Mythic Skins in League of Legends: What They Are & How to Buy Them

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By Remi Smith
Joel Taylor, editor for Buff
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Published July 28, 2023.

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Hey there, summoner! Did you know that Mythic Skins are like the rock stars of cosmetics, some of the rarest skins in League of Legends. They're the ultra-rare, jaw-dropping skins that make your champion look like they just stepped out of a mythical realm. We're talking mind-blowing visual effects, animations, and sounds that'll give you and your enemies goosebumps.

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How Rare Are Mythic Skins?

Some Mythic Skins Can Take Years to Grind For

While the list of mythic skins is already pretty extensive and growing, getting your hands on one can be extremely time-consuming (and expensive in most cases), making them a far more impressive feat than owning Legendary or even Ultimate Skins you can snag from the shop. Mythic Skins aren't only really difficult to obtain because of the grind to save up for one but are also on rotations that only change every few months (except when they add new un-vaulted Prestige Skins), so if you've got a specific skin in mind that you're saving up and grinding for, you may have to wait months (or years if your grind is slow).

Types of Mythic Skins

There are some exceptions to obtaining a Mythic Skin, such as those obtained from limited-time events or grinding to the end of a battle pass with a featured skin—or when Riot is feeling generous and gives us all a free skin (looking at you 10-year anniversary). As awesome as these otherwise unobtainable Mythic Skins are, it's the Hextech Skins and Prestige Skins that really stand out as the most impressive and rarest skins to own:

Hextech Skins are carried over from the old Hextech crafting system that allowed players to obtain rare skins for free. They were some of the OGs in the "rare skin" categories, but could only be obtained the same way as Prestige Skins, making them rare and highly sought after.

Prestige Skins are upgraded and reworked versions of popular skins that usually belong to champions with a high pick rate. While a re-work may seem less impressive than a whole new skin dedicated to the champion, the quality of the changes to the visuals, effects, and sounds are so good that they make an already world-favorite skin even better.

How to Unlock Mythic Skins for Free

Even though the mission to save enough essence for a Mythic Skin seems like an expensive one, there are ways to get there without spending a dime:

  • Levels When you hit summoner level 150, and for every 50 levels beyond that, you'll be rewarded with some Mythic Essence as a token of your progress.
  • Honor system Be a team player, spread the love, and the honor will come pouring in! If you've earned enough GGs and honors from your fellow teammates, your efforts won't go unnoticed. You might find yourself with a shiny Masterwork Chest that might hold some Mythic Essence.
  • Insane luck Ready to test your luck? Sometimes, the cosmos align just right, and you'll be blessed with the (0.04%) chance to get a Mythic Skin Shard when you open a chest or orb. You can unlock the skin using orange essence, which is basically free!

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Download Buff

Buff is the easiest free way to gain Mythic Essence. All you need to do is sign up and run Buff in the background while you play, and we'll track your performance so you can passively earn Buff Points that you can redeem for Riot gift cards.

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Best Ways to Purchase Mythic Skins

The Mythic Store is your exclusive destination for getting your hands on those coveted Mythic Skins in League of Legends. Whether you're eyeing Prestige Skins, Hextech Skins, or those rare un-vaulted Mythic Gems from special events, you'll be navigating to your loot box to make your purchase. All of this will require Mythic Essence, one of LoL's in-game currencies.

Understanding Mythic Essence

Your best shot at scoring some Mythic Essence is through chests like Hextech Chests, Masterwork Chests, or Event Orbs. There's only a small chance for a random drop, but you're guaranteed a stash for every few Masterwork Chests you purchase. To speed up your collection, consider bulk-buying those chests.


Now, when events hit the scene, keep an eye out for the Event Shop. Here's where you can trade in your hard-earned Event Tokens for some Mythic Essence. Speaking of events, some of them even feature exclusive Mythic Skins that you can unlock. Just remember that to claim these exciting rewards, you'll need to purchase the event pass and collect all the paid-tier Event Tokens.

Amazon Prime Gaming

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, here's an exciting perk for you! Along with Prime Gaming, you'll receive monthly capsules loaded with awesome rewards that might even have some Mythic Essence, a sweet thank-you gift from the big boss himself, Jeff Bezos!

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Are Mythic Skins Worth It?

So, when it comes to the question of whether Mythic Skins are worth it in League of Legends, we think so! These rare gems offer a level of prestige and exclusivity that sets your champion apart from the crowd. With stunning visuals, unique animations, and special effects, Mythic Skins can truly elevate your gaming experience, and you can get them for free with a little extra help from Buff.

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