How to Get the Apex Legends Battle Pass (Without Spending $$$)

Apex Legends has some awesome cosmetics in the premium tiers of the battle pass. Find out how to gain access without paying a dime in this article.

Remi Smith

 on August 29, 2022. 
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Joel Taylor

Apex Legends is known for having some of the coolest cosmetics around, and those aren't the only things you get out of the Apex Legends battle pass. As you progress through the premium battle-pass levels, you'll be unlocking the following things:

  • Stackable team-XP boosting (up to 300%!)
  • Apex Packs, including legendary- and epic-tier packs
  • 1,300 Apex Coins
  • Exclusive transitions and trackers
  • Evolving legendary weapon skin

But is it possible to get the premium battle pass without spending any real money? Read on to find out.

Save Up for a Battle Pass Through Gameplay

The premium tiers of the batle pass can only be unlocked by spending Apex Coins, but there's a way to get hold of them without spending any real money. By playing through the free tier of the pass, you can earn enough Apex Coins to eventually unlock a premium battle pass! You can also get Apex Coins for free through Buff.

How Many Coins Do You Need?

You can progress through levels of the battle pass by earning battle-pass stars through challenges and leveling up. With a bit of patience and a lot of gameplay, you can grind through the free tier of the pass, which will earn you 200 Apex Coins once you complete it. By grinding through a few passes, you'll eventually accumulate 950 Apex Coins, enough to unlock the premium tiers.

Furthermore, once you've got that premium pass, you'll be getting 1,300 Apex Coins every season with a new battle pass. Essentially, getting the premium pass once ensures that you'll be able to get it for the rest of your Apex Legends career (assuming you play enough, of course).

And hey, if you're not feeling the battle pass, or have extra Apex Coins saved up, you can always head into the store and reward yourself with some great cosmetics.

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