5 Best CS:GO Trading Sites for Skins in 2024

Looking for the best places to trade up CS:GO skins or even generate some extra cash to spend? Well, look no further! Here are the 5 best trading sites in 2024!

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Updated November 16, 2023.

CS:GO has some of the most valuable in-game items globally, with one case-hardened Karambit—famously known as the blue gem—going for over $1.5 million. There are loads of guides out there on how to trade up your skins, and if done correctly, you can end up getting profit sent straight into your wallet! Though selling through the Steam Marketplace is by far the safest way, the taxing on selling items is way higher than any of these sites have to offer, so it's way more beneficial to trade through these sites if you don't mind the extra effort.

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1. Swap.gg

Swap.GG interface displaying trading system


  • Quick and easy sign-up
  • Great item selection at fair values
  • Features items from multiple games
  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Cash payout for selling skins


  • 5% selling fee
  • KYC verification for real money withdrawals

Swap.gg has gotten more attention and better ratings recently and offers an easy and quick experience after an intuitive sign-in with your steam account. If you're looking to trade skin-for-skin, Swap.gg is the easiest place to do it!

2. DMarket

Dmarkets Marketplace displaying skins and NFTs


  • Loads of features
  • Great reputation
  • Good security and privacy
  • Supports skins from multiple games


  • 7% selling fee
  • Confusing interface

DMarket has been around for a while and has a great reputation across skin traders thanks to how secure the site is. You may have to jump through a few hoops to get started and navigate the site, but it might just become your favorite place for CS:GO trading after you get the hang of it.


CS.Money home page


  • Massive selection of items
  • Extremely popular
  • Instant transactions
  • Impressive built-in skin inspector and skin wiki
  • Cash payout available


  • 7% trading free
  • Limited cash-out options, and regional requirements
  • Slow price refresh rate on valuable skins

CS.MONEY may just have the biggest collection of skins to trade and sell out of any of the skin sites out there—and it's the most well-known. Though you can get paid straight to certain accounts, it largely depends on where you reside and comes with a pretty substantial payout fee. If you're alright with that, then you'll be more than happy with the great selection and speed of the site and its service.

4. SkinsMonkey

SkinsMonkey homepage displaying impressive statistics


  • User friendly
  • Big deposit bonus of 35%
  • First trade bonuses


  • No available option to withdraw real money

SkinsMonkey.com is one you often hear professionals repping, and although the site doesn't offer cash payouts, its pricing structure is super competitive, and getting started there is really beneficial. You might see some benefit in trading skins here and then selling on a different site may be a viable option if you're looking to rake in some bucks from CS:GO's lucrative skin market.

5. Tradeit.gg

Tradeit.GG homepage


  • Great sign-up bonus
  • Great selection of items across 4 games
  • Instant cash-out option
  • Great ratings


  • Large payout fee and minimum withdrawal requirement
  • Generally expensive items
  • Slow customer support

TradeIt has been around since 2017 and has received loads of positive ratings over its lifetime. The site boasts its almost-47 million total trades so far (a ridiculous amount over other sites) and has an inventory of over $5 million in skins. It's important to note that items here are generally more expensive than Steam listings, and you can only get a cash payout in larger sums with pretty substantial fees attached.

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Get More From the Game by Trading Your CS:GO Skins

Whether you're starting small with the inventory full of items you've earned in-game, or you're willing to invest a bunch of money into skin trading and opening crates, there is loads of opportunity to make some sweet cash off of Valve's most successful FPS shooter. Regardless of how secure Steam and these sites are, anyone can fall victim to scamming, so we suggest reading the warnings and anti-scam suggestions that come with all of these sites and trade safely!

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