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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

If you want to experience an online tactical shooting game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege will give you that thrilling experience.

What is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege is one of the most popular shooting games. This game emphasizes the cooperation between the players and environmental destruction. The Ubisoft Montreal developed this game, and later Ubisoft published it. In this game, you predict the movements of your enemies and defend the game modes. The examples of the game’s objectives are to defuse a bomb, rescue a hostage, and take control of the room.

One of its features is, you can play alone and offline through the mission called situations. This mission focus on preparing the recruits through training. They also narrate some encounters with the White Masks. It is a group of terrorists that threatens the world’s safety. You need to eliminate them in the game.


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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege is a solo-player shooting game. By playing, you utilize the operators and the of the rainbow team. The good thing about this game, it promotes unity despite having different nationalities. The team comprises of different nationalities, gadgets, and weapons. It has an asymmetrical structure by feature. That’s why the game is not entirely balanced in their ability choices. 

You can play the role of an American Hostage Rescue Team, German GSG -9, The British SAS, French GIGN, and the Russian Spetnaz. Each of these has an operator that you can split per unit. It is between the defenders and attackers. You can also have access to a recruit operator. One fantastic tool of this game is you can be flexible in the assortment of your equipment. The game is at the expense of getting a gadget or customizing your weapon. 

The players can choose any operator from the units, and they can use them to attack and defend before the round starts. You can select spawn points and attachments for your guns. If you want an item, you can also buy from in-game shops. Using the in-game currency, you can buy cosmetics and operators. They call it Renown, you gain it at the end of the game matches according to your battle performance. 

If you begin an online match, the attackers plan and choose spawn points to launch an attack. The defenders also strategize to defend the bases. In this game, you will have a one-minute preparatory period. 

The game strongly features environmental destruction. In achieving this objective, your weapons have a procedural destruction system. You can plant explosive and to break the structures, or make bullet holes by shooting. It is a survival game.

Among the various shooting games like arena warfare, Dota 2 and valorant Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege is the easiest and most tactical. You need to develop your strategies and plan your next move. Every wrong step that you take can lead to your defeat. In this game, you build your awareness of your environment. You can never find a realistic and intense solo player shooting experience anywhere, but this game offers it all. 

It has 20 unique maps, and it all leads you to unusual and exciting arenas. Every feature of this game leads to incredible destructive power. You gain your freedom in destroying, smashing, and killing. 

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