Killjoy, like her namesake, is skilled in the art of “securing crucial battlefront positions with her collection of weaponry” and may employ her robots to sneak into and lockdown rival fortifications.

She mainly uses her skills to gain map control. This might be as simple as securing flanks while pushing a facility, or it could mean providing an abundance of defense information.

Killjoy has abilities that deploy robotic gadgets, whether it’s the little Alarmbot that seeks out foes or her ultimate ability, which confines enemies in a certain radius and makes them extremely immobile and vulnerable to attack.

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the Valorant agent, including all of her powers and suggestions for how to use her equipment.

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The Best Killjoy Tips

As a Sentinel, Killjoy is fantastic at collecting information while in battle. Take note of this when employing her abilities: while hiding from their line of sight, they may also be utilized to inflict debuffs or deal devastating blows to opponents with strong attacks (or both!). There’s no need to ignore their use as all-purpose instruments that allow us to keep track of our foes’ movements.


The ‘Killjoy’ version of Raze’s Boom Bot is a less-deadly variant of the original. When you install an Alarmbot, it goes into hiding until another opponent comes within range of it or its disguise fades (as with Cypher’s Trapwires).

It chases down and destroys an opponent in an instant when activated. It may be shot and destroyed, or it will explode, leaving your adversary “vulnerable.” Tailwind allows Jett, the only person who can outrun Alarmbot’s detonation before it goes off, to do so. If you don’t want to become exposed, agents must eliminate it or obstruct its path. Even if they are able to take down the bot – at the very least, you will know where an adversary is.

The vulnerability status effect can be used by Killjoy. For four seconds, your opponents will receive double damage from all attacks. The double damage will place the victim at a significant disadvantage in a game where every shot counts.

Tucking the Alarmbot around a corner is a fantastic first step in setting it up. Valorant’s emphasis on peak timing and ensuring that you have eyes on your foes’ locations while winning fights is crucial. This implies that agents are less likely to look down when rounding a corner. You can download valorant here.

Place an Alarmbot near a bend and Killjoy can hide; an opponent will look, set off the Alarmbot, and then Killjoy has a perfect opportunity to peer herself and take out the exposed foe. A basic play, but since there are so many corners, it will keep foes off guard on defense and can be used as a flank deterrant on offense.

The Alarmbot may be used in a variety of ways in the attack. Why not place an alarm bot in another lane to keep track of your opponents’ movements if you’re pushing a lane?

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The ‘Killjoy’s Turret’ is a great tagging device in addition to being a powerful weapon. Of course, when it comes to the Turret, most people’s first idea is to put it somewhere that discourages overly aggressive opponents. The Turret’s true damage is merely 50%, and it fires three bursts in quick succession. Excellent players will turn and destroy it after just 150hp because it only has one weak point.

This provides an excellent bait opportunity, but there’s no doubt that it’ll be utilized as such. Killjoy can hide and wait for her Turret to be activated. Enemies will naturally turn their attention to the attacking Turret, giving Killjoy a chance to peek and eliminate them.

The Turret’s range appears to be limitless. The farther the Turret is from the target, the less damage it will inflict. Killjoy’s scanning technology allows it to see enemy movement in real time. This information is then fed back into the game world, which enables Killjoy to provide you with critical knowledge regarding your opponents’ locations.

The Turret is a bit more challenging to utilize on the attack. If opponents are choking a choke point, you may deploy the Turret within the smoke so that it can tell you whether or not any foes are still hiding in the fog when it fades away.

Nanoswarm Grenade

Killjoy’s Nanoswarm is comparable to Cypher’s Cage, which is activated by gazing at it and pressing F. This implies that the skill’s execution time is very important, especially when agents can see the grenade up close and move to destroy it.

The first step in hiding a grenade is to conceal it along the same lines as the Alarmbot, but also hide it within physical obstructions.In the nooks and crannies behind plant pots, behind drop-down points, and in the shadows are all fantastic locations to conceal the grenade that won’t attract attention right away.


Additionally, throwing a grenade into locations you suspect an opponent may be hiding is a fantastic strategy. It will damage the enemy when it bursts, confirm your suspicions if it is destroyed, or your adversary will be flushed out of their hideout – all situations that give you an edge.


Lockdown is a wonderful clearing tool. Its flexibility is enormous, and despite its complexity, it will cause aggressors to make instantaneous judgments. What would they do if they were caught? What other options do they have if their home is raided? Could it be a chance to swing out and destroy the device before its effects take hold?

Lockdown’s victims will be detained, which means they’ll be halted for eight seconds and their firearms and abilities will be taken away from them. They’re useless for that time. Killjoy isn’t informed of where victims are, but she will be informed how many foes have been harmed, so she’ll know whether the region is safe.

The ‘Lockdown’ option has a wide range that is large enough to cover any single point, and it may even cover parts of two points on Haven. Choose the best place for your objective. This is critical to figure out what you want to accomplish. On offense, this can be vital in forcing the opposition of a strongly contested area, allowing your team to stroll on-site unopposed.

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