Catchers or controllers in League of Legends are defensive casters overseeing battles by protecting and opening opportunities for allies. One of the most perfectly balanced mage catchers in the game is Morgana.

Morgana was once a mortal that’s been bestowed celestial powers. However, she’s conflicted between her diving and mortal natures, bounded by her wings to embrace humanity.

Although she may face conflict on her own, Morgana strongly rejects unjust laws and traditions from the shadows of Demacia—fighting for truth from the shadows.

Regardless of one’s beliefs and origins, Morgana believes that even the banished and outcast should rise again.


Who is Morgana?

Morgana and her sister, Kayle, were born into a world in conflict. While Morgana was young, her father saved her and her sister from their mother, fleeing to Targon with them both.

Although the destination didn’t have a name at the time, it would become a haven from magic—the proud kingdom of Demacia. Morgana and her sister carry some remnant of the Aspect’s power despite their fears.

While her sister embraced their new calling, Morgana resented her “gifts,” that was until their father found himself surrounded as the fighting spread.

That was the start of Morgana and Kayle’s rise to glory, saving countless lives. They were then hailed as the “Winged Protectors of Demacia.” Although the sisters’ tale fell into myth over the centuries, the people of Demacia venerate “the Winged Protector.”

However, they only recall the glory and truth of Kayle, while Morgana became “the Veiled One.” Despite this, Morgana refuses to abandon those who would seek her aid.

As magic begins to rise in Runeterra again, Morgana sees that dawn is nearly upon them.

Morgana's Skills and Abilities

Morgana is a champion from League of Legends that blends utility and crowd control on top of high damage output and survivability—making her a potent choice. However, some players find her a bit challenging to use.

But anyone who can master Morgana’s unusual gameplay can be a game-changer, carrying team victories—one after the other.

Here’s a closer look at Morgana’s skills and abilities:

  • Soul Siphon

This passive skill lets Morgana heal herself equal to 20% of the damage inflicted by her abilities to all enemy units.

  • Dark Binding

Upon casting, Morgana will release a massive sphere of dark magic in a line towards target direction, inflicting magic damage to the initial enemy it hits and rooting them for a few seconds.

  • Tormented Shadow

This skill lets Morgana desecrate a target location with infected soil for 5 seconds, inflicting magic damage to enemy units inside for the whole duration.

The initial tick of damage from Tormented Shadow is inflicted immediately to enemy units in the location at the time of casting, inflicting 200% damage against non-epic monsters.

Additionally, Tormented Shadow’s current cooldown will be reduced by 5% of its max whenever Morgana’s Soul Siphon gets triggered.

  • Black Shield

When activated, Morgana will shield an allied champion or herself for 5 seconds, absorbing magic damage and gaining crowd control immunity while her shield holds.

  • Soul Shackles

When casting her ultimate, Morgana will latch chains of energy onto surrounding enemy champions during the cast time while inflicting magic damage and forming a tether between her and the targets for 3 seconds.

While in effect and tethers in place, enemy units will be revealed and slowed by 20%. Additionally, Morgana will gain bonus movement speed when going toward targets tethered to her.

If the tethers don’t get broken by the end of the duration, the tethered targets will be dealt the same magic damage again and will be revealed and stunned for an additional 1.5 seconds.

Keep in mind that a nearby enemy champion needs to be near Morgana to cast Soul Shackles and enemy champions don’t need to be visible to be affected by it.


Morgana is a mage catcher champion, boasting excellent pushing power and robust controls. She’s an incredible support champion, but she can also hold her lane.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master Morgana’s mysterious abilities:

  • Early on in the game, Morgana’s Dark Binding and Tormented Shadow may inflict lots of damage to your opponents, but it costs a lot of mana, so be careful when harassing foes this way. 
  • Tormented Shadow can inflict tremendous damage to enemy minions, allowing your lane to push. 
  • Morgana’s ultimate attack requires her to stick to enemy units, making her vulnerable to attacks, so only use Soul Shackles when the enemies are engaged with another allied champion. 
  • Because of Morgana’s scalings, she can become powerful later on in the game, inflicting 900 damage with Dark Binding and Soul Shackles. 
  • Use Morgana’s Dark Binding to trap enemy units and deal massive damage. 
  • Keep in mind that Morgana’s fantastic at zoning foes, forcing them to leave or hide behind minions. 
  • Items like Black Shield and Soul Shackles offer improved survivability, making Morgana extremely challenging to kill. 
  • If you’re going solo in a line, use Tormented Shadow to farm faster. 
  • Save Morgana’s Black Shield to protect yourself from crowd control.
  • Using an Arcane Comet can add extra damage to Morgana’s ability combos throughout the entire game. 
  • If you’re looking to use Morgana as a support, use Summon Aery to amplify her abilities’ effects. 
  • Keep in mind that Morgana benefits best from items that give her more ability power due to the scalings on her abilities. 
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass is mandatory for Morgana as it grants her more AP and armor, making her more formidable. 
  • You can use Rabadon’s Deathcap to give Morgana lots of ability power while inflicting additional damage to her kit. 
  • Luden’s Echo can significantly improve Morgana’s sniping capabilities using her Dark Binding and increase its damage to 400 when charged.

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