Top 13 Apex Legends Skins That Will Blow Your Mind

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By Remi Smith
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Updated July 17, 2023.

A woman playing Apex Legends with a skin

In the exhilarating universe of Apex Legends, battles are not only won with talent and skill—they're also fought in style. Within this captivating and immersive world, skins reign supreme, transforming weapons, Legends, and even the smallest details into visual masterpieces.

Skins are so engrained into Apex Legends that—unless a player has just started an account—you'll hardly ever see players in-game without some sort of cosmetic skin.

If you've never been exposed to the cosmetic world of Apex Legends, prepare to be enchanted by a diverse array of skins, ranging from awe-inspiring weapon skins that strike fear into your enemies to Legend skins that personify power and individuality. Finally, let's not forget the delightful embellishments known as Charms, adding an extra touch of charm and personality to your weapons in Apex Legends.

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The Best Character Skins

1. Wraith - Apex Voidshifter

Apex Legends Wraith skin, Screenshot

We couldn't start this list off without a Prestige skin. Every season Respawn gives us an "ultimate" cosmetic to deck out your favorite legend with. The thing is... they're REALLY challenging to obtain. This skin evolves as you get more damage while using it, and you can select which evolution you'd like to play with once you've unlocked them all. This Mythic skin, like others, comes with a unique finisher once you've gotten 100,000 damage racked up.

If you're a Wraith main, this is the skin for you, and if you're lucky enough to have gotten two mythic Apex packs, you can pair up this ultimate skin with her "heirloom" Mythic melee weapon—the Kunai.

  • Availability: Available anytime
  • Price: 150 Mythic Shards
  • Release period: December 2022

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2. Valkyrie - Azure Blessing

Apex Legends Valkyrie Skin - Screenshot

This is the skin that Valkyrie should have come with, in my opinion. It's Valkyrie dressed as a... well, a Valkyrie. This skin comes in a gold version too, but silver fits the theme better.

  • Availability: Available anytime
  • Price: 1,200 Mythic Shards
  • Release period: April 2021

3. Loba - Breaking the Law

Apex Legends Loba Skin - Screenshot

"I'm ALWAYS dressed to kill." Loba has more sass than any Legend in the game, and what better way to compliment that sassiness than with an appropriately-fancy punk outfit, including a unique hairstyle? So, "What do you get for the girl who has everything?" This skin is what.

  • Availability: Unavailable (Season 12 Battle Pass)
  • Price: 950 Apex Coins for the Battle Pass, and get to level 50
  • Release period: February 2022

4. Revenant - Revelations

Apex Legends Revenant Skin - Screenshot

This skin is a tribute to the Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, specifically unit 9. Respawn clearly has some anime lovers in their skin team since there are anime skins for multiple Legends.

  • Availability: Available anytime
  • Price: 1,200 Crafting Metals
  • Release period: July 2022

The Best Weapon Skins

1. CAR - Outlands Obliterator

Apex Legends CAR Skin - Screenshot

This reactive skin is available at the end of the current Battle Pass! The skin features red-on-red engravings and embossing on a beautiful metallic version of the gun. As you get kills with the weapon, its heat vents open up to reveal its electric interior while pulsing with electricity in the stock and over the side of the gun.

  • Availability: Available till the end of this season (S17)
  • Price: 950 Apex Coins for the Battle Pass, and to get to level 110
  • Release period: May 2022

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2. Hemlok - Cardiac Assault

Apex Legends Hemlock Skin - Screenshot

This Hemlok skin is a deep red with a bloody theme, but what highlights this skin is the clean iron sights. This skin is much nicer to use than the base skin when you're trying to cut out any visual blocks when aiming.

  • Availability: Available anytime
  • Price: 1,200 Crafting Metals
  • Release period: October 2021

3. Spitfire - Molten Soul

Apex Legends Spitfire Skin - Screenshot

Another Reactive skin is the Molten Soul for the Spitfire. This skin is made to look like a serpentine dragon, and as you get frags with the gun equipped, the gun starts to feel like it's coming alive with a heart-beat and breathing animation.

  • Availability: Unavailable (Season 14 Battle Pass)
  • Price: 950 Apex Coins for the Battle Pass, and get to level 110
  • Release period: August 2022

4. R301 - Ghostly Graveyard

Apex Legends R301 Skin - Screenshot

This green and purple R301 rare skin was part of a Halloween event in 2019, and it features a glow-in-the-dark skeleton of a prowler on the side. This rare skin stands out like no other in darker spaces. It's just a shame it's never become available since that event.

  • Availability: Unavailable (season 3 event)
  • Price: Unlocked from an event
  • Release period: October 2019

5. 30-30 Repeater - Wild West

Apex Legends 30-30 Repeater Skin - Screenshot

This skin not only looks amazing with its white and black color scheme and beautiful curves and edges but also has better iron sights than the base 30-30 Repeater. Plus, it can be bought at any time for Crafting Metals.

  • Availability: Available anytime
  • Price: 1,200 Crafting Metals
  • Release period: February 2021

6. Wingman - Red Rocket

Apex Legends Wingman Skin - Screenshot

This is potentially the most loved weapon skin in the entire game. The skin is a recolor of the Merciless Wing skin, a favorite skin of many pros thanks to its clean and easy-to-use iron sights. The only way to get hold of the recolor is to own Merciless Wing and wait for the recolored skin named Red Rocket to become available in the daily rotations in the store. The recolor will cost you a further 10,500 Legend Tokens, which you can get just by playing.

  • Availability: Available on rotation
  • Price: 1,200 Crafting Metals + 10,500 Legend Tokens
  • Release period: February 2019

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The Best Charm Skins

1. Nessy

Apex Legends Nessy Charm - Screenshot

Every one of the Nessy charms (and there's a lot now) is awesome and loved by basically the entire community. Nessy is a mascot made by Apex that accidentally became super popular amongst players of the game. Many versions of the mascot get released as charms that you can equip to your guns. I myself am on a mission to equip every gun with a different Nessy charm.

  • Availability: Available in seasonal events
  • Price: Unlock by completing challenges in events
  • Release period: Every season

2. PotatOS

Apex Legends PotatOS Charm - Screenshot

When Apex came to Steam, you had a limited time to claim 3 charms; a Half-Life crab head walker, Wattson holding a Portal Cube, and this, a reference to GladOS in Portal.

  • Availability: Unavailable
  • Price: Free
  • Release period: July 2020

3. Bobblehead M.R.V.N.

Apex Legends Bobblehead MRVN Charm - Screenshot

Bobblehead M.R.V.N. is the perfect companion to have alongside any weapon equipped with dark skin. Who doesn't want their own mini-assistant on their gun? Too bad you can't get a golden arm from him!

  • Availability: Available anytime
  • Price: 1,200 Crafting Metals
  • Release period: February 2019

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Elevate Your Style With the Best Apex Legends Skins

So, Legends, whether you're seeking to strike fear into your opponents, showcase individuality to your friends, or simply revel in the artistry of these skins, Apex Legends offers an ever-expanding collection that continues to captivate players worldwide.

Embrace your personal style, equip your favorite skins and charms, and let the battlefield become your canvas of expression. If you're a little short on change for your next skin, why not try using Buff for a free gift card to help you out? Try it out here!

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