Renekton is known to be a terrifying, rage-fueled mounted hero from the scorched sands of Shurima. Formerly, he was his empire’s most esteemed hero, rallying its great crowds to innumerable successes. Nevertheless, after the collapse of the Sun Disc, Renekton was buried under the sands—and gradually, as the system above changed, he dropped to madness. Now escaped once more, he is utterly obsessed with wreaking revenge upon his colleague, Nasus, who he charges for the ages lost in the evil.

Now marked as a criminal, Rell strikes Noxian soldiers on sight as she seeks survivors of her old “academy,” protecting the serene while giving merciless death to her previous instructors.

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Renekton was born to fight and attack. From a youthful age, it was apparent he had no terror, constantly brawling with many older children. His arrogance typically led to these confrontations — Renekton could not back down or let any offense pass. While his older brother, Nasus, complained of his street-fighting, Renekton liked it.

Nasus finally left to enter the prestigious Collegium of the Sun, and Renekton’s battles became more dangerous. Fearing his brother’s brutal nature would see him jailed or in a new grave, Nasus advised him to join the Shuriman army. Accepted into the army, Renekton was too naive, but Nasus made certain this was conveniently ignored.

The training of military life was a commendation. Renekton fought in various wars leading to success in expanding the realm — his cruelty and toughness were still visible, but his courage and bravery displayed were renowned. And while there are times when he followed the proud, noble hero of the past, most frequently, Renekton is more than a devolved, hate-maddened creature, driven on by the desire for blood and revenge.

RENEKTON's Skills and Abilities


Renekton’s strikes generate Fury. Fury regeneration is increased when Renekton is low on health. Going over 50 Fury allows Renekton to cast empowered abilities with increased damage.


Renekton turns his blade, dealing physical damage in an area around him, and heals for a small part of the damage dealt. Empowered: damage and heal are stronger.


Renekton cuts his victim twice, dealing physical damage, and stunning them for 0.75 seconds. Empowered: he gashes his victim three points, completely destroying the target’s shield and dealing severe physical damage, and stunning them for 1 seconds.


Renekton dashes, dealing damage to enemies hit along the way. Empowered: Renekton deals bonus damage and decreases the Armor of enemies hit.


Renekton changes into the Tyrant form, getting bonus Health and dealing damage to enemies around him. While in this mode, Renekton gains Fury passively.

Playing as RENEKTON

  • Renekton is an excellent champion for people to explore because he is a prime lane tyrant in League of Legends. He has a solid early game and can snowball when players disregard you.
  • Renekton doesn’t have a mana bar. He has a Fury bar which you have to manage. For every auto charge, Renekton gains five Fury. Once he gets 50 points of Fury, it allows his next ability to be empowered. Being able to save Fury efficiently and prepare your harass and play around it is essential to playing this champion.
  • Typically you run in with his Slice and Dice. Auto-attack hit Ruthless Predator and auto-attack repeat. Then while your enemy is stunned, you beat Cull the Meek, auto-attack, and Slice and Dice out to security.

Tips and Tricks

  • Slice and Dice excel at attacking movements. Cut in, catch up with different skills and then Dice out to security.
  • Ability haste is perfect for Renekton, enabling him to both regain his abilities quickly and manage his Fury.
  • Cull the Meek heals more when an opponent champion was hit by it; try to take advantage of it.
  • Ruthless Predator resets Renekton’s auto-attack timer, ending in a potential fourth attack.
  • Although they aren’t on-next-attack skills, Cull the Meek and Slice / Dice also reset Renekton’s auto-attack timer. Try to create all his skills in between auto attacks to improve your DPS considerably. These auto-attacks also produce Fury, so do not forget it!
  • Dominus extends the scope of Cull the Meek. Apply this to your success in team fights.
  • Dominus provides Renekton to quickly win fights thanks to its mix of immediate health addition, damage, and Fury increase, allowing him to make unexpected comebacks.
  • By stimulating Ruthless Predator through a dash from Slice / Dice and choosing a champion as your next primary attack, you can dash into an opponent and stun them quickly.
  • It is advised to try to reach 100 Fury so you can use two empowered abilities. You may begin an empowered version of Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek to maximize your damage and healing or stimulate Dice (after Slice) to shred armor, then follow up with another skill or auto-attack.

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League of Legends is a MOBA game where players fight for control of a map by killing their opponents, destroying towers, and ultimately their base. League of Legends renekton is a fighter-style champion with pillars that give him plenty of opportunities to ninja trade kills for his ally.

Many websites, forums, and other resources are offer league of legends renekton information to the general public. It’s up to you which you choose, but some have more resources than others.

League of Legends ReneKton masteries are also situational, but typically league of legends renekton masteries point into the defense tree. That is because league of legends renekton needs more defensive stats than offensive in order to be viable early game.

What you can expect when learning league of legends renekton is unpredictable. You may be able to pick up on the basics of league of legends renekton in an hour, but it could take weeks before you are actually good at league of legends renekton. It all depends on how much effort league of legends guide puts into learningleague of legends renekton .

Renekton was already renowned for his coldness as a human, but as a ferocious crocodile, he now rivalled no one. Nasus became increasingly concerned with Renekton’s savage tendencies over the years, but his brother accepted it when others dubbed him the Sand Butcher

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