Valorant Agents, Heroes and Characters and their Abilities

Riot Games’ first-ever FPS game, Valorant, has been rising in popularity since its release in 2020. It’s a 5V5 tactical shooter game where players play as characters called ‘agents.’ There were originally 12 agents in Valorant. However, three new agents have been added since its release, with news about a new agent in the works.

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Here are all the Valorant agents and their abilities. Each one has four unique skills and abilities, including one powerful ultimate.

Valorant Agents and Characters


Phoenix is a duelist. He’s a pyromancer boasting an explosive playstyle, using fire to control the flow of his battles. This agent can use flames to create walls, use them as flashbangs, and as a classic AoE (Area of Effect) Molotov.

His star power shines through his unique fighting style, igniting his enemies with flash and flares. Whether Phoenix has his team with him or not, he’s rushing to fight on his terms. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Blaze

Phoenix casts out a flame wall, blocking the vision and damaging any player who passes through it, but he can heal himself when he stays inside the wall. Plus, anyone who looks at it will be temporarily blinded. You can hold fire to bend the blazing wall toward the direction of your crosshair.

  • (Q) Curveball

Cast out a curving flare orb bursting into brilliant light after a short delay. You can fire to curve the flare orb to the left or right, detonating and temporarily blinding anyone who sees it. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Hot Hands 

Phoenix throws a fireball exploding after a slight delay or during impact with the ground, creating a fire zone that damages all enemies and heals you.


  • (X) Run it Back

Mark your current location. If Phoenix dies during this ability’s duration or when it expires, he will be reborn at the same place with 100% health.


Jett is one of the most flexible and mobile agents in Valorant, making her perfect for her role – a duelist. Her elegant and elusive fighting style allows her to take risks, unlike other agents. She runs circles around all skirmishes, cutting up opponents before knowing what hit them. 


  • (Space) Drift

When holding the jump button while Jett is falling, you can let her glide through the air by pressing (space). 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Cloudburst 

Jett throws out a fog cloud, obscuring the vision of anyone who gets hit by it. You can hold down the ability button to bend the cloud’s trajectory, helping you hit intended targets easier.

  • (Q) Updraft 

After Jett goes through a brief windup, you can propel her upwards by pressing (Q). 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Tailwind 

Immediately dash a short distance toward the direction she’s moving. 


  • (X) Blade Storm 

Jett arms herself with many throwing knives, dealing moderate damage and instant kills on headshots. When you score a kill, it’ll automatically restore all of Jett’s daggers. Fire throws a single dagger while alternative fire throws all the remaining ones in a short-range burst shot.


Brimstone is a controller. He’s a tactical commando with flexible abilities involving the use of the minimap. His orbital arsenal makes sure his team is always on the winning side. Brimstone’s ability to deliver utility accurately makes him a one-of-a-kind boots-on-the-ground commander.

Basic Skills

  • (C) Stim Beacon 

Brimstone targets a nearby area to call in a ‘Stim Beacon,’ granting all ally players near it Rapidfire.

  • (Q) Incendiary 

Launch an incendiary grenade, deploying a damaging field of fire. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Sky Smoke 

Brimstone uses the map to summon orbital deployment smokescreens, obscuring the vision of players on targeted areas. You can click on the minimap to set the locations and confirm to call in the smokescreen. 


  • (X) Orbital Strike 

Use the map to target a location and launch a powerful orbital strike, pulsing for severe damage for several seconds.


Cypher is a sentinel. He’s a high-functioning one-person surveillance network that keeps tabs on the opponent’s every move. With Cypher, no secret is safe, and no maneuver goes past his eyes – he is always watching. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Trapwire 

Cypher places hidden trap wires between two walls. You can pick these up and move them around. Enemies who go through these wires become restrained and are revealed for a short period. If the trap wires aren’t destroyed, they can activate and daze the trapped players.

  • (Q) Cyber Cage 

Throw a remote activation trap. You can reactivate it to make a cage, slowing enemies who go through it. Detonate these cyber cages by looking at them and pressing ‘USE’ to detonate them or hold ‘ACTIVATE’ to blast them all. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Spycam 

Place a remote camera in particular places. After setting them in, you can reactivate to view the video feed on these locations. To fire tracking darts to enemies, left-click while in-camera. These automatically recharge when picked up or killed. 


  • (X) Neural Theft

Cypher can extract information from an enemy corpse, showing the location of their living teammates.


Sova is an initiator. He’s an archer who can bounce arrows around, scouting enemies or killing them around corners. Sova has an owl drone, which can help by marking enemy locations. With his impeccable aim and handy drone, he can track his opponents and shoot on sight. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Owl Drone 

Sova deploys a controllable owl drone that fires darts, revealing enemies who are hit.

  • (Q) Shock Bolt 

Fire an explosive bolt, emitting a pulse of static energy upon impact on the ground – or enemy. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Recon Bolt 

Sova shoots a bolt deploying a sonar emitter, tagging nearby enemy units and revealing them. However, this can be destroyed. 


  • (X) Hunter’s Fury 

Fire up to three deadly energy blasts, going across the whole map. When enemies are hit, they take heavy damage and get marked.

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Sage is a sentinel. She can protect herself and her allies, reviving fallen teammates and staving off violent assaults. Overall, Sage provides any team a calm center to a fierce battlefield. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Barrier Orb 

Sage conjures a large and solid wall. You can right-click on the barrier orb to rotate it before casting.

  • (Q) Slow Orb 

Cast out an orb that turns into a slowing field upon impact with the ground, slowing or grounding down all enemies caught. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Healing Orb

Sage launches a healing orb that can heal herself or an ally to 100% health in a few seconds. 


  • (X) Resurrection

Revive a friendly corpse. After a brief delay, the ally will be resurrected with 100% health.


Omen is a controller that hunts in the shadows. He can blind enemy units, teleport across the map, then allows paranoia to take hold as enemies scramble to uncover where he may strike next. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Shrouded Step

After a brief delay, Omen dematerializes and teleports a short distance.

  • (Q) Paranoia 

Omen sends ethereal shadows in a straight line, near sighting all enemies it touches. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Dark Cover 

Cast out a hidden ethereal orb, bursting into an obscuring shadow sphere upon impact or at its final location. You can charge it to increase its distance. 


  • (X) From the Shadows 

Go anywhere on the map to teleport and materialize. Upon arrival, Omen will appear as a ‘Shade’ that will return to his initial location if he gets killed. However, once the teleport is complete, Omen can become incorporeal for a short period.


He is an initiator, excelling at playing through walls and enemies positioned to hold chokepoints. 

Basic Skills

  • (Q) Flashpoint 

Breach fires to set a fast-acting burst through walls. Upon detonation, all enemies looking at will become temporarily blinded.

  • (C) Aftershock

Breach fires to set a slow-acting burst through walls. Upon detonation, all enemies caught in the area will receive heavy damage. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Fault Line

Set off a quake, dazing all players within the area. You can hold fire to increase its distance. 


  • (X) Rolling Thunder 

Send a cascading quake through all the terrain in a wide cone. Then, it dazes, knocking up all players caught in it.


Raze is a duelist and is the explosives expert of Valorant, boasting some of the most kill potential thanks to her considerable burst damage. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Boom Bot 

Fire a boom bot, traveling in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. It will lock on any enemies in its frontal cone, chasing them, and explode upon impact, inflicting heavy damage.

  • (Q) Blast Pack 

Instantly throws a blast pack that sticks to any surface. You can reuse the blast packs after deployment damaging anything they hit. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Paint Shells 

Raze throws a cluster grenade, inflicting damage and creating sub-munitions, each one doing heavy damage to anyone within their range. 


  • (X) Showstopper 

Raze fires a rocket launcher, doing massive area damage on contact with any player, item, or surface.


Viper is a controller wielding toxic gasses running off a refillable reserve. She can inflict poison from her grenades or create a poisonous line wall with the vapors. If her toxins don’t kill her enemies, Viper’s mind games surely will.

Basic Skills

  • (C) Snakebite 

Viper fires a projectile, exploding into a pool of acid.

  • (Q) Poison Cloud 

Throws a gas emitter, which you can reactivate, creating a poisonous smoke cloud. You can pick up the emitter and throw it again after a short period. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Toxic Screen 

Viper deploys a line of poisonous gas emitters, which you can reactivate, creating a tall wall of toxic gas. 


  • (X) Viper’s Pit 

Emits toxic clouds in a massive area, lasting as long as Viper stays inside them. All players inside the toxic cloud are highlighted.


Killjoy is a genius sentinel who uses a heavy arsenal of explosives, turrets, and traps. She offers a massive amount of information gathering, area control and is the only agent who can disarm enemies. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Nanoswarm

Killjoy fires a Nanoswarm grenade, which goes covert upon landing. You can activate the grenade to deploy a swarm of nanobots. The Nanonswarm grenade is hidden to enemy units while in covert mode.

  • (Q) Alarmbot

Deploys a bot that hunts down enemies within range. Upon impact, it explodes, applying damage and ‘Vulnerable.’ You can hold ‘Equip’ to recall deployed bots. The Alarmbot will deactivate if Killjoy is 40 meters away from it. 

Signature Ability 

  • (E) Turret

Killjoy deploys a turret that will automatically fire at enemies within a 180-degree cone. The turret will deactivate if Killjoy is 40 meters away from it. You can hold ‘Equip’ to recall deployed turrets. 


  • (X) Lockdown

After a long windup, the lockdown device will detain all enemies caught within its radius. Enemies detained by the device can neither shoot nor use their abilities for 8 seconds.


Reyna is a vampire duelist whose skills and abilities get fueled by kills. She can inflict Nearsight on players, heal, become intangible, and turn invisible, making her one of the strongest duelists in Valorant. 

Basic Skill

  • (C) Leer

Casts eye a short distance, Nearsighting enemies who look at it. 

Signature Abilities 

  • (Q) Devour 

Each enemy Reyna kills leave soul orbs that last for 3 seconds. When you consume these soul orbs, Reyna can heal herself for a short period. The health Reyna gains through Devour that exceeds 100 will decay over time. If Empress is in play, Devour will automatically cast even when you don’t consume the soul orbs.  

  • (E) Dismiss 

When Reyna consumes soul orbs, she becomes intangible for a short period. If Empress is active, Reyna will also become invisible. 


  • (X) Empress

Reyna instantly enters a vampiric frenzy, boosting firing, equip and reload speed significantly. If you get a kill, it’ll renew its duration.

Valorant New Agents

Riot Games announced that they’d be releasing new agents every year, and here are the latest ones released in 2021.


Astra is a controller and a unique agent due to her ability to place anywhere on the map. She can set her team up with smokes, stuns, and black holes.

Basic Skills 


  • (C) Gravity Well

Astra’s gravity well pulls players within an area toward the center, detonating shortly after. All enemies trapped inside will become fragile. 


  • (Q) Nova Pulse

When placing Nova Pulse, it’ll charge briefly before detonating. When it explodes, it concusses all players within the area.



  • (E) Nebula/Dissipate

Place a Star in Astral Form. Activates a Star, transforming it into a Nebula or smoke. Use a start to dissipate it, returning it to be set in a new location after a brief delay. Dissipate briefly creates a false Nebula at the Star’s site before it returns. 


  • (X) Astral Form and Cosmic Divide 

Astra enters Astral Form, where she can place Stars with primary fire. You can reactivate these Stars later, transforming them into Nebula, Gravity Well, or Nova Pulse.

When Astra charges Cosmic Divide fully, use secondary fire in Astral Form, aim it to enemies and primary fire, and choose two locations. Then the infinite Cosmic Divide will connect these two places, blocking bullets and heavily dampening audio.


Skye is an initiator and a druid-like commando, using animal-based trinkets to defeat her foes. She can help her team by engaging, scouting, and healing. 

Basic Skills

  • (C) Regrowth

Heal all allies within a certain radius.

  • (Q) Trailblazer 

Skye sends out and takes control of a predator. While in command, Skye can fire to leap forward, exploding the predator in a concussive blast, damaging enemies hit by it. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Guiding Light 

Skye fires a hawk trinket. You can hold fire to guide it in the direction of your crosshair. While in flight, you can reuse the hawk to transform it into a flash, playing a hit to confirm if enemies were within range or line of sight. 


  • (X) Seekers

Fires a seeker trinket, sending out up to three seekers to track down three of the closest enemy units. When a seeker reaches an enemy unit, it near sights them.


Yoru is the newest duelist in Valorant. He’s built to lurk, making him one of the biggest threats to potential flankers. Due to his unique abilities that rely on map knowledge, match flow, and enemy locations, Yoru has become a contender to have one of the highest skill caps.

Basic Skills

  • (C) Fakeout

Yoru equips an echo, mimicking footsteps. You can fire to activate, sending the echo forward and disorienting enemies. Alternative fire to place an echo in a particular area.

  • (Q) Blindside

Ripping an unstable dimensional fragment from reality, Yoru throws it and activates a flash winding up once it collides with a hard surface. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Gatecrash  

With a rift tether, Yoru sends the tether out forward. You can choose ‘Alternative Fire’ to place a tether in a particular location. Then, you can activate them to teleport to the tether’s location. 


  • (X) Dimensional Drift 

Yoru equips a mask that lets him see between dimensions. You can use fire to drift into his dimension, making him immune to abilities and shots while making him briefly undetected by enemies outside his dimension.


KAY/O is an Initiator. He’s the newest agent in Valorant. Thanks to his tanky build and flexible abilities, KAY/O is fantastic for pushing the enemy lines upfront. 

Basic Skills 

  • (C) Frag/ment

KAY/O fires explosive fragments, which can stick to the floor and explode several times. All units caught within the area will receive heavy to near-lethal damage if caught within the center of each explosion.

  • (Q) Flash/Drive

Throws a flash grenade, exploding after a short fuse, blinding all players in its line of sight. 

Signature Ability

  • (E) Zero/Point

KAY/O throws a suppression blade, sticking to the first surface it hits, winds up, and suppresses players within the explosion’s radius. 


  • (X) Null/CMD

Instantly overloads KAY/O with polarized energy, empowering him to cast massive energy pulses. All enemies hit with these are suppressed briefly.

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