Have any maps been removed from the game in Counter-Strike 2?

Asked 5 months ago

Hey all.

I play CS:GO quite a lot, and all everybody is talking about lately is Counter-Strike 2. I know there are many changes added to it, like the ones about smoke grenades, but I haven't heard much about maps. Will all the maps stay, or are some being removed?

Thanks for answering.

Alexis Berry

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

While loads of maps are making it over to CS2, I wouldn't be surprised to see the less popular maps of CS: GO stay behind. Every version of Counterstrike has had a map or two that weren't carried over from their predecessors - like Aztec from CS: Source. Sure I miss that map but there's a reason it didn't make the cut for CS: GO. I'm sure we'll see similar events happening for CS2.

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