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Buff faqsDota 2 Account Boosting: What It Is & Why You Need to Avoid ItEvery so often, taking a shortcut can mean gaining an unfair advantage over other people, and in the case of Dota 2 account boosting, it means causing negative impacts on your team play and the quality of your games. » Learn how to sell your Dota 2 skins on Steam Account Boosting There's no dodging the fact that learning and mastering Dota 2 and climbing the ranks in the MOBA takes a long, long time. Like in many other online competitive games, Valve has a simple rating system to measure your potential rank amongst thousands of other players called MMR (matchmaking rating). So far, there are 8 ranks in total, and every rank is split into 5 tiers. Players will earn a badge when reaching these tiers as they earn enough MMR, and can display and show off these badges publicly. Here's a breakdown of how much MMR is needed per rank: Herald 0 - 616 MMRGuardian 770 - 1,386 MMRCrusader 1,540 - 2,156 MMRArchon 2,310 - 2,926 MMRLegend 3,080 - 3,696 MMRAncient 3,850 - 4,466 MMRDivine 4,620 - 5,420 MMRImmortal 5420+ MMR Your rank represents how good you are at Dota 2 and the respective badges you own show other people you are a skilled player. However, some players aren't quite happy with where they're placed and are too tempted by a cheeky (and bannable) tactic called account boosting. This allows them to climb through the tiers to higher ranks without actually earning those placements through the effort that's required to get there. Account boosting isn't legal in Dota 2 and violates the terms of service you agree to when you play the game for the first time. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop loads of websites from advertising account boosting, and thousands of pros who are willing to boost low-ranked accounts for a certain price. How It Works Essentially, a player who has a low rank, or one who isn't happy with their current rank, will give their account over to another person or bot, who will then climb through ranks on their behalf. There are a few methods to boost accounts and all of them are frowned upon. Getting a friend or pro rank up for you: This seems to be tempting enough that people are willing to pay pros to play on their accounts and soar through the ranks. Smurfing: Even more tempting than getting your rank boosted by a pro, is being the pro getting paid to cheat the system by boosting accounts. Using a bot: Players who have been previously reported are moved to low-priority queues—and some 'hire' a bot to take their account out of low-priority lobbies. Implications on Game Play There's a reason Valve is trying to stomp on this behavior—not only is it unfair to players who climb legitimately, but it also causes huge balancing issues for many players' matches, and often for many matches too. Imagine you get a teamie who's been boosted all the way from Guardian to where you are in Ancient and has no idea how to play the game properly. That player would be a liability to the team and would continue to weigh down his teammates. Though the idea of quickly excelling to a high rank and slipping past all the trouble of grinding seems like an exciting idea to some, it really ruins the game for those players who have genuine intentions and are there to play fairly. Players who have their account boosted also tend to skip past essential lessons about the game that are learned by climbing through the ranks at a regular pace. Consequences of Account Boosting in Dota 2 If the idea of ruining the game for themselves and other players doesn't sway cheeky gamers from account boosting in Dota 2, Valve has some lovely measures in place. Dota 2 has in-game bans for offenses like toxic behavior and leaving matches early, and depending on how often you earn these bans, they can stack up from 10 min to 6 months—but account boosting incurs much bigger wrath from Valve: the VAC ban, a year-long ban. Final Words It's definitely not worth it to go through the incredible risk of having a VAC ban just to have your account boosted by a pro you had to pay. On top of that, you're just going to suffer each ranked game you play because you're not where you're supposed to be. There's a reason Valve made account boosting illegal, so be a team player and stay on your own account. While you're sweating it out while climbing the ranks in Dota 2, why not have Buff open in the background to earn some sweet free rewards?
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Buff faqsThe 7 Best League of Legends Champions for First-Time PlayersLeague of Legends is an extremely popular game, with its mobile equivalent, Wild Rift, making its way into the list of the highest esports prize pools. There are 160+ champions in League of Legends, with more than 200 items to buff them in-game during matches, so it's easy to feel overwhelmed when you open the game for the first time. There's a lot to learn, especially if you've never played a MOBA before, so if you're looking for a place to start, then you've found it. We've made a guide with some of the easiest and strongest champions to start with, so you can start winning your lane and carrying your team to victory while getting a nice variety of gameplay styles. 1. Garen—The Might of Demacia Garen is a melee attacker who wields a mighty broadsword and wears magic-resistant armor. He's capable of dishing out huge physical damage and has amazing sustainability thanks to his high hit-points and unique passive that lets him heal a percentage of his max health each second after not taking damage for a while. Garen is a very easy champion to use, and with the right items, you can get him to be ridiculously tanky. Garen's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Top Role: Fighter/TankDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Garen All champions have a downside, and Garen's is that he doesn't have much crowd control (stuns, slows, knockbacks, etc.) nor does he have a good way to initiate a fight. However, his abilities have no cost, so don't be afraid to be aggressive. » Take a look at Garen's abilities 2. Annie—The Dark Child Annie is a ranged spellcaster who has the power to call flames at will and is protected by a giant flaming teddy bear called Tibbers. She excels at dealing burst damage with her abilities and also has a great range on all of her kit. Her ultimate is a great way to initiate fights, and her passive stun provides a great way to control the lane. Annie's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Mid, BotRole: Spellcaster, Support Damage: Magical Tips for Playing Annie Annie has huge damage capability, but she's also slow and squishy and doesn't have any way to escape a fight if she needs to. When playing Annie, make sure to kite away from damage and focus your stun on the enemies' main damage dealer. Additionally, her stun comes up every 4th ability, so farm with her fireball Q (last hits restore mana) and attack enemies when you have your stun ready. Summoning Tibbers with a stun is a great way to start a fight, and it's easier to land. » Take a look at Annie's abilities 3. Ashe—The Frost Archer Ashe is a ranged attacker with the innate ability to wield the true power of ice. Ashe is amazingly easy to play and excels during the laning phase due to her high base damage and long range. Ashe is a bot lane ADC and usually benefits from having a support that can initiate fights and keep her opponents from reaching her. Ashe's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: BotRole: ADCDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Ashe Ashe is fun and easy to play, but, unfortunately, she's slow, making escaping fights a difficult endeavor. Keep an eye out for enemy jungler ganks during the laning phase, and don't forget to ward! Above all else, use your range to your advantage! Stay safe and keep poking your opponents, and always save enough mana for your ultimate, the enchanted crystal arrow—it's great if you need to initiate a fight or stun some enemies to provide an opportunity for escape. » Take a look at Ashe's abilities 4. Malphite—Shard of the Monolith Malphite is a magic-based melee attacker whose rocky exterior provides an amazing defense against all kinds of damage. He's a popular pick at most ranks in the LoL competitive scene due to his tankiness and amazing potential for initiating team fights. Malphite is an easy champion to play, and with the right build, you could easily be tanking tons of damage while still dishing loads of your own to multiple opponents. Malphite's Stats Cost: 1,350 Blue EssenceLane: Top, sometimes mid or jungleRole: Tank, FighterDamage: Magical Tips for Playing Malphite Malphite can cast his ultimate, unstoppable force, from brush or through walls and can hit multiple targets. Use this to initiate surprise fights for your team, or even to escape from ganks. » Take a look at Malphite's abilities 5. Jinx—The Loose Cannon Jinx is arguably one of LoL's most famous characters, and she's also one of the most popular champions to play. She's an easy-to-learn ranged physical attacker that excels at poking her opponents with long-ranged attacks and abilities. Jinx's Stats Cost: 4,800 Blue EssenceLane: BotRole: ADCDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Jinx Jinx has huge damage potential and can move around fairly quickly, but she's quite easy to kill as she's got very few hitpoints to work with. Jinx players nearly always have a support in the lane with them and play it extremely safe when soloing a lane. Jinx's ultimate can travel across the map, so keep an eye out for static fights or opponents trying to escape from a fight. Then, try and snipe them with your ultimate, the super mega death rocket. Timing does take a bit of practice, but it's super satisfying when you land your shot. » Take a look at Jinx's abilities 6. Warwick—The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun Warwick, a melee attacker, has been a popular pick for the jungle since the game launched. He's extremely easy to play, and he's really strong early game, so ganking early and stunting your opponents' progress in lanes is a popular tactic. Warwick's full potential unlocks when he reaches level 6, allowing you to easily pick off unsuspecting enemies throughout the rest of the match. Warwick's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Jungle, TopRole: Jungler, FighterDamage: Physical Tips for Playing Warwick Warwick is a great initiator and can snowball pretty well in the early game, but even though his damage type is physical, a lot of his damage is magic, so its best to keep an eye out for people building magical resistance. Warwick's Q, jaws of the beast, lets you jump behind enemies if held down, which makes dodging skill shots and following flash escapes very easy. use Warwick's E, primal howl, when healing during a fight for maximum defense. » Take a look at Warwick's abilities 7. Soraka—The Starchild Soraka is a ranged spellcasting support who has the highest team-healing potential in the game. Even after her major rework, Soraka is one of LoL's main supports with the highest sustain and can keep her teammate healthy throughout the laning phase. and can help any fight on the map with her global heal (R). Soraka's Stats Cost: 450 Blue EssenceLane: Bot Role: SupportDamage: Magical Tips for Playing Soraka Landing Soraka's Q, starcall, is super important for keeping your health up and enemies away from you. Soraka has huge healing potential, allowing her to help any fight on the map with her global heal (R), but she is slow and easy to poke. » Take a look at Soraka's abilities Just Keep Practicing! We'll be honest—your first game will probably seem tough and overwhelming, especially if you've joined in with friends who've got higher levels. So we'll leave you with our biggest tip: keep trying—you'll eventually find your lane and the champions you'll love to play in them, so for now, why not try out these listed easy-to-learn champions so you can focus on mechanics and gameplay and start racking up some S+ games! » Ready to earn some rewards while playing your favorite games? Download Buff and learn how it works
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Buff faqsPlaying Valorant's Fracture Map: Callouts, Strategies, & Pro TipsValorant's seventh map, Fracture, brought some spicy new flavor to the game back when it was released in 2021 as a part of Episode 3, Act 2. Valorant differentiates itself from other games in the FPS genre with its twists on the attacker-defender dynamic, which is clear on Fracture. The map is seemingly designed in a way that empowers the attacker side with an advantage over the defenders. That being said, there are some strategies you should know when it comes to playing on Fracture, so keep reading to find out. » Learn more about Valorant Fracture Map Overview While Fracture is a massive octagonal-shaped map, it plays like an H-shape due to the positioning of the attacker spawns and zip lines. While that makes it extremely difficult for the players new to the map to coordinate with their teammates, it also allows for those who know the ins and outs to make some sick plays. The attacker spawn is located on the bottom of the map, but can immediately access the top side through the zip line, and the defender spawn is encased smack dab in the middle of the map. There are four Ultimate Orbs scattered across the map. » Want free skins in Valorant? Take a look at the 2 in-game methods for doing so Attacking A Site on Fracture Callouts When attacking A Site, pay attention to A Rope and A Main. A Rope is a choke point you really want to have control over as it is an essential location to hold for both attacking A Site and after planting the spike. With control over A Rope, A Main becomes a safer option to get to A Site, as you can worry less about flanks coming from A Hall while having great coverage over A Site post-planting. Goal Your goal here is to quickly gain control over the key areas mentioned above to have strong positioning for A Site and line of sight into Defender spawn. Strategies Having your Controller smoke key areas like A Rope and A Link to impede defender advancement to A Site will do wonders for progressing through A Hall. Once you've planted the spike, A Main is a solid position to defend so long as you cover flanks from potential enemies wrapping around from A Hall. Defending A Site on Fracture Callouts When defending A Site, pay attention to A Hall and give at least a little attention to A Drop. Attackers will be rushing to secure A Rope, so make sure you are ready to counter. And though A Drop is not the preferred mode of entry for Attackers into A Site, be sure to respect the possibility. Goal Your goal here is to gain control over A Rope, as it will allow you to keep watch over the A Drop entry while being ready for the action coming from A Hall. Strategies Do not hunker down in the defender spawn! Fracture makes this an awful position that is easily beaten out with a couple of smokes from the opposing team. Attacking B Site on Fracture Callouts When attacking B Site, important callouts are B Tower, B Link, and B Canteen. Gaining control of B Tower gives you excellent lines of sight to the entry points into B Site leading into and post plant. B Link and B Canteen are important areas to launch smokes, singling out enemies on the defending team as you look to take B Site. Goal Your goal here is to attempt to gain control over B Tower as quickly as possible. Strategies Push hard in the beginning, and then be sure to mix things up and keep defenders guessing. There are even more entries to B Site for defenders to cover, so use that to your advantage and catch them off guard. Defending B Site on Fracture Callouts When defending B Site, keep watch over B Arcade and B Main, the main entry points where attackers will push into B Site. Goal Your goal here is to take out enemies with your Duelist leading the charge to try to get an upper hand on enemies advancing into B Site. Strategies As we mentioned before, defenders have it rough on this map with the number of entries they need to cover, so try to get early picks to turn the odds in your favor. Expert Tips & Tricks Don't Dodge Fracture The attacker and defender spawn positioning is a big part of what makes Fracture so different, which also means it takes a while to become accustomed to the imbalance. There are things you will get a grasp of with enough experience running through dozens of matches on the map. A Site Planting Lots of players will plant on Heaven on A Site, hiding behind the wall in the corner for cover. You can actually wallbang this wall, but not always! The angles and guns you use will actually determine the success of this method. Jump into a custom match with a friend to get an idea of how this works. Farm Ultimate Orbs Fracture is also special in that there is an extra Ultimate Orb on each site, totaling 4. Take advantage of this! Especially as you are still getting used to playing the map, having your ult up and ready might be the boost you need to push forward with confidence. » Get free rewards just for playing: Download Buff and see how it works Teamwork Is Essential on Fracture More so than most other maps, teamwork is paramount for successfully winning on Fracture—especially if you are defending. Stick to the advice we've provided in this article and be sure to run a few custom games to practice the strategies. » Not sure what to use your Buffs for? Learn all you need to know about Buff Points
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Buff faqsFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout—Get the Crown & Earn Buffs Too!This family-friendly game is a bright splash of color in the gaming world—a beautiful take on the trending Battle Royale-style games. This game brings controller-clutching gameplay that will have you leaning frantically all over your seat, and brings screams of joy, relief, and occasional frustration to the room. Mediatonic brings back the thrilling memories of a TV favorite, Wipe Out, and blends it with the nail-biting sense of excitement and suspense from the elimination show, Squid Games. With loads of consistent map additions, and limited themed cosmetics, Fall Guys is always exciting, especially if you own the battle pass. And now you can earn extra Buff Points while you're having fun! Keep reading to learn more. » Looking to use those Buffs for prizes? Discover all there is to know about Buff Points What Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout All About? Mediatonic, a British video game developer with Epic Games as a parent company, started releasing games in 2009, but really only took off with the release of Fall Guys in 2020. This was quickly followed by a massive popularity boost when Epic Games acquired Tonic Games Group, the company that owns Mediatonic. Fall Guys is now available to play for free on Windows PCs, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles with full cross-platform support! How to Play You'll start each round in a brightly colored map as a customizable bean character, where you're pitted against other players in an elimination-style set of arenas. Whether it's winning races, competing in teams, lasting in survival rounds, or fighting it out in sudden death, your goal in Fall Guys is to be the last bean standing. Doing so will earn you crowns to show off your wins. Fall Guys has a few rotating game modes, which feature team games, private lobbies, solo knockouts, and fun limited-time themed game modes that rotate within every season! At the time of writing, there have been 2 seasons each featuring amazing battle passes with awesome skins, items, and XP boosts! You might be dodging giant fruits and swinging hammers or trying to stay afloat on layers of disappearing platforms. There will be slippery pink goo to maneuver over and giant spinning fans threatening to yeet you across the map and back to the start. With all this considered, it's almost guaranteed you will be kept on your toes every round. Why We Love the Game Aside from its whimsical environments and challenging rounds, at its core, it's a game that lets friends and family play together across loads of platforms while meeting new friends around the world. On top of its ever-growing vibrant community, Buff has been excited to recently have brought Fall Guys into its library, only further enhancing the amazing experience that Fall Guys players have, by letting gamers get passive rewards just by playing the Ultimate Knockout online with your friends. Is it a silly game? Absolutely. But that's why it's so endearing. So, How Will It Work? Since Buff integrated with Fall Guys this year in 2022, it's never been easier to earn real-life rewards by playing this brightly colored title with your mates online. It's quite simple: Buff uses a stat tracking program called Overwolf to let them see your in-game progress and assign you challenges to earn the in-app currency, Buff Points. Buff works on PC and mobile and works with a freemium business model, allowing players to get higher tier paid-for subscriptions and watch optional adverts, letting Buff make some sweet rewards available to loyal gamers with no extra effort required. » Want to learn more about Buff? Read our guide to how Buff works Download Buff Getting started is super easy. Just head on over to the download page and hit download. Installing Buff will also automatically install Overwolf, the trusted Buff partner that allows the app to run on your PC so you can start earning rewards immediately. Earn Buffs While Playing Fall Guys As you're finishing matches and challenges you'll be earning Buff Points. you can also earn these points in fun-to-complete daily and weekly challenges, wheel spins, watching ads, and subscribing to premium tiers of the app. The more you play your favorite Buff-supported games, the more Buff Points you'll earn! Cash Out on Your Rewards After you've gathered enough Buff Points playing games over time, you'll be ready to redeem a sweet reward over in the Buff Marketplace. These rewards include gift cards to shops like Amazon, Apple, GameStop, Walmart, Google, and most gaming platforms, as well as gaming peripherals, in-game currencies, CD keys for full game titles, and even being able to donate your Buff points to planting trees and saving sea turtles around the world. What Are You Waiting For? So, if you're up for some family-friendly fun in the world's most colorful party royale, just hop onto your favorite gaming platform and download the game for free now! Double up the rewarding feeling of crossing those finish lines with some extra rewards by playing on PC with Buff. » Get started: Download Buff
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Buff faqsHow to Redeem Your Buff Points (+ What’s up for Grabs)So you already know that Buff helps you earn while you play, but let's get into the specifics of what Buff Points can be used for. The most asked questions across the Buff community are what the actual redeemable options are and how to redeem points for the goodies, and we're here to provide answers. What You Can Redeem Your Buff Points For There is a variety of options to choose from when it comes to redeeming your Buff Points in the Marketplace, so figure out what suits you best. Gift Cards Buff offers Amazon gift cards, which can be used to buy just about anything nowadays, or you can dig deeper into your love for gaming with gift cards from PlayStation or Xbox. Steam Keys Another redeemable option from the Buff Marketplace is Steam CD Keys, meaning you can get a full game directly by entering the key into your Steam account. Although you are not able to pick just any game as the games are predetermined by Buff, the dollar value from this redeemable option is usually one of the best. In-Game Skins There are also opportunities for limited and rare skins. These are some of the rarer rewards, so definitely be on the lookout and check the app frequently if you want to get your hands on one of these. If they aren't currently available, there are ways to get free skins in Valorant too. In-Game Currency You can also obtain in-game currency with Buff Points. One reward that is readily available is Riot Point cards. The RP can be used for any of Riot Games' titles, such as League of Legends and Valorant. Gaming Hardware The gaming hardware selection on the Buff Marketplace is exceptional, with loads of Razer stuff, the leading brand in gaming peripherals, allowing you to obtain a new gaming keyboard, mouse, or headset without spending a single dollar IRL. Obviously, you are going to need to save up your points for these bad boys, as they are typically the highest in Buff Point costs. » Haven't started collecting points yet? Download Buff How to Redeem Buff Points for Items in the Marketplace Now that you are all excited, it's time for the logistics. Here is the step-by-step play for how to get those redeemable items into your actual games or digital pockets. 1. Navigate to the 'Marketplace' on the Buff App After opening up the Buff App on your PC, click on the Marketplace tab on the left side of the window. You will then be able to see what items are available for you to redeem your points for. 2. Select the Item of Your Choice After scrolling through the items and coming to a decision on what you'd like to get, click on the item and choose the option to redeem your points in exchange for it. Keep in mind that there are items in the marketplace that are only available in certain regions—be sure to double-check that you are not purchasing something region-locked so that you don't waste your hard-earned Buff Points. (Link to targeted post: How Many Buff Points Can You Earn Per Hour) 3. Enter the 6-Digit Verification Code Sent to Your Email To ensure a super safe experience for you, there is a two-factor authentication process when making an exchange through Buff Marketplace. You will receive an email with a 6-digit verification code from Buff to enter into the app and verify the exchange. 4. Click 'Confirm' to Purchase After entering the code, give yourself one last moment to appreciate the Buff Points you earned through your playtime. Once you are done with that, click 'Confirm' to finalize the purchase. 5. The Item Will Show Up in Your Inventory The item you purchased will show up in your inventory once you are done, which you can easily find by going into the Inventory tab. Different types of items may be treated differently and require the correct verification steps to ensure the proper accounts are connected to your Buff Account. » Want to cash out? Learn how to redeem Buff Points via PayPal The time you spend playing your favorite games can add monetary value on top of the enjoyment you are already getting. So get Buff up and running and earn some points and get yourself some sweet rewards.
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Buff faqsWhy Every Overwolf User Needs to Install BuffIf you've ever played any popular competitive game along the likes of LoL, CS: GO, Rainbow 6 Siege, WoW, or Dota2, then you've probably heard of the ever-helpful software responsible for in-game overlays: Overwolf. If you're playing these games and you haven't gotten an in-game stat overlay—what are you waiting for? The benefits that Overwolf provides with its different overlays are amazing. From gaining knowledge about your opponents to getting build guides based on your specific match, the resources that are provided by Overwolf are essential to gaining a better understanding of your opponents. If you're already on board with Overwolf, then the extra knowledge in your games isn't the only benefit of using the app. You can also get free gift cards that you can spend on getting in-game currency and more with Buff! » Learn more about how Buff works The Buff-Overwolf Partnership, if you haven't heard by now, is a gamers loyalty app that lets you claim gift cards in exchange for points earned by playing the popular games you're probably already playing. Buff uses in-game stats that are able to be gathered by having an official partnership with Overwolf, which has been a recognized software used by games for more than 10 years now. Overwolf itself has been highly reputable since its launch. It has more than 200 apps in its free app store, amongst other cool features, and it's all completely safe. The partnership allows Buff to track your in-game stats, like your time spent in-game, your performance, and how much time you've spent playing which modes in which games. Buff then takes these stats and sells them to big game companies like Epic and Steam. It also provides users of the app with gift cards to claim for the points they've earned. Buff has plans to integrate with every skill-based multiplayer game out there and provide you with passive points for any officially recognized game you're playing. Basically, that means that eventually, no matter what you're playing, you'll be on your way to a free reward, as long as you're a Buff user. 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Buff If You Use Overwolf If you're still unsure whether you should install Buff or not, here are 3 main reasons to do so: Earn gift cards and more As I've mentioned before, you can trade in your Buff points that you've earned for gift cards—but not just for the games you're playing. Buff supplies gift cards from retail outlets, like Amazon and Bestbuy. If you're not interested in gift cards, there are also games you can claim, such as Fallout or Outlast, alongside merchandise, like a Razer mouse or keyboard! Extra challenges Since Buff has access to your in-game stats, they have the ability to create and track 3rd party challenges that you can complete for extra Buff points. This adds an extra challenge to your gaming experience that you can benefit from directly.Track your progress on your mobile You can get Buff on the App Store or on Google Play. This means that you can track your progress, collect your rewards, and earn even more Buff points by playing selected mobile games while Buff is running on your device! Start Earning Buff Points Right Now If you're playing the games with an Overwolf overlay, there's a good chance Buff supports it, too—so why not just grab the app and start getting free rewards? Getting a hold of the app is really easy. Just download it, and it should install alongside Overwolf. If you have Overwolf installed, it should just add the app right into your app tray, and you're good to launch! Once it's open, just sign up (using your Google account is the easiest), and jump straight into your first game to start earning some Buff points! » Sounds too good to be legal? Learn all about Buff compliance
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Buff faqsAre Buff Points Legit? Here's What Ranked Gamers Have to SayDecades ago, playing games was considered by many to be a waste of time. Now, players are using services like Buff to use the time spent enjoying games to earn real-life rewards. Buff is a blockchain-based loyalty program made for gamers by gamers, where all you have to do to get rewarded is simply play the games you love. Think it's too good to be true? Years ago, you may have been right, but we'll show you how Buff made that a reality. What Are Buff Points? Buff Points are the form of currency you earn as part of our loyalty program for playing the games you love. All you need to do is be logged into your Buff account while playing any of the games we support (like CS:GO, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and many more). What Can You Do With Buff Points? After racking up a decent amount, you can take your hard-earned Buff Points into the marketplace to exchange them for real-life rewards. Buff Points can be redeemed for a number of things, such as the following: Gift cards (Amazon, Steam, and Xbox, for example)Game keysGaming hardwareMerchandise You can even redeem your points for in-game enhancements like skins and in-game currencies for Apex Legends and League of Legends. If you are not a fan of any of these rewards, you are able to redeem Buff Points for cash. But do keep in mind, that cash redemptions are via PayPal only. Are Buff Points Legit & Safe? During the rise of gaming's popularity, malicious people and companies have tried to scam gamers by preying on their passion and love for games. This is why we have emphasized transparency in how we operate and developed a strong reputation for satisfaction from users in what we do. Buff has established itself as a prominent gaming network with its own reward system, coin economy, and marketplace used by some of the most well-known names in gaming, like Professor Akali, a professional League of Legends player. We wanted to eliminate worries and ensure safety for users of Buff, so we built our app by partnering with Overwolf, the world's best in-game creation platform responsible for paying out $29M to the gaming community in 2021. And to make sure we really get our point across, Buff sponsors NRG, one of the biggest names in esports. » Discover safe and easy ways to earn Buff Points How to Earn Buff Points There's a whole lot more than just one way to start earning your Buff Points, so to make it easy, here's a list of your point-earning arsenal: Earn Buff Points Through Gameplay Firstly, download the Buff app and create an account. Moving forward, all you have to do is be logged in and let Buff run in the background while you play your favorite games. Complete Challenges Buff offers many in-game challenges specific to the game you've chosen to play. You can check out what challenges are available by going to the Challenges tab in the Buff app, as shown below, and selecting the game you want to earn rewards for. While running, Buff will track your progress for challenges as you complete tasks in-game. Once you complete your challenges, you can claim your reward from the Buff app! Participate in Raffles See what raffles are available by clicking on the Raffles panel in the Home tab of your Buff app. Get a raffle ticket by spending your Buff Points (keep in mind that some raffles are exclusive to Buff Premium users) and praying to RNGesus to be the winner. Raffle rewards vary from raffle to raffle, but expect to earn Buff Points or even gift cards for your favorite games. Invite Friends to Play Invite your friends to install Buff and earn alongside you by sending them your personal referral code. Once they earn their first 30 Buff Points from gameplay (not including challenges or other bonuses), you'll receive 30 Buff Points as well. There's no cap on the number of friends you can invite, so hit up the whole guild! Spin the Wheel Spin the Buff Wheel in the Buff app to earn some extra Points, guaranteed every spin. You get a free spin every 12 hours and a golden opportunity once a day to earn big! Get Buff Premium Maximize your earnings with Buff Premium. As a Premium user, you'll get access to some exclusive opportunities to earn, and all point earnings are boosted by 50%! Earn Points for Free Today! Times are changing. Gaming grows more mainstream every passing day, and Buff is staying ahead of the curve to reward you for taking part in the enjoyment. Be sure to take the time to explore Buff and stay on top of the expanding ways to earn and get rewarded!
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Buff faqsIs Buff Legal? All You Need to Know About Our ComplianceThe promise of free things always brings up feelings of uncertainty since some things are just too good to be true. We know that what Buff offers as a platform borders on that feeling, and we're here to help clear that up so you'll know exactly how Buff works, how Buff makes money, and what you should know before deciding to install the app. Buff's Business Model Buff uses a freemium business model, which means it's legal and that anybody can use the basic version for free, but are encouraged to pay for a premium version that offers more features. Spotify is a great example of this, where you can listen to any official music for free, but you'll get an ad played to you every second song—paying for Spotify premium removes these ads and gets you extra features like listening along with your friends. Buff uses this extremely popular model alongside a partnership with Overwolf to let users earn passive rewards for playing their favorite games. Let's break that down with a bit of Buff's history: Founding Buff Buff started in 2018 by its 3 founders who'd all had 10+ years experience in gaming, marketing, and software development. The initial plan was to develop a blockchain-based loyalty program for gamers who'd be rewarded with the platform's currency (Buff Points). Partnership With Overwolf Buff partnered with Overwolf, a trusted company that creates apps to integrate with games, which had 15 million active users at the time. This partnership would get them all the access to data from hundreds of games that Overwolf had already been a part of. Buff Adopts the Freemium Model Buff used this data to partner with big gaming platforms like Epic Games, Steam, and Origin to both provide them with useful data and create deals like skins and gift cards for users of the app in exchange for their earned Buff Points—the Freemium model. Buff completely abandoned the blockchain model and pursued the freemium model instead. Traditional fundraising continued until the beta launch in 2019, where Buff app users were officially rewarded without any usage of cryptocurrencies. Growth of Buff By 2020, Buff grew to 50,000+ users, justifying the inevitable launch of Buff on mobile. Today, Buff has partnered with many more companies like Amazon and Razer to provide a wider range of rewards—it has even been featured in major eSports events and grown to over 450,000 daily users. » Find out how you can make Buff Points safely and easily How Does Buff Make Money? It's easy to understand why, given Buff's initial business model, there are loads of claims and controversy stating that Buff uses your device to mine cryptocurrencies, but this is not true! We declare unequivocally that the BUFF app has no malicious properties of any kind. So, we did our tests and ran the app on our own devices, checking for malware or any dips in performance during heavy gameplay, and found no changes at all. So how do we make our money? Three different ways: 1. Monthly Paid Subscriptions Similar to other freemium models, we offer 3 tiers of paid "premium subscriptions," each with extra features that aren't available to a regular "free" user. These features include: Loads of free Buff PointsExtra challengesCrazy discountsLimited itemsPremium raffles » Still not sure how Buff Points work? Read our guide to help you understand. 2. Paid Advertisements Another way Buff makes some revenue is through ad services. There are a few ways that Buff presents you with ads, but none are intrusive. You'll get presented with the occasional pop-up ad when you receive Buff Points; otherwise, you'll find ads on the app's home page. You can also choose to watch ads for extra Buff Points. 3. Partnerships With Game Publishers Buff is partnered with huge companies such as Steam, Amazon, Epic Games, Apple, and Microsoft. These companies use the game and ad data from Buff's users in exchange for rewards and discounted gift cards that become available in the marketplace for Buff users to claim. What to Know About the Terms of Use Sadly, there are some restrictions to Buff's service, and we've listed the most notable for your convenience: Buff users must be both 18+ years of age and of legal age in their particular jurisdiction (you may have a guardian's permission if you're younger).You have to claim rewards with buff points within your jurisdiction (if you live outside the US, you cannot claim US-only rewards). Failing to do so can lead to a ban or having all your Points revoked.You must have Overwolf installed to use the app, and you have to agree to Overwolf's terms of services as well.You have to use your own account at all times and you cannot log into another person's account with their details. What Are You Waiting For? Buff turned out to be something even better than it was planned to be, and users really can get rewarded for doing what we've already been doing: playing games and having fun. It's an added bonus that it incentivizes us to play those games more and strive to get better. Is it worth it? We think so, but we'll let you decide. Get Buff today.
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Buff faqsHow Does Buff Really Work? (Earning Points Safely & Easily)Getting free things for playing games with your mates—that's just too good to be true, right? Think again. Simply by having the Buff app open in the background while you're playing what you love can earn you in-game content, gift cards, and even peripherals like a Razer Kraken X Ultralight gaming headset! In this guide, we'll be showing you around the app and how you can get in on free rewards, and some sweet tips on how you can get your rewards faster! 1. Download the App & Sign Up The Buff app runs off of a trusted gaming creation/tracking platform called Overwolf that's been around since 2010. Overwolf helps synchronize your data with the Buff app to make sure your gameplay is tracked and you are rewarded for completing challenges. Buff runs on both PC and mobile, and getting started on either is super easy: How to Install Buff on PC First, let's check if you can run BUFF. If you're up to date with gaming and don't have a device that's a decade old, you have a pretty good chance of running Buff. That being said, here are the minimum system requirements: OS: Windows 10RAM: 4gbCPU: Intel Core i5-4400E +GPU: Nvidia GeForce 510 After ensuring that you meet the minimum requirements, simply follow these steps: Head to the BUFF home pageClick "Download Buff Now!" or click HEREFollow the installation process prompts—once that's finished, Overwolf will sync to the games you're playing and update your statistics How to Install Buff on Mobile Currently, Buff only supports Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Brawl Stars. If you play any of the titles above, head on over to your Google Play app for Android users or the App store on iOS and download the BUFF App! Make sure the app is open and running when you play your games, and it should automatically synchronize your game stats. 2. Earn Points As You Play The aim of the game(s) is getting Buff Points that you can redeem for sweet rewards. You'll need to have BUFF open in the background, but it uses so little processing power that you won't even notice. There are a few ways you can earn Buff Points, and we'll break them down for you: Weekly Challenges This is the best way to get Buff Points for free. You'll have 3 tiers of challenges per game title that increase in difficulty and reset each week. You earn 10BP for the first tier, 20BP for the second, and 40BP for the third, letting you get 70BP per game each week if you complete all of them. Daily Challenges A great way to earn a little extra Buff Points on top of your weekly challenges, you'll earn 5 BP each day on completion. Daily Rewards You may have seen systems like this on mobile games: you'll get some free Buff Points by logging in and playing your first match of the day, every day, for a 7-day cycle. In 1 week you can get 17BP per game title. Spin the Wheel Every day you'll also get a wheel to spin with a max reward of 3BP Get Premium There are different tiers of premium, and the top tier gives you 300% Buff Points on game-related earnings, 200 free Buff Points monthly, extra challenges, and loads of discounts and extra goodies. If you finish every assigned challenge and log in every day, you can earn just over 120BP every week per game if you're playing for free. Getting the top premium package means you can get about 630BP just from completing all challenges within a week per game! Buff strictly only tracks in-game performance, like your kills, wins and losses, how often you log in, and how long you spend in game. Buff does not have access to any personal information such as your account details and friends lists. 3. Cash Out for Rewards Here's the fun part: getting free stuff! Once you've completed enough challenges and collected enough buff points, you can head over to the marketplace inside the app and redeem your points. There's a variety of cool rewards you can get from the Buff store, such as: Gift cards you can use for AmazonCredits you can add to your platform of choiceCool skins and cosmeticsGaming peripherals Going full premium grants you access to other items in the store as well as special challenges and raffles where you can stand a chance to get big rewards! What More Do You Need? If you're playing your game every day already, why not keep Buff open in the background and earn free things? Even if you're not focusing on your challenges, you'll be slowly working your way to a sweet gift card or new mouse, and that amazing feeling of getting free things for playing video games!

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