Sova Valorant


Sova, the Russian initiator, tracks, locates, and kills enemies efficiently and precisely. His custom weapon and top-notch scouting abilities ensure that even if enemies try to run, they can’t hide.

He’s a Valorant agent specializing in scouting and reconnaissance. As an expert in archery, Sova can equip his bow with various bolts, revealing enemy locations and shocking those near him. Also, he can deploy a recon drone to survey the entire battlefield, allowing Sova and his allies to know where the enemy is hiding.

Sova’s whole kit is built around tracking enemies, marking them, and eliminating them. Teams who like relying on complete information on enemy movement and position will need Sova and his expertise.



Although Sova is dedicated and ruthless to enemies, he is calm and level-headed outside the battlefield. He’s warm to his allies, always encouraging them. Plus, this Russian agent highly values honesty and openness.


Sova has a fur-lined coat, a dark blue cape, and owl-shaped boots. He wears archery gloves, with his owl drone sitting on his left forearm, alongside his bow and arrow slung across his back – all in an easy-to-reach position. Sova places the rest of his weapons, like his shock darts, on his right thigh and a hunting knife on his left calf. 



(C) Owl Drone

Fire to deploy and control an owl-shaped drone. When in control of it, fire to shoot a marking dart to an enemy unit. This marking dart will reveal the location of the enemy hit periodically.

(Q) Shock Bolt

Fire to send explosive bolts forward with a bow with a shock bolt, exploding upon impact, and damaging enemies hit – and those nearby. You can hold fire to expand the range of the Shock Bolt’s projectile. Alternate fire to add one or two bounces to the arrow. 

Signature Ability

(E) Recon Bolt 

Fire to deploy a bolt with a bow with a recon bolt forward, detonating upon collision, revealing the exact location of nearby enemies caught in the bolt’s line of sight. You can hold fire to extend the bolt’s projectile range. The opposing team can destroy the Recon Bolt. 


(X) Hunter’s Fury

Fire to deploy a blast in a straight line in front of Sova with a long-range bow that can shoot energy blasts that can pierce walls, inflicting damage while revealing the location of those caught.



  • Initially, Sova was supposed to be a woman with a visor. 
  • His Owl Drone ability was initially supposed to be the Drone Dart ability for Joules, a scrapped agent. 


  • Because of Sova’s pledge to honesty and openness, he and Cypher have a conflict in value, leaving Sova to find it hard to trust the Moroccan Sentinel. 
  • Sova may have previously met his mirror version. Although other agents know there’s a mirror version of themselves on the enemy team, Sova is the only one mentioning having met them before. 


Sova is the 6th member of the Valorant Protocol , hailing from the freezing tundras of Russia. He, like the rest of the VP, is here to protect the Earth. His abilities are likely linked to a prosthetic eye, giving him a hunter’s sight. All of his techs seem to use Radianite. Sova’s story before joining the Protocol is a mystery, but it’s known that he has survived a great deal. However, it’s been heavily implied that Sova had an encounter with a rift in his home country and that he might have a military background. Although there are many mysteries behind Sova, it’s well known that he has met a mirror version of himself who saved his life at the time.

Sova Tips and Tricks

  1. When using Sova’s Owl Drone, communication is the key. With this, you can help your team facilitate pushes, giving you all the edge in scouting around corners and other areas that enemy units might be. 
  2. Although Sova’s Recon Bolt doesn’t show where enemies are, that doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking nearby. So whenever you scout with Sova, remember to wait it out, then press forward to shoot the bolt. 
  3. With Recon Bolt, you can be creative, where you can fake that you’re pushing as your opponent would expect that you’re scouting for your team. 
  4. Sova works with other Valorant agents that can slow down enemies, including Sage. 
  5. Though enemies aren’t detected with your abilities, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. That’s because whenever there’s a Sova in a team, they’ll likely wait until the radar effect ends. When it ends, they’ll probably push, so always be on your guard. 
  6. Sova’s abilities combine perfectly with one another. So try to locate enemies with his Owl Drone or Recon Bolt and attack with his Shock Bolt and Hunter’s Fury. 
  7. When using Sova’s ultimate, a range indicator shows up on your minimap, allowing you to have a better aim. Take advantage of this to line up better shots across the map.

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