Fortnite Horror Map Code

We know you’re sick of waiting until Halloween to get your fill of spooky stuff, so we’ve compiled a list of maps that will send shivers up your spine! Our Horror Map Codes are for maps that you may play alone or with groups and offer a creepy atmosphere that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Fortnite Scary/Horror Maps List

Here’s a rundown of the best horror map codes in Fortnite: Battle Royale:

  • VHS Project: (Multiple)
  • The Backrooms: 4284-8758-1462
  • The Final Reckoning Horror Map: 5554-8281-1812
  • Evil Awaits: The End: 0387-3560-2947
  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City: 8442-4275-0485
  • Alien Nightmare: 5915-7144-7185
  • The Elevator: 3964-7837-2736
  • The Thing: 4363-4530-4888
  • One Last Sacrifice – Part 1: 2898-6711-4466
  • Jigsaw the Nightmare 2: 9342-7586-1491

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VHS Project

  • VHS Project Part 1 Code: 0444-2689-6036
  • VHS Project Part 2 Code: 2369-2784-6379

By watching this two-part survival horror masterpiece, you challenge yourself to dig further into the darkest areas of your brain by watching this two-part survival horror masterpiece. You’ll almost likely reconsider finishing this map before it’s finished, as it’s undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable Fortnite maps you’ve ever played, thanks to the well-known Fortnite horror map creator AFK Venom. Unless you have steely nerves, that is.

The Backrooms

Code: 4284-8758-1462

If you like creepypasta, you’ll recognize (and possibly like) this Fortnite Map based on the creepy web story of the same name. You can’t go inside the Backrooms on purpose. If you’re one of the unlucky few who enter, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. When you no-clip out of reality, you enter a prohibited zone from which there appears to be no way out. There isn’t a single official entry or exit. You might be able to glitch your way back into the real world if you’re lucky.

The Final Reckoning Horror Map

Code: 5554-8281-1812

Epic’s Picks include The Final Reckoning, a scary horror map. You awaken in an abandoned hospital with no apparent purpose for your presence. Isn’t it a waste of time to stay? Your mission is to discover a way out of this dangerous hospital before your character dies. However, nothing is as simple as it appears in real life!

Evil Awaits: The End

Code: 0387-3560-2947

JKR Julian’s popular horror map series, Evil Awaits, has a new instalment. We’re not sure if this is the series’ proper finale (as the video below claims), but suffice to say that many fans are dissatisfied. There are over 20 maps in the series, all of which are available here: Maps of JKR Julian Will you be able to break free from the series’ craziness finally, or will you succumb to the horror that awaits you?

VHS Project Part 1

Code: 0444-2689-6036

It would be best if you solved riddles to escape a horrific (and slightly hilarious-looking) creature in what looks to be the start of a multi-part horror series. While the scary creature bursts out at you at every turn, go across the map searching for the missing jigsaw pieces. Do you believe you’ll be able to discover the secret of old technology and get out of it?

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Code: 8442-4275-0485

This reconstruction of the renowned horror city map will appeal to fans of the Resident Evil series. Find your way through Raccoon City’s ruined streets while avoiding monsters out to get you. Keep an eye on your ammo and never waste a bullet since you’ll often find yourself outmanned and inevitable conflicts are best avoided. Fans of the map’s designer, CobraTEM, had been waiting for this map for a long time, and when it was released, it received a lot of great feedback.

Alien Nightmare

Code: 5915-7144-7185

For horror enthusiasts, there’s another remake! This terrifying reincarnation of the spaceship from Alien is a frightening portrayal of the loneliness and anxiety you’d experience if you were pursued by a nasty creature deep in space. Will you be able to stay alive long enough to get away from the Xenomorph?

The Elevator

Code: 3964-7837-2736

Instead of employing jump scares, this horror map appears to focus on the atmosphere and seeks to build up dread subtly. Like in most horror maps, your main aim is to survive. You are transported to another universe in The Elevator, where you must comply with the requests of a mysterious individual. You’ll never get away if you can’t face your worries.

The Thing

Code: 4363-4530-4888

This map’s designer also made The Elevator, which you can find on this page. Instead of employing things like ugly animals and jump scares, this map maker performs an outstanding job of disturbing gamers merely by using ambience and general vibe. In The Thing, you’re being pursued by an ominous paranormal force with only evil intentions for you. Is it possible for you to complete the game? 

One Last Sacrifice – Part 1

Code: 2898-6711-4466

This map will make you jump, so don’t be fooled by the video. The concept is that you have recently acquired a farm from the Green family and have decided to spend the night there. As you go through the game, something becomes fascinating, then downright terrifying. It starts slowly, but it’s well worth the wait if you enjoy being terrified!

Jigsaw the Nightmare 2

Code: 9342-7586-1491

Based on the iconic horror franchise Saw, the players must investigate a creepy and gloomy underground tunnel at this Fortnite level. As you hunt for clues and solve Jigsaw’s puzzles to solve a strange crime, behold the horrifying surroundings and eerie atmosphere. Are you doing it to make ends meet, or are you just trying to stay alive?


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