The assassins class in League of Legends is fragile yet agile and strong melee champions who look to take down targets swiftly. They specialize in infiltrating enemy lines with unbeatable mobility, quickly dispatching high-priority targets. In LOL, Akali is one of the best in this class, fighting while on the move, adding more complexity to her playstyle.

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Akali, a young Kinkou prodigy, is 19 years old. She was a prodigious fighter, mastering kama and kunai at a very young age.

Akali was part of the Kinkou order, which are self-appointed keepers of Ionia’s sacred balance, and was famously known as the “Fist of Shadow.” She was raised within the order, under the leadership of the Great Master Kusho, known as the “Eye of Twilight.”

The assassin abandoned the Kinkou order yet remained loyal to her birthplace Ionia, serving as her people’s weapon whenever necessary. She pledged that she would kill anyone who dares to defy and make Ionia their enemy, one kill at a time.

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Who is AKALI?

Akali Jhomen Tethi is a young assassin specializing in hit-and-run tactics, consistently shifting position as she strikes.

Akali is a swift champion as she eliminates her opponents while on the move, never sparing a second of distraction while in battle. She uses the standard assassin weapons, including kama, kunai, and shurikens.

When Akali reached her teen years, she formally underwent Kinkou training under the Great Master’s son and next successor Shen, where she quickly became one of the top fighters, mastering the kama and kunai in no time. Although the young assassin didn’t possess the magical abilities of other acolytes, with her swift mobility and sheer strength, Akali proved to be more than worthy of the title of “Fist of Shadow.”

Abandoning the order, Akali now strikes alone and is always ready to serve and act as the weapon her people need. Although she still holds onto everything she learned from Shen, Akali pledged to defend her birthplace of Ionia, one kill at a time.

Akali is a master of stealth and precision, making her message known to all, “fear the assassin with no master.”

AKALI's Skills and abilities

After separating from the Kinkou Order, Akali molded her fighting style beyond her previous master’s teachings. Akali no longer cuts opponents down in a burst of close-combat kama flourishes. Instead, she fights following hit-and-run tactics, fighting on the go by shifting positions every time she strikes.

Here are Akali’s unique skills and abilities:

  • Assassin’s Mark 

Assassin’s Mark is Akali’s passive attack, where she damages champions directly with the ability to create a ring around them. When this ring forms, she gains a movement speed boost towards the ring. When Akali crosses the formed ring, she gains another boost of movement.

Crossing the ring also makes her kama stronger, increasing the range and damage of her succeeding attacks.

  • Five Point Strike 

Five Point Strike is an active attack, where Akali unleashes multiple kunai in the target direction, inflicting medium damage to enemies within the cone. Opponents hit at the maximum range are slowed down by 50% for half a second.

  • Twilight Shroud

This active attack is where Akali drops a cover of smoke, allowing her to gain movement speed that decays over 2 seconds and detonate a smoke bomb at a fixed distance, creating a shroud expanding over 5 seconds into a ring.

While inside the twilight shroud, Akali becomes temporarily invisible, gets extra maximum energy and becomes unaffected by enemy spells attack—but attacking or using abilities while inside it reveals her briefly.

  • Shuriken Flip

The Shuriken Flip’s active attack is where Akali flips in the opposite direction of an enemy, firing a shuriken in the target direction, stopping when hitting an opponent, dealing them medium magic damage. Plus, the shuriken can mark the enemy or the last smoke section hit for 3 seconds, revealing their location.

Meanwhile, the recast attack lets Akali dash toward marked targets and smoke sections, consuming the mark no matter the distance, dealing a high amount of magic damage upon arrival.

  • Perfect Execution

The Perfect Execution’s active attack allows Akali to dash towards a champion while dealing physical damage to all enemies within the path. This attack can be recast after 2.5 seconds within the first 10 seconds of the initial activation, where Akali can dash again, dealing magic damage to all enemies within the path. 


Akali is a fragile and damage-heavy champion that can bring your team to victory with ease. However, the assassin class is known to be notoriously challenging to master, but there are many combos you can take advantage of to secure victory, including the following: 

  • When using the active attack, Five Point Strike, Akali has several options: These include conserving it until reaching high energy to sustain in lane continually, using the low-cooldown ability to bring damage at peak levels at the cost of all her energy, or weaving them with her passive attack, doubling on empowered kama hits.
  • Akali is best used for killing fragile champions. That’s why it’s best to let your team initiate and strike at the back for a clean finish every time. 
  • Take advantage of the delays between Perfect Execution dashes to unleash multiple strikes. However, this can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. It’s best to do this using the first dash early on. 
  • Whenever using the Perfect Execution skill, make sure to always stick to the target as you’ll have a hard time killing the target once you’re a bit far, giving opponents a chance to counteract you. 
  • When using the Twilight Shroud, always be careful. That’s because getting caught in the open while using the skill spells a quick end for the champion. 
  • Shuriken Flip doesn’t need to be used for mobility every time, and Perfect Execution goes beyond assassinating targets. Try using a point-blank flip for quick damage or dash past your target and charge up for an empower kama hit alongside Perfect Execution. 
  • Akali will stay obscured for 0.5 seconds whenever re-entering the Twilight Shroud, which opponents can use against you with skill shots. So, be wary within this period. 
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