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A gamer playing League of Legends on gaming PC after purchasing some Mythic Skins
CosmeticsMythic Skins in League of Legends: What They Are & How to Buy ThemHey there, summoner! Did you know that Mythic Skins are like the rock stars of cosmetics, some of the rarest skins in League of Legends. They're the ultra-rare, jaw-dropping skins that make your champion look like they just stepped out of a mythical realm. We're talking mind-blowing visual effects, animations, and sounds that'll give you and your enemies goosebumps. » New to League of Legends? Be sure to check out the best Legends for first-time players How Rare Are Mythic Skins? Some Mythic Skins Can Take Years to Grind For While the list of mythic skins is already pretty extensive and growing, getting your hands on one can be extremely time-consuming (and expensive in most cases), making them a far more impressive feat than owning Legendary or even Ultimate Skins you can snag from the shop. Mythic Skins aren't only really difficult to obtain because of the grind to save up for one but are also on rotations that only change every few months (except when they add new un-vaulted Prestige Skins), so if you've got a specific skin in mind that you're saving up and grinding for, you may have to wait months (or years if your grind is slow). Types of Mythic Skins There are some exceptions to obtaining a Mythic Skin, such as those obtained from limited-time events or grinding to the end of a battle pass with a featured skin—or when Riot is feeling generous and gives us all a free skin (looking at you 10-year anniversary). As awesome as these otherwise unobtainable Mythic Skins are, it's the Hextech Skins and Prestige Skins that really stand out as the most impressive and rarest skins to own: Hextech Skins are carried over from the old Hextech crafting system that allowed players to obtain rare skins for free. They were some of the OGs in the "rare skin" categories, but could only be obtained the same way as Prestige Skins, making them rare and highly sought after.Prestige Skins are upgraded and reworked versions of popular skins that usually belong to champions with a high pick rate. While a re-work may seem less impressive than a whole new skin dedicated to the champion, the quality of the changes to the visuals, effects, and sounds are so good that they make an already world-favorite skin even better. How to Unlock Mythic Skins for Free Even though the mission to save enough essence for a Mythic Skin seems like an expensive one, there are ways to get there without spending a dime: Levels When you hit summoner level 150, and for every 50 levels beyond that, you'll be rewarded with some Mythic Essence as a token of your progress.Honor system Be a team player, spread the love, and the honor will come pouring in! If you've earned enough GGs and honors from your fellow teammates, your efforts won't go unnoticed. You might find yourself with a shiny Masterwork Chest that might hold some Mythic Essence.Insane luck Ready to test your luck? Sometimes, the cosmos align just right, and you'll be blessed with the (0.04%) chance to get a Mythic Skin Shard when you open a chest or orb. You can unlock the skin using orange essence, which is basically free! » Learn more: How to get Mythic Essence for free Download Buff Buff is the easiest free way to gain Mythic Essence. All you need to do is sign up and run Buff in the background while you play, and we'll track your performance so you can passively earn Buff Points that you can redeem for Riot gift cards. » Learn more about Buff and download it for free Best Ways to Purchase Mythic Skins The Mythic Store is your exclusive destination for getting your hands on those coveted Mythic Skins in League of Legends. Whether you're eyeing Prestige Skins, Hextech Skins, or those rare un-vaulted Mythic Gems from special events, you'll be navigating to your loot box to make your purchase. All of this will require Mythic Essence, one of LoL's in-game currencies. Understanding Mythic Essence Your best shot at scoring some Mythic Essence is through chests like Hextech Chests, Masterwork Chests, or Event Orbs. There's only a small chance for a random drop, but you're guaranteed a stash for every few Masterwork Chests you purchase. To speed up your collection, consider bulk-buying those chests. Events Now, when events hit the scene, keep an eye out for the Event Shop. Here's where you can trade in your hard-earned Event Tokens for some Mythic Essence. Speaking of events, some of them even feature exclusive Mythic Skins that you can unlock. Just remember that to claim these exciting rewards, you'll need to purchase the event pass and collect all the paid-tier Event Tokens. Amazon Prime Gaming If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, here's an exciting perk for you! Along with Prime Gaming, you'll receive monthly capsules loaded with awesome rewards that might even have some Mythic Essence, a sweet thank-you gift from the big boss himself, Jeff Bezos! » A fan of LoL esports? See how you can earn stream drops Are Mythic Skins Worth It? So, when it comes to the question of whether Mythic Skins are worth it in League of Legends, we think so! These rare gems offer a level of prestige and exclusivity that sets your champion apart from the crowd. With stunning visuals, unique animations, and special effects, Mythic Skins can truly elevate your gaming experience, and you can get them for free with a little extra help from Buff.
A gamer buying a new skin in Valorant
CosmeticsGaming in Style: Best Valorant Skins You Can’t Play WithoutValorant has arguably the best weapon skins of any game out there. Although they come at a hefty price and tight availability, that only makes them worth more. There's not much better than showing off your awesome skins to your friends and enemies. Wondering which skins make the most impact on people? Well, look no further! The skins in this blog are sure to get you some extra attention. » Read how you can score a Valorant gift card Best Operator Skins Best Themed Skin for Operators Sentinels of Light Operator This skin, when upgraded with Radianite points, forms its barrel with floating chunks of magic marble-like stone. It also shoots rays of light with very apt sound effects attached. The weapon skin is a crossover with Riot's other game title, League of Legends, and features animations and kill effects that tickle the fancy of anyone who is a fan of both games. VP Price: 2,175Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants Most Expensive Operator Skin Elderflame Operator If I could, I'd have put Elderflame in all 3 categories for the Operator, as it's one of the most popular skins in the game. It features awesome flaming bullets and dragon sound effects when firing and reloading. Plus, the animations are like no other in the game. The skin can change between 4 colors when leveled up all the way. VP Price: 2,475Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants Most Popular Operator skin Araxys This skin looks like an Operator made from alien technology. The gun breathes and shifts as you shoot and reload, making you feel like you're in sync with a living weapon. The laser-like shots and awesome finishers are very apt for this theme and are a fan favorite in the Valorant community. VP Price: 2,175Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants variants Best Phantom Skins Best Themed Skin for Phantom Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom This gun lets off awesome comic-book effects as you shoot your rounds and reload. If you love the comic-book style, you'll love playing with this skin. VP Price: 1,775Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, finishers Most Expensive Phantom Skin Spectrum Phantom All of the spectrum skins have an understandably high price tag. That's because the electronic artist Zedd did a collaboration with Valorant to make a series of awesome music- and soundwave-related weapon skins. This skin comes in some stunning color choices, and it has a finisher worth bragging about. VP Price: 2,675Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants Most Popular Phantom skin Oni Phantom This Phantom skin is the most popular almost entirely thanks to how good the gun sounds when fired. The gun comes with all the extras, but there's no other gun that sounds as good as the silenced SMG sounds that come out of this baby. VP Price: 2,175Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants Best Vandal Skins Best Themed Skin for Vandals Sakura Vandal A nice, clean vandal skin featuring cherry blossom trees over a monotone grey—simple, elegant, and affordable. VP Price: 1,275Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: None Most Expensive Vandal Skin Elderflame Vandal This Elderflame vandal skin features similar extras as its Operator counterpart, but it comes with its own animations more appropriate for the vandal weapon type. This weapon has been in the game for years now, and is still a fan-favorite for most Valorant players. VP Price: 2,475Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants Most Popular Vandal skin Prime Vandal The Prime Vandal has a very recognizable bullet sound that strikes fear into the hearts of any who face it. The gun shoots laser shots and comes with epic finishers, alongside a very well-designed reload animation. The skin gains a lot of its popularity thanks to its affordable price tag for an evolving weapon. VP Price: 1,775Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants Best Knife Skins Best Themed Skin for Knives BlastX Knife This little thing seems way friendlier than it really is. Designed to look like a toy, with a blade that clicks as it slides out of its handle by its thumb-switch, the knife gives an ironically "safe" feel to the deadly weapon. VP Price: 4,450Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, animations, color variants Most Expensive Knife Skin Elderflame Dagger The perfect addition to pull out when you own another Elderflame weapon skin; this weapon sets itself on fire when drawn, adding a little extra spice to your melee attacks. VP Price: 4,950Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Visual effects, animations variants Most Popular Knife skin RGX 11Z Pro Blade There are loads of people with a weird attraction to RGB out there, and I'm totally one of them. As this blade extends, it shines a light that can be changed with your inspect key. This allows you to slice your enemies up with all sorts of colors! The color variants of the blade change the color of its handle. VP Price: 4,350Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Visual effects, animations, color variants » Need a few more VPs for your favorite skin? Get Valorant points for free Best Valorant Skin Collections Best Themed Skin Collections in Valorant Elderflame The Elderflame collection is the collection I think of when discussing the coolest skins ever made for FPS games. The bundle, when available, comes with all of its skins and a few extras—but be ready to pay a steep price for them! VP Price: 9,900Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants, titles, sprays, gun buddies Most Expensive Valorant Skin Collection Zedd X Valorant SPECTRUM Being part of the collaboration in its entirety is a cool feeling indeed, pulling out weapon after weapon with groovy tunes and sweet effects never gets old... but it sure is an investment! VP Price: 10,700Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants, titles, sprays, gun buddies Most Popular Skin Collection Reaver & Reaver 2.0 The first Reaver weapon set was so successful they released a new wave of them! Both packs are the same price in VP, and each comes with a pistol and knife skin, spoiling you for choice! Naturally, Omen mains love this bundle, but the weapons look good on anyone, really! VP Price: 7,100Availability: In-store when availableUnique Extras: Sound effects, visual effects, animations, finishers, color variants, titles, sprays, gun buddies Aesthetics Meet Performance—Embrace the Best Valorant Skins Now that you know which skins to look out for, all that's left is to prepare your disposable income and wait for these skins to hit the shop on rotation! You might get luckier getting your desired skin when the bundle containing it comes around, but beware of the price tags! You could get a little close to grabbing your next skin with a gift card from Buff! Try it out! » Don't want to pay for skins? Get Valorant skins for free
A woman playing Apex Legends with a skin
CosmeticsTop 13 Apex Legends Skins That Will Blow Your MindIn the exhilarating universe of Apex Legends, battles are not only won with talent and skill—they're also fought in style. Within this captivating and immersive world, skins reign supreme, transforming weapons, Legends, and even the smallest details into visual masterpieces. Skins are so engrained into Apex Legends that—unless a player has just started an account—you'll hardly ever see players in-game without some sort of cosmetic skin. If you've never been exposed to the cosmetic world of Apex Legends, prepare to be enchanted by a diverse array of skins, ranging from awe-inspiring weapon skins that strike fear into your enemies to Legend skins that personify power and individuality. Finally, let's not forget the delightful embellishments known as Charms, adding an extra touch of charm and personality to your weapons in Apex Legends. » Earn Apex Coins as you play—download Buff for free and EARN the skins The Best Character Skins 1. Wraith - Apex Voidshifter We couldn't start this list off without a Prestige skin. Every season Respawn gives us an "ultimate" cosmetic to deck out your favorite legend with. The thing is... they're REALLY challenging to obtain. This skin evolves as you get more damage while using it, and you can select which evolution you'd like to play with once you've unlocked them all. This Mythic skin, like others, comes with a unique finisher once you've gotten 100,000 damage racked up. If you're a Wraith main, this is the skin for you, and if you're lucky enough to have gotten two mythic Apex packs, you can pair up this ultimate skin with her "heirloom" Mythic melee weapon—the Kunai. Availability: Available anytimePrice: 150 Mythic ShardsRelease period: December 2022 » Learn all about heirloom shards in Apex Legends 2. Valkyrie - Azure Blessing This is the skin that Valkyrie should have come with, in my opinion. It's Valkyrie dressed as a... well, a Valkyrie. This skin comes in a gold version too, but silver fits the theme better. Availability: Available anytimePrice: 1,200 Mythic ShardsRelease period: April 2021 3. Loba - Breaking the Law "I'm ALWAYS dressed to kill." Loba has more sass than any Legend in the game, and what better way to compliment that sassiness than with an appropriately-fancy punk outfit, including a unique hairstyle? So, "What do you get for the girl who has everything?" This skin is what. Availability: Unavailable (Season 12 Battle Pass)Price: 950 Apex Coins for the Battle Pass, and get to level 50Release period: February 2022 4. Revenant - Revelations This skin is a tribute to the Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, specifically unit 9. Respawn clearly has some anime lovers in their skin team since there are anime skins for multiple Legends. Availability: Available anytimePrice: 1,200 Crafting MetalsRelease period: July 2022 The Best Weapon Skins 1. CAR - Outlands Obliterator This reactive skin is available at the end of the current Battle Pass! The skin features red-on-red engravings and embossing on a beautiful metallic version of the gun. As you get kills with the weapon, its heat vents open up to reveal its electric interior while pulsing with electricity in the stock and over the side of the gun. Availability: Available till the end of this season (S17)Price: 950 Apex Coins for the Battle Pass, and to get to level 110Release period: May 2022 » Bought the wrong skin? See how to refund your Apex Coins 2. Hemlok - Cardiac Assault This Hemlok skin is a deep red with a bloody theme, but what highlights this skin is the clean iron sights. This skin is much nicer to use than the base skin when you're trying to cut out any visual blocks when aiming. Availability: Available anytimePrice: 1,200 Crafting MetalsRelease period: October 2021 3. Spitfire - Molten Soul Another Reactive skin is the Molten Soul for the Spitfire. This skin is made to look like a serpentine dragon, and as you get frags with the gun equipped, the gun starts to feel like it's coming alive with a heart-beat and breathing animation. Availability: Unavailable (Season 14 Battle Pass)Price: 950 Apex Coins for the Battle Pass, and get to level 110Release period: August 2022 4. R301 - Ghostly Graveyard This green and purple R301 rare skin was part of a Halloween event in 2019, and it features a glow-in-the-dark skeleton of a prowler on the side. This rare skin stands out like no other in darker spaces. It's just a shame it's never become available since that event. Availability: Unavailable (season 3 event)Price: Unlocked from an eventRelease period: October 2019 5. 30-30 Repeater - Wild West This skin not only looks amazing with its white and black color scheme and beautiful curves and edges but also has better iron sights than the base 30-30 Repeater. Plus, it can be bought at any time for Crafting Metals. Availability: Available anytimePrice: 1,200 Crafting MetalsRelease period: February 2021 6. Wingman - Red Rocket This is potentially the most loved weapon skin in the entire game. The skin is a recolor of the Merciless Wing skin, a favorite skin of many pros thanks to its clean and easy-to-use iron sights. The only way to get hold of the recolor is to own Merciless Wing and wait for the recolored skin named Red Rocket to become available in the daily rotations in the store. The recolor will cost you a further 10,500 Legend Tokens, which you can get just by playing. Availability: Available on rotationPrice: 1,200 Crafting Metals + 10,500 Legend TokensRelease period: February 2019 » Match your skill with your style and boost your Apex Legends sniping skills The Best Charm Skins 1. Nessy Every one of the Nessy charms (and there's a lot now) is awesome and loved by basically the entire community. Nessy is a mascot made by Apex that accidentally became super popular amongst players of the game. Many versions of the mascot get released as charms that you can equip to your guns. I myself am on a mission to equip every gun with a different Nessy charm. Availability: Available in seasonal eventsPrice: Unlock by completing challenges in eventsRelease period: Every season 2. PotatOS When Apex came to Steam, you had a limited time to claim 3 charms; a Half-Life crab head walker, Wattson holding a Portal Cube, and this, a reference to GladOS in Portal. Availability: UnavailablePrice: FreeRelease period: July 2020 3. Bobblehead M.R.V.N. Bobblehead M.R.V.N. is the perfect companion to have alongside any weapon equipped with dark skin. Who doesn't want their own mini-assistant on their gun? Too bad you can't get a golden arm from him! Availability: Available anytimePrice: 1,200 Crafting MetalsRelease period: February 2019 » Want to know how much time you've spent in-game? Check your Apex Legends playtime hours Elevate Your Style With the Best Apex Legends Skins So, Legends, whether you're seeking to strike fear into your opponents, showcase individuality to your friends, or simply revel in the artistry of these skins, Apex Legends offers an ever-expanding collection that continues to captivate players worldwide. Embrace your personal style, equip your favorite skins and charms, and let the battlefield become your canvas of expression. If you're a little short on change for your next skin, why not try using Buff for a free gift card to help you out? Try it out here!
 Gamer getting a free a Fortnite skin
CosmeticsNo V-Bucks? No Problem! How to Get Free Fortnite SkinsFor over a decade, there's been a love-hate relationship around in-game cosmetics like character skins. You might be familiar with that internal struggle when you see that amazing skin that really suits you but has a fat price tag. So, you think to yourself, "Am I willing to spend more money on this game to look cool?" Well, Fortnite is one of those games that have such an awesome variety of skins that you're almost always tempted to top-up your V-Bucks for the next battle pass or themed character. Thankfully though, you can add more V-Bucks and skins to your account without putting any extra strain on your wallet—and here's how. » See how you can earn money by playing Fortnite 1. Download Buff Buff, if you haven't heard of it yet, allows gamers to claim gift cards for their favorite apps and shops just by playing their favorite games. Basically, while Buff is open (Buff is an Overwolf partner and works like an overlay), it lets you earn points on their app by playing your games and completing extra challenges that Buff assigns to you in their app. After you've gathered enough points, you can trade them in for an available gift card of your choice. V-Bucks gift cards are on the market here and there, so keep an eye out for them! We've previously written an article on exactly how Buff works if you'd like to know all the details. 2. Participate in Official Events and Challenges Every year, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, host a variety of exciting events and challenges that provide players with opportunities to earn V-Bucks and other enticing rewards. These events range from in-game tournaments to community-driven competitions and special limited-time modes. By participating in these events, players can showcase their skills while earning V-Bucks, exclusive cosmetic items, emotes, sprays, loading screens, and even unique character skins. You'll often see themed challenges during seasonal events, such as Halloween or winter holidays, allowing players to immerse themselves in the festive spirit while earning valuable in-game currency. 3. Refer a Friend Fortnite's refer-a-friend system provides players with another opportunity to earn V-Bucks. The system is currently not active, but when it does come up again, it's good to be prepared. By getting your friends on board, you can receive rewards after meeting certain criteria, like reaching specific gameplay milestones or making in-game purchases. They'll get rewards, too! You just have to: Sign up for the "Refer A Friend" program on Epic Games when it goes live again.Invite your friends (up to 5 last time) to play Fortnite via the link you get from the sign-up in step 1.Complete in-game tasks together, like leveling up, getting wins, and playing different modes.Track your goals with the Points Page on the sign-up page and claim your rewards, from V-Bucks to unique character outfits. 4. Pay Attention to Free Giveaways and Promotions Epic Games is known for the obscenely large amount of free games they give away to their users every year. Sometimes, Epic Games extends their generosity even further by handing out free in-game rewards and cosmetics and even discount gift cards! These extra goodies usually come around when the company hosts an event, such as the Fortnite World Cup, or during seasonal events, like Christmas or Halloween. There are also loads of other events in between these major ones, so pay attention to updates to get some free goodies! You can stay up-to-date by keeping an eye on your notifications. You'll get updates all the time if you set the Epic Launcher to start when you boot up your Windows and if you set your notifications to "on" in the settings. 5. Have Twitch Prime or PlayStation Plus We know both Twitch Prime and PS+ aren't exactly free... but the rewards you get for having them are! Both of these services offer so much more than just occasional free skins and cosmetics, so we suggest reading up on everything they have to offer. The rewards for each subscription are different, so you can sign up for both if you own a PlayStation console. If you're a PS+ user, you'll occasionally be rewarded with free in-game items. On top of that, you can find a free Fortnite bundle in the PS store that contains a few cosmetic goodies. Check the store occasionally for when more free bundles come out! If you're a Twitch Prime user, you can link your Epic account to your Twitch account, and you'll receive your rewards automatically. There's a good chance you'll receive some V-Bucks at some point, along with all the other cosmetics that Twitch likes to hand out. Unlock Your Fortnite Style for Free Now, armed with this guide, you now have the insider knowledge to rock the coolest Fortnite skins without spending a dime. Start collecting your free skins today so you can stand out on the battlefield and become the envy of your friends and opponents. » Read more about Fortnite's 50v50 mode and why it's so popular

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