Who Is K’Sante? Get to Know the New LoL Champion

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Updated July 25, 2023.

League of Legends' K'Sante, the Pride of Nazumah

The Hunters Pride

The newest champion to compete in the rift is a charismatic hunter who prides himself in being the best in his lane. K'Sante is a top-lane machine, which means that he can take a lot of damage while also having the ability to transform into a ruthless damage-dealing oppressor. This makes him almost unrivaled in the 1v1 duel department—if you're playing smart.

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K'Sante's Origin

K'Sante is the first champion we see coming from the City of Nazumah, a society built around a remote oasis in the deserts of Shurima. The people of Nazumah stand under no rule but their own. They protect their home from all the monsters who surround the oasis and depend on its waters to survive—and where there are monsters, there are also monster hunters.

Tutored by his parents, K'Sante dreamed of becoming the best warrior-hunter in the city. With his passion for the hunt and his strong will to fight and be the best, he teamed up with Tope. Tope is a strategic archer who would eventually become the lover of K'Sante. Together, they set off to take on the biggest threat to their society at the time—a snake-lion monster created from the power of Xerath. After both of them almost dying due to K'Sante's inability to slow down, Tope would leave the city to start a new life in a distant land. Left alone, K'Sante would have to come to terms with the fact that brute force without strategy isn't sufficient.

Therefore, K'Sante would start training in both strategy and strength to take on the monster himself. He will eventually succeed in his mission and forge his signature weapons—Ntofos—from the chunks of the beast's armor.

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K'Sante's Weapon

K'Sante's Ntofos are shaped like heavy stone L-batons and are capable of dishing out massive blunt-force blows to anyone who opposes him. These weapons come with a twist, though—upon casting his ultimate ability, K'Sante will shatter his Ntofos' protective layer, revealing deadly blades that allow him to deal more lethal damage to opponents.

K'Sante's Abilities

K'Sante has abilities that allow him to transform from a damage-soaking tank to a high-damage skirmisher who can 1v1 almost anyone in most situations. Not only is K'Sante's damage output determined by what state his weapons are in, but his damage resistance and defensive capabilities are too. This makes K'Sante more challenging to play than a standard top-lane bruiser.

Passive: Dauntless Instinct

K'Sante marks targets when he lands abilities on them. He can detonate the mark for extra damage (based on Max HP) with a basic attack.

All Out Form: K'Sante deals extra damage to marked targets, scaling with his bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

Q: Ntofo Strikes

K'Sante slams his Ntofos down in a line, dealing damage and slowing any enemy it comes into contact with, gaining a stack if it lands a hit. After 2 stacks, K'Sante's next Ntofo strike will send out a shockwave with a bit of extra length, knocking enemies toward him and stunning them briefly.

All Out Form: The strike will no longer slow, but it has a shorter cooldown.

W: Path Maker

Holding the ability will charge up a dash, which can be released to push back anyone he touches along with him to the end of his dash, stunning them when they land. K'Sante is Unstoppable and can tank a lot more damage during his dash. The longer the charge, the more damage Path Maker will deal.

All Out Form: Cooldown is instantly refreshed, and K'Sante can charge and dash faster, dealing more damage per dash. He is also tankier during the dash, but will no longer knock back targets in this form.

E: Footwork

K'Sante can also dash a short distance to gain a shield, or dash to a teammate to give shields to both them and himself. The shield scales with Max HP and lets you jump over walls if Footwork is cast onto another friendly player.

All Out Form: K'Sante can dash just far enough to reach through walls.

R: All Out

Casting K'Sante's ultimate will make him shatter his Ntofos into blades, knocking a targeted enemy back, stunning them, and landing behind them. Knocking an enemy into a wall will make K'Sante pursue his enemy through the entire length of the wall, dealing extra damage before landing behind them.

After the ability is cast, K'Sante will be in All Out Form, gaining extra attack damage that scales with his Armor and Magic Resist, but he'll also lose a portion of his health, and his total armor and magic resist will drop, too. K'Sante will return to his tank state after a period of time, but All Out can be cast again to perform the switch back early.

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Go All Out With K'Sante!

With an ability kit that splits into 2 like K'Sante's, it'll be a small challenge to get comfortable with casting his spells in the right order and finding out how to efficiently take on other opponents. However, the time and effort spent practicing with him will certainly pay off when you find yourself dominating the top lane against most other champions.

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