Viper Valorant


Viper, the American chemist, is the most toxic agent in Valorant downloads, deploying a series of deadly chemical weapons to take over the battlefield. If her toxins don’t eliminate her enemies, her mind games will.

She’s a Valorant agent who deals damage with poison and acid. Viper is a predator, where she burns down and suffocates her enemies using fuel to activate her toxic abilities: Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen, melting passing targets and blocking their vision. Her fuel gauge recharges over time, enabling her to control areas for an extended period.

Finally, her ultimate, Viper’s Pit, is also an AOE skill, completing her dangerous and toxic skill set.



Like her abilities, Viper is savage, powerful, and confident. She doesn’t fear enemies. Instead, she desires their fears. However, like her skills, Viper can be toxic, but all in all, she’s amiable and caring toward her allies.


Viper boasts jet black hair and green eyes, wearing a green and black bodysuit and a black mask, sticking to her venom theme. When she uses her ultimate, Viper’s black mask turns into a gas mask. 



(C) Snake Bite

Fire a canister with a chemical launcher that breaks upon impact on the floor, creating a lingering toxic chemical zone, damaging enemies while applying ‘Vulnerable,’ doubling any incoming damage. The stat ‘Vulnerable’ lasts for 2 seconds when enemies leave the AOE. 

(Q) Poison Cloud

Throw a gas emitter that will remain in the area throughout the match. You can re-use the ability to make a toxic gas cloud in exchange for fuel. This ability can be re-used more than once, and Viper can pick the emitters up and redeploy them. However, the Poison Orb goes on a 6-second cooldown when deactivated. 

Signature Ability 

(E) Toxic Screen

Throw an extended line of gas emitters. This ability can burn through walls, setting up emitters at valid locations, like the ground, over its length. You can re-use this ability to create a wall of toxic gas in exchange for fuel – and you can re-use it more than once. 


(X) Viper’s Pit

Fire a chemical sprayer to spray a chemical cloud in the entire area around Viper, creating a massive poisonous cloud that reduces enemies’ vision range and maximum health when inside it. You can hold the ability key to disperse the chemical cloud early to trap enemies. Viper’s Pit can last forever if Viper goes back to refuel it every 15 seconds – or when she stays inside it.



  • Viper and Omen knew each other before the Valorant Protocol was launched. 
  • Viper recruited Breach into the Valorant Protocol. 
  • Viper and Reyna may have possible animosity. 
  • Viper and Sage crossed paths before. However, their collaboration didn’t go too well, as Sage failed at her role. 


Viper is an American agent hailing from Alaska, but she also seems to have links to Seattle due to what can be seen in her ‘personal card.’ She’s one of the founders of the Valorant Protocol (VP), working alongside Brimstone. However, despite being one of the founders, Brimstone and Sage are the ones who lead the Valorant Protocol as first and second-in-command.

Viper’s thoughts on whether she wants to have a leadership position or not in the organization are currently unknown. Despite this, she continues to work alongside agents in the Valorant Protocol, hiring recruits and training them along the way.

Viper Tips and Tricks

  1. Since knowing when other agents have ultimates is transparent on both sides, keep track of your opponents. That’s because Viper can be easy to counter. 
  2. Agents such as Breach, Brimstone, and Phoenix may save their ultimate to counteract Viper’s Pit, so keep an eye on them. 
  3. Brimstone can launch a powerful AoE nuke in a location around the exact size of Viper’s Pit. Use your ultimate after Brimstone casts his to avoid getting countered. 
  4. Agent Breach can engage even when you’re in Viper’s Pit using his Rolling Thunder, so keep an eye out for him. 
  5. Phoenix can use his ultimate outside of Viper’s Pit, where you can’t see him, which may lead him to engage twice with his resurrection. Before fighting with Phoenix, make sure he already used his ultimate to avoid wasting yours. 
  6. Thanks to Viper’s toxic abilities, she’s become one of the best spike planters in Valorant. So if you want to main her, you need to prepare yourself to carry it often when you have ultimate, or you’re close to getting it by gaining kills. 
  7. Since Viper relies on fuel usage, take some time to familiarize yourself with the fuel rates between using Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen and both of them simultaneously. Building up this game sense allows you to understand your timing windows more accurately. 
  8. Viper has explosive projectiles that spill acid on the battlefield. You can use this to harass enemies.

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