Rengar is a violent Vastayan prize hunter who exists for the fun of tracking down and removing evil creatures. He searches the world for the most fearsome creatures he can get, especially trying to find any trace of Kha’Zix, the useless creature who scraped out his eye.

Rengar pursues his victim neither for bread nor glory but for the fragile beauty of the race.

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Who is RENGAR?

Rengar is from a race of Shuriman Vastaya identified as the Kiilash, whose culture venerated the character and glory of the hunt. Rengar has yielded the runt of the jumble to the tribe’s chieftain, Ponjaf. Ponjaf thought Rengar’s small size would make him a useless hunter. He neglected his child, allowing the runt to die.

Eventually, the growing Rengar left the camp, embarrassed that he had failed his father. He lived on worms and plants for weeks until, one day, he was almost killed by a customary individual hunter named Markon. Upon detecting Rengar’s state, he took pity on the person and made it live. Also, there was no great Vastayan ge worthy of Markon’s edge.

Rengar spent months following Markon, serving off the remains the hunter left behind. He still believed to one day join his clan and so took excellent care in recognizing how Markon brought down his victims.

After some time, Markon became sick of the wretched Kiilash following him throughout. He put a sword to Rengar’s neck and told him that the only way to be a hunter was to kill. He threw Rengar the knife and beat him down a valley, where he was attacked to make his initial kill to sustain.

From then on, Rengar used years advancing himself almost to breach point. He sought Shurima for the most powerful and deadly prey. Though he would never be as loud as other Kiilash, Rengar was prepared to be twice as fierce. Over time, instead of returning to his home each time with new scars, he started to get back with prizes. He finished a sandhawk’s skull to a finish; he weaved the teeth of a shrieker into his thread.

Then, when he thought the time had come, Rengar returned to his race, ready to be taken as a true hound.


Ponjaf jeered at Rengar and his prizes. He declared that only by taking back the obscure and traditional Void-abomination head identified as Kha’Zix would Rengar be embraced back into the race.

Dazzled by his enthusiasm, Rengar let this cunning creature prepare the fall on him. The Void cut out one of Rengar’s eyes and disappeared. Enraged and defeated, Rengar revealed his frustration to Ponjaf. As anticipated, his father scolded him.

But as Ponjaf addressed, Rengar saw all the trophies decorating his father’s hut were grimy and old. The chieftain had not killed anything in a long time—he had expected to send Rengar after Kha’Zix because he was too scared to do it himself. Rengar leaped onto his father and gutted him from throat to stomach. The most dangerous hunters of the race filled him with flame-roses, regarding him as their current chieftain.

But Rengar didn’t want his village’s approval. All he wanted was the feeling of adrenaline flowing through his nerves as he hunted down his victim. He abandoned the town without even hesitating to take a prize from what was given of Ponjaf—his ancestor was not a kill deserving of recognition. Instead, he began with a strong willed desire to locate and kill the being from the Void that had chosen to kill him, not to please the Kiilash, but to indulge himself.

RENGAR's Skills and Abilities


While in the brush, Rengar jumps at his victim with his primary attack. Leaping while at no Ferocity will grant 1 Ferocity. At Max Ferocity, his subsequent ability is empowered. Casting empowered abilities boosts Rengar’s Movement Speed for a few moments. Killing enemy champions upgrades Rengar’s Bonetooth Necklace, giving bonus attack damage.


Rengar’s next attack viciously hits his victim for bonus damage. Ferocity boost: deals aggravated damage and grants Attack Speed.


Rengar gives out a fight roar, damaging enemies and healing for some of the damage he has received. Ferocity boost: additionally cleanse crowd control


Rengar delivers a bola, reducing movement speed of the first target hit for a short while. Ferocity boost: roots the victim.


Rengar’s hungry instincts take over, Camouflaging him and exposing the nearest opposing champion. During Thrill of the Hunt, Rengar increases Movement Speed, and he can jump to the hunted foe without being in the brush.

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Playing as RENGAR

  • Like his wisdom, Rengar is primarily used in the Jungle lane. While some members like to manage him for mid-lane, this leaves him open to ganking by enemy junglers. 


Tips and Tricks

  • Use Rengar’s ultimate to find and kill high-priority victims in team fights and conflicts.
  • A lot of Rengar’s abilities come from empowered skills he uses at the best moment – choose carefully!
  • Make sure to take routes through the bush when following players to take hold of Rengar’s passive.
  • Rengar is generally presented as an assassin or a bruiser, relying on movement and damaging the enemies and dealing heavy amounts of injury in a short burst. Therefore, he is expected to build items that help him accomplish this.


Rengar is a Rengo champion. Rengo falls under the game’s Assassin (ADC) class, and is categorized as an Attack Damage Carry (ADC). Rengar excels at short range combat where he can use his passive abilities to gain extra damage on spells and attacks against intelligent opponents that wait for Rengar to jump onto them or close distance with R again after using an ability (or even between sets of abilities).

Learning when to use your abilities, when to pick the right target and the general mechanics of league of legends is difficult for beginners. Even once you learn these things, many players choose not to play him due ro his require a high level understanding in order to be constantly relevant in team fights and skirmishes

Among the most successful picks in the jungle role for patch 11.19, placing it within our B-Tier Rank, is Cho’Gath. A good choice, but there are other better options when it comes to challenge. This is a moderately difficult champion to play for new gamers in league of legends.

1-Unseen Predator (Passive)

2-Savagery: Rengar’s Q ability.

3-Bola Strike:

Rengar is a hunt down the high value targets champ. He excels at staying on top of the enemy’s priority targets, his damage output is massively increased when he has an advantage on his opponent. Rengr players should target champions who are alone in lane–but Rangars big game must have the chance to close on his foes before he can start hacking away at them.

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