Phoenix Valorant


Phoenix, the fiery Brit from the United Kingdom, can manipulate fire at his will. His star power shines through in his unique fighting style, igniting the battlefield with flames. Whether Phoenix has an ally nearby or not, he can rush into a fight without worry – and on his terms.

He is a duelist Valorant (How to download Valorant) agent specializing in hunting down enemies while crippling their ability to fight back. He can wield the power of flames, where he can reshape the battlefield into how he wants to, guiding his teammates to victory.

Phoenix can manipulate the match’s flow with ease with his blazing fireballs that damage enemy units and heal him, a blocking wall of fire, and an explosive fire burst. Plus, in combination with his signature ability and ultimate, Phoenix makes for a durable and powerful duelist, making him perfect for aggressive players.



Similar to his ability, Phoenix has a blazing personality, boosting plenty of confidence. He likely was famous, burning down a building as seen in Phoenix’s Tier 9 play card. 


Phoenix is a tall, dark-skinned man with short and black hair. He wears a black t-shirt underneath a white jacket. Inside his coat is a fiery-colored lightning bolt, which can be ‘Radianite.’ His facial features are sharp, boasting a strong jawline and high cheekbones, allowing him to earn compliments from other agents like Jett, who calls him ‘pretty boy.’ 



(C) Blaze

Fire a line of fire that moves forward, creating a flame wall that can block the vision of enemy units while damaging them as they pass through it. Hold fire (left mouse button) to bend the wall into your crosshair’s direction. Additionally, Phoenix can heal himself inside this zone. 

(Q) Curveball

Fire a flare orb taking a bending path. It will detonate briefly after throwing, disrupting the vision of those caught in the blast. Hold fire to move the flare orb to the left, detonating and obscuring enemies’ vision. Alternate fire to bend the flare orb to the right and blind enemies. 

Signature Ability

(E) Hot Hands

Hold fire to throw a fireball that’ll explode after a set amount of time or upon impact on the ground. It will create a lingering fire zone that can damage enemies who go through it when hitting the ground. Phoenix can heal himself while inside this zone. 


(X) Run it Back

Place a marker at Phoenix’s current location. When this is active and if Phoenix dies or the time expires, it’ll end and send him back to the marked area with 100% health while reloading his ammo.



  • The first-ever known concept of Phoenix was the scrapped agent known as ‘Shatter.’ 
  • Phoenix’s actual name during development was Grant Galloway. 
  • Grant Galloway was derived from ‘Grant’ meaning large, referring to Phoenix’s massive confidence in the game. Meanwhile, Galloway is a region from Scotland, which can be the birthplace of his ancestors or himself. However, Riot Games has not confirmed if this name is canon during Valorant’s launch. 


Phoenix went to a Performing Arts school in London. However, he was later suspended because he set a building on fire, as seen on his ‘personal card.’ Because he’s a young Valorant agent, Phoenix has encountered mirror versions of Jett and himself from the Mirror Earth. This information was below Phoenix’s clearance level.

However, with Phoenix now involved with such crucial information, Viper and Valorant taught him everything about the Mirror Earth and its threat to themselves – and the world. Phoenix finally understood what he was dealing with when the other agents carried out another attack on Bennett Island with this newly found info. 

During an ambush in Rabat, Phoenix helped Killjoy. He did this by making her defuser work again by heating a Radi-core and providing enough power.

Phoenix Tips and Tricks

  1. Phoenix’s Blaze ability can make firewalls that can block enemies’ vision while dealing damage, allowing Phoenix to go through defended open areas without being detected. When sneaking through, use Curveball to blind enemies in hiding. 
  2. Although it depends on the context, you sometimes need to duck into a corner to use Phoenix’s abilities to heal him before engaging with an enemy. But, it’s best to heal Phoenix while using his abilities as a utility simultaneously. 
  3. Curveball is the perfect skill to throw into alleyways and behind walls to reveal enemies. 
  4. You can look upwards to curve it onto an enemy above you inside a window or on a ledge with Curveball. 
  5. While Blaze is active, you can throw a Curveball, blinding an enemy unit and protecting yourself. 
  6. Run it Back is best used when teleporters are on Bind. You can use it on one side, go through a teleporter, and try to kill enemies in that area. When successful, you can go back with your resurrected Phoenix.


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Our goal is for Buff to run efficiently on your CPU and video card. If your PC runs a game perfectly, it should easily support Buff. Still, if you encounter performance issues please write to us at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.