Whether you’re selecting all-female champions in League of Legends for thematic reasons, participating in a female-champion-only challenge, or simply drawn to the unique aesthetics and personalities of these characters, we’re here to guide you. Here are the top 5 most-played female champions for top, mid, and bot lanes in 2024, to help you make the perfect choice for your gameplay.

FIORA: The Grand Duelist

Fiora, known for her relentless pursuit to restore her family’s honor, dominates the top lane as an unrivaled duelist. Her kit is designed for melee fighting, excelling in 1v1 matchups, and she’s notorious for her high damage and mobility. Fiora’s build is particularly effective against bruiser champions with high HP.

Fiora’s Skills:

  • Passive: Duelist’s Dance – Marks enemy champions with a vital spot, granting movement speed and health restoration upon hitting it.
  • Q: Lunge – Dashes in a direction, dealing damage and applying on-hit effects.
  • W: Riposte – Evades all incoming damage for a brief period, then stabs her weapon. If it blocks an immobilizing attack, it stuns the first champion hit; otherwise, it slows them.
  • E: Blade Work – Increases attack speed for the next two basic attacks; the first slows, and the second always critically hits.
  • R: Grand Challenge – Marks four vitals on an enemy champion. Hitting all four vitals or at least one before the champion dies heals you and your allies in the area.
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LEBLANC: The Deceiver

LeBlanc, a master of deception and trickery, has been a formidable presence in the mid-lane since her release. Her kit excels at high magical burst damage and offers exceptional escape capabilities with her passive ability that creates a clone to confuse opponents.

LeBlanc’s Skills:

  • Passive: Mirror Image – Turns invisible and spawns a clone when health drops below 40%.
  • Q: Sigil of Malice – Damages and marks an enemy, dealing additional damage if LeBlanc damages them within 3.5 seconds.
  • W: Distortion – Dashes to a location, dealing AOE magic damage, with the option to return to the starting location.
  • E: Ethereal Chains – Sends out a chain that damages and, if attached for 1.5 seconds, roots the target.
  • R: Mimic – Casts an empowered version of the last spell cast.

CAMILLE: The Steel Shadow

Camille, a top-lane fighter enhanced with Hextech technology, is known for her perfectionist attitude and duty to maintain order in Piltover and the Zaun undercity. Her kit requires precision and offers rewarding gameplay with flexibility during the mid-game.

Camille’s Skills:

  • Passive: Adaptive Defenses – Gains a shield against the main damage type of the enemy champion hit.
  • Q: Precision Protocol – Empowers a basic attack, with a second strike dealing more damage if delayed.
  • W: Tactical Sweep – Sweeps her leg in a cone, dealing damage, with the edge of the cone dealing extra damage, slowing, and healing Camille.
  • E: Hookshot – Jumps onto a wall and can leap off at an enemy, knocking them up.
  • R: The Hextech Ultimatum – Locks an enemy champion in a mini arena, dealing extra damage to them with basic attacks.

VAYNE: The Night Hunter

Vayne, a challenging ADC, excels in the bot lane with her close-ranged abilities and high-risk, high-reward gameplay. She struggles in the early game but becomes a formidable carry in later phases.

Vayne’s Skills:

  • Passive: Night Hunter – Gains extra movement speed when running toward an enemy champion.
  • Q: Tumble – Rolls in a direction, empowering the next basic attack.
  • W: Silver Bolts – Stacks marks on enemies, dealing bonus true damage on the third consecutive hit.
  • E: Condemn – Fires a bolt that knocks back a target, dealing damage and stunning if the target hits a wall.
  • R: Final Hour – Empowers Vayne for a short time, granting extra damage, invisibility during Tumble

KATARINA: The Sinister Blade

Katarina is a hybrid assassin champion dominating the mid-lane with her lethal combination of physical and magical damage. Known for her high mobility and burst damage, mastering Katarina’s combos can be challenging but incredibly rewarding.

Katarina’s Skills:

  • Passive: Voracity – Dramatically reduces Katarina’s cooldowns if an enemy she damaged dies near her. Picking up a thrown dagger causes her to dash through nearby enemies, dealing extra damage.
  • Q: Bouncing Blade – Throws a blade that bounces between enemies, dealing damage before landing on the ground.
  • W: Preparation – Tosses a dagger into the air above her, gaining a burst of movement speed.
  • E: Shunpo – Teleports to a target, striking the nearest enemy upon landing, prioritizing champions over minions.
  • R: Death Lotus – Spins in place, throwing a barrage of daggers at up to three enemy champions, dealing significant magic damage.
  • These female champions are currently some of the top picks in League of Legends. Each champion offers unique skins to personalize your gameplay, allowing you to dazzle both teammates and opponents on the rift.

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