Buff has partnered with Dots Eco and we have created items which allow our users the opportunity to also play a role in helping the environment. Our impacts include: planting trees, saving baby sea-turtles, offsetting carbon emissions, and cleaning the ocean


Dots.eco is the company that manages the .eco top-level domain (TLD). Their main objective is to create a trusted and secure online space for organizations and individuals that are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. The company aims to achieve this by promoting the use of the .eco TLD as a way for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and to encourage the development of more environmentally-friendly products and services.

Buff Effect Items

Plant a Tree

Forests cover around 30% of the world’s land area, but deforestation rates have been increasing at an alarming rate. Since 1990, we have lost about a billion acres of forest, mainly in Africa and South America. Over the last 50 years, 17% of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed. Projects consist of reaching out to local communities and locating the best places to start planting. The countries that are most in need are Indonesia, the Philippines, Kenya, and Brazil.

Carbon Offset

CO2 is a greenhouse gas primarily generated through the combustion of fossil fuels and serves as the primary contributor to climate change. The average global temperature is rising at an alarming rate. Carbon offsetting allows companies to compensate for their emissions through climate action. Dots.eco purchases certified carbon credits via the Carbon Trade Exchange and retires them, effectively eliminating their environmental impact.df

Ocean Cleanup

More than eight million tonnes of plastic reach the oceans yearly, spewed via rivers, dumped along coastlines, or abandoned by fishing vessels. It is critical that we reach the plastics as soon as possible because most plastic in the ocean will not be fit for recycling anymore. Our partners work with companies such as River Cleanup and Plastic Bank to clean rivers, oceans, beaches, etc.

Save a baby turtle

Turtles have a profound impact on the food chain and the environment. That being said, turtles tend to confuse plastics and damaged goods for food, get caught in these products, or die from their consumption. In order to keep the food chain and allow natural order to continue running as smoothly as it can, keeping the beaches clean is key. For this feature, Our partners work at key turtles sites around the world. Funding goes to different projects around the world such as nesting beaches and responsible tourism.


Protecting wildlife habitats means isolating and protecting large areas of an ecosystem, instead of focusing on one species. This is required so that the selected ecosystems can maintain their function and role in regulating climate and biodiversity. Dots.eco’s partners work in key habitats around the world that are home to thousands of unique species. These areas perform crucial roles in preserving areas such as the Amazon Rainforest. Dots.eco’s partners help by designating land as a protected area, supporting infrastructure installation to ensure protection, restoring degraded landscapes, managing reserves, and also work with local communities, authorities, and the scientific community to maintain and ensure the protection status.

Marine Life

Protecting marine areas is a vital endeavor in ocean conservation. The areas we safeguard are designated as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) due to their ecological significance in preserving marine ecosystems. Dots.eco facilitates the protection of areas that play a crucial role in maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems, such as reproductive and nursery grounds for important marine species, as well as biodiversity hotspots that sustain ecosystem function. Dots.eco collaborates with reputable organizations like Coral Reef Alliance. Our partners work diligently to ensure the enforcement of legal protection status for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) by supporting the required infrastructure to deter illegal or destructive activities. They collaborate with local communities to conduct patrols in marine areas, monitoring for any illegal sewage dumping that may compromise water cleanliness. Furthermore, they establish sustainable fishing practices and management programs when necessary and organize boat patrols to ensure the boundaries are respected and not violated

photo by Plastic Fischer

Coral Reef

Corals are colonies of millions of tiny animals. They are relatives of jellyfish and anemones and serve as habitats for a quarter of all marine species! They provide sustenance for countless people, attract substantial tourism, and act as natural barriers that protect shorelines from storms. Dots.eco collaborates with esteemed organizations like Coral Guardian and Biorock Indonesia to revive coral reefs that have suffered damage or degradation due to human activities. Our partners cultivate live corals in nurseries and subsequently transplant them to the impaired reefs once the fragments reach a viable size. They then diligently monitor the growth and well-being of the transplanted colonies to ensure their survival. 


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Join forces with Buff and Dots Eco to become a hero for the environment. Dive into eco-friendly gaming experiences that plant trees, save baby sea turtles, offset carbon emissions, and clean the oceans. Your gaming actions can make a tangible difference!

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