. This ability has one of the lowest cooldowns in-game, so it should be used whenever necessary and can save you from trouble later on.


healing reductions and does not count towards the ‘Damage Healed’ statistic at the end of game lobby. Glory in Death has a capped 60 seconds duration. If the player manages to survive for so long, Sion dies instantly, regardless of his current health.


A fight was brutal, and it was the Demacian who delivered the killing blow. Sion dropped his axe and, with a final burst of strength, tore the king’s crown from his head with one hand, clamping the other around his throat. Jarvan’s guards stabbed Sion again and again, but his grip did not loosen.


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