Cypher Valorant


Cypher, the information broker from Morocco, is an all-in-one human surveillance network, keeping tabs on the enemies’ every move. With him, no secret is safe, and no movement goes unseen – Cypher is always watching.

He’s a Valorant agent who perfectly embodies the spy and infiltrator archetype. Cypher is skilled in gathering intel about the battlefield, using his Spycam to monitor enemy movement. With this, he can lead his team to victory by giving his allies the chance to ambush opponents with different traps, dazing, restraining, and slowing them in their range.

Cypher can extract intel from dead enemies, revealing the location of their allies who are still alive. So if intel is your thing, Cypher is the perfect agent.



Like his skills, Cypher mostly keeps to himself and is secretive, ensuring no one ever discovers all the essential info he finds and only reveals them for a price. After all, he’s constantly gathering secrets, information, and other crucial data to beat the enemy team.

Also, Cypher can be nonchalant. That’s because he tends to take parts or tools from other agents whenever he needs them, usually telling them later on that he has done so instead of asking them beforehand.


Cypher is seen wearing a large hat with an antenna, which he uses to locate and transmit enemy locations with allies when Neural Theft is in play, floating over the body at his command. To store all his gear, Cypher wears an overcoat, keeping his utility hidden. Finally, in theme with his skills, he wears a mask to hide his face. However, his mask isn’t a regular mask. Like most of his gear, it’s high-tech and vision-specific. 



(C) Trapwire

Hold fire to set up a destructible and covert trap wire at a targeted area, creating a line between the set location and the opposite wall. You can pick up and redeploy these trap wires to move them to a different site. Opposing players who walk over these trap wires will be revealed, dazed, and tethered after a brief period – if they fail to destroy these devices in time.  

(Q) Cyber Cage

Instantly throw a Cyber Cage in front. When active, the Cyber Cage creates a zone blocking enemy vision and playing an audio cue when they go through it, alerting Cypher and his allies. 

Signature Ability

(E) Spycam

Hold fire to set the Spycam at a targeted area. You can reuse this ability to get control over the camera’s view. When in control of the Spycam, fire to shoot a marking dart at an enemy unit. This marking dart will reveal the current location of players hit by it. 


(X) Neural Theft

Instantly use on an enemy corpse in Cypher’s crosshairs. Neural Theft can then reveal the location of their living allies. 



  • Cypher knew a person named Nora, where his quotes implied that he was related to them. Additionally, some of his quotes suggest that this person and Cypher’s other family members got killed. 
  • Since Cypher knows many secrets that he tends to keep from other agents, many find it challenging to trust him, including Sova. Cypher’s secretive personality and Sova’s openness and honesty conflict.


Aamir is Cypher’s real name, which is an Arabic name. It means ‘Prince’ in English, but despite this, Cypher’s thrifty quotes suggest that he may be struggling – or was poor at one point. And since he knows a lot of crucial information, he intentionally keeps his face and actual identity hidden. 

Phoenix Tips and Tricks

  1. If you want to master Cypher and support your team well, you must be familiar with all the Valorant maps. (Download Valorant here). With this, you’ll know the best areas to set traps and Spycams, crippling the opposing team while staying hidden. 
  2. As a Cypher player, one of your responsibilities is to ensure all your traps and abilities are in the right area throughout the entire match. So, remember to change your designated locations during each round to guide your team to victory. 
  3. If the enemy team switches to a different area and the focus shifts, plant your Spycam and Trapwire on these places. 
  4. Cypher is excellent for locking down a site. With him, you and your team can leave a location entirely undefended, just with plenty of trap wires and Spycams planted. With these, you’ll know if the enemy team is trying to push. 
  5. Although Cypher’s abilities do not deal damage, they can still dominate the battlefield with the amount of utility they provide. 
  6. Like Sova’s Owl Drone, Cypher’s camera works well as a peeking tool before you and your team push an area. His Spycam can bait enemies’ eyes and help your team push while they’re busy with your camera. 
  7. When playing Cypher, you’ll need to develop a strategy before the buying phase of the match starts. Doing this allows you to have more time to familiarize yourself with the map and set up your traps – strategically.

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