Omen Valorant


The phantom of memory with unknown origins, Omen is a lurker who hunts in the shadows. He can teleport across the map, rendering opponents blind and letting paranoia take hold as they scramble to see where Omen might strike next.

Omen is a Valorant agent shrouded in mystery, specializing in covering the battlefield in darkness. A man with unknown origins, he focuses on disrupting his enemies’ vision – striking them when they’re at their most vulnerable. He’s one of the best flankers, with orbs that hit enemies with nearsightedness, obscuring the vision of all nearby.

On top of Omen’s excellent crowd controlling skills, he can teleport around the area, either at short distances with Shrouded Step or extended distances with From the Shadows.



Omen, similar to his abilities, is mysterious. However, it’s well known that he’s very aware of his decisions, boasting a conscious personality. He also has an arrogant attitude, often showing off his confidence in his skills and master. But despite this, he still shows some friendliness to people he knows well, like Viper. He’s seen calling Viper by her real name despite telling other agents never to call her by her actual name. 


Omen has gray armor, jet black pants, and a purple cape, with his arms wrapped in bandages. With this, the game never reveals his form underneath. Plus, his face can’t be seen under his hood, where players can only see three light glowing blue slits instead. 



(C) Shrouded Step

Hold fire to begin a short channel, and teleport to the selected area. To see its range indicator, equip the Shrouded Step ability. 

(Q) Paranoia

Hold fire to throw a blinding orb forward, inducing paranoia to enemy units hit, shortly reducing their vision range and disrupting their hearing. This orb can go through walls. 

Signature Ability

(E) Dark Cover

Press ‘equip’ to use a shadow orb to let Omen go in a phased world. Then, in this, Omen can place and target the sphere. To throw it, press the ability key (E) to the selected location, making a shadow sphere blocking enemy vision. Hold fire when targeting an area to move its marker further away and to mark closer, hold secondary fire to move the orb closer. You can press reload to toggle the standard targeting view. 


(X) From the Shadows

Hold fire to start teleporting to a marked area with a tactical map. When Omen teleports, he will show as a dark ‘shade’ that enemies can destroy to cancel his teleportation. Or press ‘equip’ to cancel Omen’s teleportation.



  • Viper partially revealed Omen’s name in one of her quotes, where she mentioned “Ja” before correcting herself to Omen – and this is currently the most accepted version. However, a previous version of this had Viper calling Omen “Fre-” instead. You can find this in Valoran’t audio file update history. 
  • Before the worldwide launch of Valorant go to download and during the end of its Closed Beta release, Omen initially had light blue eyes sؤhowing through his hood instead of the current three vertical slashes. 


  • Omen and Viper are pretty friendly since they already both knew one another before joining the Valorant Protocol. It’s currently unknown if Omen and Viper had or have a platonic or romantic relationship. 
  • Omen and Sage are shown to have a solid connection, as seen in their interactions.


Omen seems to have limited memory of his past. However, he seems to remember that he was involved in something violent, causing him to get ripped apart and killed. However, his origins are still unknown. Omen joined the Valorant Protocol, using his armor, which helps him contain his power. Whenever he uses his radiant powers, it activates. He may also have a connection to Kingdom, evidenced with their logo on Omen’s hood.

Omen Tips and Tricks

  1. Omen’s abilities, Dark Cover and Paranoia, are ranged attacks, obscuring enemy vision, giving you a massive advantage in one-on-one fights and team clashes. 
  2. Whenever you have an ally Brimstone, try to use Omen as these two can be incredibly lethal on the battlefield. They both can deploy damage and crowd control anywhere on the field and can appear out of nowhere. 
  3. Use Omen’s teleportation ability to cross windows, hallways, or walls that the enemy may be holding, allowing you to appear on the opposite side and flank them. 
  4. Use Omen’s smokes to cover the place you want to move around in, allowing you to stay out of the enemy’s sight. Plus, since his smoke recharges over time, they’ll return during the match. 
  5. You can fire Omen’s projectile abilities through any terrain, allowing you to blind enemies from all angles. 
  6. Use Omen’s smoke ability to set up your teleportations to help you stay covered and protected. 
  7. With his different abilities for teleportation, you can slip through cracks for a flank or escape from enemies. Use these wisely to maneuver around enemies. 
  8. Omen’s Dark Cover is hollow, similar to a small and enclosed room, which can give you an advantage in specific situations, so make sure to keep this in mind. 
  9. Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows, is versatile. However, you need to time it perfectly. That’s because the ability makes a loud noise, likely attracting enemies, making it easy to let it go to waste.
  10. When using Omen’s ultimate, try to time it during a team firefight or when another agent uses a loud ability, helping you capitalize on the chaos.

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